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Ever wondered at what age you need to start paying for your child’s National Trust membership subscription? Planning a family day out and curious about the costs involved? Unravel the mystery of children’s admission fees, discount for visitors, and membership subscription at National Trust properties with this insightful guide. Discover the age threshold for when your little ones transition from free entry to paid tickets, discount, senior membership. Get ready to navigate the world of family visits to historic sites, gardens, and stately homes without any surprises on the pricing front. Stay informed and make the most of your family adventures with this essential information.

Key Takeaways

  • Start Early: Consider enrolling your child in National Trust Junior Membership at a young age to maximise the benefits over time.
  • Explore Benefits: Take advantage of perks like free entry to National Trust sites, exclusive events, and educational resources through Junior Membership.
  • Simple Purchase: Follow easy steps to purchase Junior Membership online or at National Trust locations for hassle-free access.
  • Child-Friendly Choice: Opt for Junior Membership to engage your child in nature, history, and conservation efforts from an early age.
  • Age Matters: Remember that children aged 5-17 usually require payment for National Trust membership, so check the age threshold before signing up.
  • Savings Opportunities: Look out for special offers or discounts for children’s memberships to make the most of family visits to National Trust properties.

Understanding Junior Membership

Eligibility Criteria

Junior membership at the National Trust is available for children between certain age brackets. Under 5s can access National Trust places for free, making it an ideal option for families with younger children. For those looking to purchase a new membership for their child, the minimum age requirement is 13.

Benefits of Junior Membership

  1. Access: Junior members can enjoy visiting various National Trust locations across the country.
  2. Educational Opportunities: It provides a chance for children to learn about history, nature, and conservation.
  3. Family Outings: Junior membership encourages family outings and quality time spent together.

Considerations before Purchasing

  • Ensure that the child meets the age requirements before applying for junior membership.
  • Check if there are any additional benefits or discounts associated with the membership.

Benefits of Junior Membership


Junior membership at the National Trust costs £12 per year. This affordable fee opens up a world of opportunities for young members.

Free Entry

One of the primary benefits of junior membership is free entry to more than 500 National Trust sites across the UK. This includes historic houses, gardens, and parks.


While junior membership offers fantastic perks, it’s essential to note some exclusions. Members do not receive free car parking privileges, magazines, or a membership card like other subscription levels.

How to Buy Junior Membership

Age Requirement

To purchase a Junior Membership at the National Trust, individuals typically need to be between 5 and 17 years old. This membership offers young nature enthusiasts exciting opportunities to explore historic sites and stunning landscapes.

Purchasing Process

To buy a Junior Membership, visit the National Trust website or any of their properties. Simply fill out the online form or speak to a staff member on-site. The process is straightforward, requiring basic personal details and payment information.

Welcome Pack and Online Inspiration

Upon purchasing a Junior Membership, members receive a welcome pack containing a membership card, handbook, stickers, and more. The online platform provides exclusive content such as nature quizzes, virtual tours, and activity ideas for budding conservationists.

Why Choose Junior Membership

Fostering Love

Junior membership at National Trust nurtures a passion for nature and heritage in children. It provides access to historic sites, gardens, and educational programmes, creating lasting memories.

Encouraging outdoor exploration is vital in today’s digital age. By engaging children with nature early on, junior membership instils a sense of appreciation for the environment.

Support for Caregivers

For grandparents and relatives involved in childcare, junior membership offers a valuable resource. It provides an opportunity to bond with children while exploring beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks.

Promoting Conservation

Junior membership plays a crucial role in promoting conservation efforts. It educates young members about the importance of preserving natural habitats and historic buildings for future generations.

Involvement in outdoor activities not only benefits physical health but also enhances mental well-being. By participating in events organised by National Trust, children develop a deeper connection with nature and learn about sustainability practices.

Age Threshold for Payment

Children’s Payment Age

Children under the age of 5 can enjoy free entry to National Trust sites, making it an ideal opportunity for families with young ones to explore historical and natural treasures without any financial burden. Upon turning 5, children are required to start paying for their visits.

Welcome Packs

For children aged 5-10, National Trust offers engaging welcome packs filled with exciting activities and educational materials. These packs are designed to spark curiosity and enhance the overall experience of exploring National Trust sites.

Benefits of Junior Membership

Junior membership caters specifically to children aged 11-17, providing them with a sense of independence and ownership over their visits. This membership offers perks such as free entry to over 500 sites, discounted events, and access to exclusive junior member activities. It not only encourages exploration but also fosters a love for history and nature in young minds.

Special Offers for Children

Discounts Available

Children visiting National Trust sites can enjoy special discounts on entry fees. These discounts are often extended to teens as well, encouraging families to explore these historic and natural treasures together.

Seasonal Promotions

During certain times of the year, National Trust locations may offer promotional codes or special deals specifically tailored for children. These promotions could include free admission for little ones or exclusive activities designed to engage young visitors.

Additional Perks

In addition to discounted entry fees, children at National Trust sites may receive a welcome pack upon arrival. This pack could contain fun activities or information about the site, enhancing their overall experience.

Facilities and Amenities

National Trust sites also provide child-friendly facilities such as play areas, food outlets serving child-friendly meals, and even adventure trails tailored for young explorers. Families can make the most of their visit with amenities like free parking and well-maintained gardens for children to roam and play in.

Family Membership Advantages


Family membership at National Trust offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it provides parents with the opportunity to instil a sense of trust and responsibility in their children. By involving them in heritage conservation from a young age, families can nurture a deeper appreciation for history and nature.

Furthermore, opting for a family membership over individual memberships presents significant financial benefits. Typically, family memberships are more cost-effective than purchasing separate memberships for each family member. This not only saves money but also simplifies the membership process by consolidating all benefits under one subscription.

Family-Friendly Events

National Trust organises an array of family-friendly events and activities throughout the year. From interactive workshops to nature trails and historical reenactments, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy. These events not only entertain but also educate, fostering a love for heritage and the environment in future generations.

Education Group Access Pass


Education group access pass at National Trust sites provides schools and educational institutions with a unique opportunity to explore historical and cultural landmarks. This pass offers discounted or free entry for students, teachers, and accompanying adults, fostering immersive learning experiences.

National Trust’s identification number makes it convenient for educational institutions to track their visits and access exclusive resources. Schools can utilise this pass to enrich their curriculum by incorporating real-world examples of history, nature, and conservation into their lessons.

Educational Resources

School groups holding the access pass gain access to tailored educational programmes and resources. These include guided tours, interactive workshops, and hands-on activities that align with the national curriculum. Such initiatives aim to engage students in experiential learning while promoting a deeper understanding of heritage and environmental conservation.

  • Pros:
    • Enhanced learning experiences outside the classroom.
    • Cost-effective access to historical sites for educational purposes.
  • Cons:
    • Limited availability based on site-specific regulations.

Final Remarks

You’ve learned about the benefits of Junior Membership and the age threshold for payment. Choosing Junior Membership not only grants your child access to exclusive offers but also supports their learning and growth. Don’t miss out on the advantages that Family Membership and Education Group Access Pass bring to the table.

Now that you’re equipped with all this information, take the next step and secure a membership for your child today. Give them the gift of exploration and education while creating lasting memories with your family. Start enjoying the perks and making the most of what National Trust has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age threshold for payment of a child at National Trust?

At the National Trust, children aged 5 to 17 years are required to pay for junior membership. This membership provides various benefits and access to National Trust properties and events tailored for younger visitors.

How can I purchase Junior Membership for my child?

You can easily buy Junior Membership for your child online through the National Trust website. Simply visit the Membership section, select Junior Membership, fill in the necessary details, and proceed with payment securely.

What are the benefits of Junior Membership at National Trust?

Junior Membership offers exclusive access to National Trust sites, educational activities, family-friendly events, and discounts on selected merchandise. It also encourages children to explore nature, history, and heritage in a fun and engaging way.

Are there any special offers available for children at National Trust?

National Trust occasionally runs special promotions or discounts specifically designed for children visiting their properties. Keep an eye out for these offers on their website or social media platforms to make the most of your visit.

Can children access National Trust sites with a Family Membership?

Yes, children covered under a Family Membership can enjoy free entry to National Trust locations alongside their adult family members. This provides an excellent opportunity for families to explore together and create lasting memories while discovering Britain’s rich cultural heritage.

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