We understand that getting into or out of an ordinary bath can become an uphill battle for the elderly or less physically able. But why struggle when one of our easy to access walk in baths can make bathing both independent and enjoyable again?

Walk In Baths Woking

Walk In Baths Woking

Whether you need to take extra care in the shower to avoid slipping and falling or you are looking for a solution to problems getting in and out of the bath, Mobility Extra has bath and shower solutions that can help you to enjoy and maximise one of life’s great pleasures, and at a reasonable price.


Ease of Use

• Walk-in baths feature a wide-opening, easy-access door.
• Stepping into the bath is simple and safe.
• Fill the bath safely using the thermostatically controlled taps.
• When you have finished, just open the door and step out. It’s that simple.

All of our partners walk-in baths are safe, secure and simple and easy to use, bringing you complete peace of mind. If you are considering a walk-in bath, it is likely that you, or a member of your family, are experiencing some difficulty using your existing bath. Whatever that difficulty or disability, there is a walk-in bath within our range to overcome these problems.

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What is a walk-in bath?

Woking Walk In Baths

Woking Walk In Baths

Walk-in baths are usually compact bath tubs designed to accommodate those with limited mobility, targeting those who find difficulties in entering and exiting generic bath tubs.

These compact walk in baths are specially fitted with a variety of safety features that assist in providing you with a seamless and stress-free bathing experience. Our compact baths have an easy entry door allowing you to easily step in and out of the bath with maximum ease. A number of our compacts also have seats which helps with those who struggle to get into a reclined position in the bath.

For added convenience a couple of our walk in bath options have both the easy access door and a power seat allowing you to be lifted both up and down and side to side providing comfort as you are securely lowered in and out of the bath.


How much is a walk-in bath?

Pricing on walk-in baths are varied depending on a number of factors. These include:

• What walk in bath product you choose
• The size of your bathroom and renovations needed to fit the new walk-in bath
• Added luxury additions to your walk-in bath
• To find out the best quote for you, get in touch with our helpful and highly experienced customer care experts by giving us a call.

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What are the benefits of a walk in bath?

Walk In Baths in Woking

Walk In Baths in Woking

There are a wide range of benefits for not only the individual with mobility issues but also for members of the whole family to enjoy. Easy access and your safety and security are at the crux of what we do. However, we also appreciate our customer’s desire for a first class bathing experience. Our already in-built safety features include:

• Slip resistant flooring
• Thermostatic heating controls
• Easy entry access doors
• Leak free build

It can also help you to decide which walk-in shower or bath would suit your individual needs and, most importantly, you can talk to a mobility bathroom professional who can answer any important questions you may have about walk-in baths and showers.

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