What Does a Verisure Alarm Cost?

Verisure is one of the leading home security brands in the United Kingdom. It provides a comprehensive selection of features including fog barriers and smart home integration for added peace of mind.

Verisure also boasts an excellent customer service record, especially during an emergency. Their average response time of 45 seconds means help can be on the way within minutes of being triggered by an alarm.


Verisure alarm systems can be tailored to fit the needs of any home. These sophisticated gadgets feature various sensors that will alert you when someone attempts to break in or enter your residence.

Installation fees vary between providers and typically involve a professional system designer visiting your home to suggest an alarm setup that meets your requirements. With Verisure, this process is typically completed the same day as the contract commences.

Both companies employ passive infrared (PIR) detectors that detect movement, which can be caused by animals or objects. Verisure uses photo detection technology which will identify who triggered the alarm so you and law enforcement know exactly what’s going on.

Verisure’s customer service is also top notch, boasting higher Trustpilot ratings and fewer complaints about gaps between visits than ADT. You can call the Verisure helpline with general queries or to ask a specialist to visit your home. Moreover, the company’s website offers useful information about products and services offered.


Verisure offers customized monitoring systems tailored to fit the needs of each home. Their selection includes plans suitable for flats, villas and detached residences alike.

They feature motion-activated photo detectors and smart key fobs that let you arm or disarm the system without entering a security code. Furthermore, their unique ZeroVision device impairs vision to make it difficult for burglars to spot valuables.

Verisure’s major disadvantage is their lack of transparency when it comes to pricing. Their equipment prices start at more than double what SimpliSafe customers would pay, meaning there’s no free lunch with Verisure!

But having professional monitoring is still preferable to not having it. Not only could it help prevent break-ins or false alarms, but it’s an intelligent investment for your family’s safety as well. Verisure offers a free consultation to determine the ideal system for your home – take advantage of it today!


Verisure is a UK-based company that provides home security products such as smart keypads and panic buttons that alert you to any system issues. Plus, they provide 24/7 support and lifetime monitoring at no additional cost.

The cost of a smart alarm varies based on your home’s layout and how many sensors are necessary. For instance, flats with front and back doors require more sensors than detached houses with side entry points.

Smart systems also give you remote control of your home security through an app on your smartphone. This means arming and disarming the system is possible no matter where you are, plus receiving sensor trigger alerts directly to your phone.

In addition to sensors, you’ll need a control panel which can be plugged into either your wall or router. Finally, you’ll require either an integrated siren with the system’s hub or one that is permanently fixed outside.


Verisure cameras are essential components of any home security system. They alert staff at the alarm company’s monitoring centre what triggered your alarm, so they can take appropriate action if required.

The Verisure Smart Cam is a fully portable device that can be placed on tables or windowsills or mounted to walls. When it detects movement, it takes a photo and sends it to Verisure Securitas Direct monitoring centre for evaluation.

The Smart Cam is a stand-alone product, so there are no cables necessary. It runs on ultra-long life batteries that last six months or 1,000 images, with all images securely stored online and auto deleted after 14 days.

Verisure Smart Cam is one of the many products and services the company is introducing to customers as it responds to consumer demand for interactive home monitoring features based on its core intruder and fire alarm service. While ensuring the highest standards of privacy and personal integrity, Verisure also strives to offer affordable options so consumers can keep their homes secure at an affordable cost.

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