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Used stairlifts are an excellent option for those seeking mobility assistance at a lower cost. In the UK, a large market for refurbished and reconditioned stairlifts has emerged, providing an accessible solution for individuals who wish to regain independence in their homes. As environmental consciousness increases, recycling and reusing stairlifts has also become an attractive option, reducing both waste and manufacturing time compared to buying new.

There are various companies and platforms in the UK offering a wide range of second-hand stairlifts that are carefully restored and serviced. These used stairlifts come with features similar to their brand-new counterparts, ensuring safety, reliability and ease of use. Prices for these stairlifts can vary depending on the type, with straight stairlifts typically averaging around £2,000.

When purchasing a used stairlift in the UK, it is important to consider factors such as the quality and age of the model, as well as the warranty options and installation services provided by the company. By doing thorough research and comparing different sellers, buyers can find the most suitable and cost-effective used stairlift to meet their needs and ensure a safer home environment.

Benefits of Used Stairlifts

Cost Savings

One of the primary advantages of opting for used or reconditioned stairlifts is the significant cost savings. On average, straight stairlifts tend to cost around £2000, while curved stairlifts can be around £4000 for brand new options. By choosing a second-hand stairlift, not only can you save a good amount of money, but you often receive a similar level of quality as a new device, especially when the used stairlift is refurbished and serviced. This makes used stairlifts an attractive option for those on a tighter budget.


Another benefit of purchasing used stairlifts is the positive impact on the environment. By opting for reconditioned or second-hand products, you contribute to reducing waste and consumption of raw materials required for manufacturing new stairlifts. In fact, this eco-friendly approach supports a circular economy where products are reused or refurbished, thus promoting sustainable consumption.

Availability of High-Quality Options

Used stairlifts can still provide you with high-quality options, as they are often serviced and refurbished by experts, ensuring that they are comfortable and reliable. As a result, you can benefit from a stairlift that has been thoroughly checked and restored to excellent working condition.

It is also worth noting that when purchasing a used stairlift from a reputable supplier, you can often enjoy a warranty, usually around 12 months, providing peace of mind and confidence in the product. Furthermore, if any questions or concerns arise, trained advisors are typically available to assist you, ensuring that you feel confident in your decision to purchase a used stairlift.

Types of Used Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are the most common type of used stairlifts available in the UK. They are designed for straight staircases and are a more affordable option compared to curved stairlifts. Refurbished straight stairlifts undergo quality checks and reconditioning, ensuring they meet the necessary safety standards.

Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are designed for staircases with bends and curves. Although they require custom-fit rails and are generally more expensive than straight stairlifts, used curved stairlifts can still provide a cost-effective solution for those with more complex staircases.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts are designed to withstand the elements and can be a great option for individuals with mobility challenges who need assistance navigating outdoor stairs, such as those leading to a garden or patio. Similar to indoor stairlifts, outdoor stairlifts can be either straight or curved, and used models may be available at a more affordable price compared to brand new ones.

Perch Stairlifts

Perch stairlifts are a unique option for individuals who may have difficulty sitting down or standing up from a traditional stairlift seat. They feature a small, raised seat, allowing the user to ‘perch’ while travelling up or down the stairs. Used perch stairlifts can be found from various manufacturers, and will still provide a valuable solution for those with limited mobility.

Heavy Duty Stairlifts

Heavy-duty stairlifts are designed specifically to accommodate individuals with higher weight capacities. They are built with more robust materials and can support users weighing up to 30 stone (190 kg), depending on the model. Used heavy-duty stairlifts may be available from leading manufacturers like Acorn, Brooks, and Handicare, offering affordable accessibility solutions for those with specific weight requirements.

Top Used Stairlift Providers

Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn Stairlifts is a well-established stairlift provider known for their reliable and high-quality refurbished stairlifts. With a range of straight and curved stairlift options, they offer solutions for various budgets and needs. All their used stairlifts undergo a thorough inspection and servicing, ensuring that they meet the highest safety and performance standards.

Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah Stairlifts is a reputable brand synonymous with quality and reliability. They offer a selection of reconditioned stairlifts for straight and curved staircases, available at a lower price as compared to purchasing a new one. With their commitment to excellent customer service, Stannah Stairlifts ensures that their pre-owned stairlifts are in the best possible condition before installation.

Brooks Stairlifts

Brooks Stairlifts offers a variety of used and reconditioned stairlifts that are both affordable and dependable. Their stairlifts are suitable for both straight and curved stairs, providing a tailored solution for each customer’s needs. Each refurbished stairlift undergoes a stringent examination and servicing process to guarantee safety and performance.

Handicare Stairlifts

Handicare Stairlifts is a leading provider that offers an extensive range of second-hand and reconditioned stairlifts, suitable for different types of stairs, including straight, curved, and narrow staircases. Their used stairlifts undergo thorough testing and reconditioning, ensuring that customers receive a reliable and cost-effective mobility solution for their home.

Platinum Stairlifts

Platinum Stairlifts is a trusted name in the industry, offering a collection of high-quality pre-owned and reconditioned stairlifts that cater to a variety of needs and preferences. With a focus on safety and performance, Platinum Stairlifts ensures that all their used stairlifts are meticulously inspected, serviced, and ready to offer a comfortable and dependable solution for improved mobility.


Thyssenkrupp is a well-known brand in the stairlift market, offering innovative and reliable solutions for those in need of a mobility aid. They provide a range of reconditioned stairlifts suitable for both straight and curved staircases, each undergoing a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process to ensure optimum safety and performance. Thyssenkrupp’s second-hand stairlifts offer an affordable alternative to new installations without compromising on quality.

Considerations for Buying Used Stairlifts

Used stairlifts can offer a significant cost-saving, allowing people to maintain their independence within their beloved homes. In this section, we’ll examine factors to consider when purchasing a used stairlift, covering new vs reconditioned stairlifts, safety features and testing, as well as warranty and maintenance.

New vs Reconditioned Stairlifts

When purchasing a stairlift, there are options between new and reconditioned models. New stairlifts typically cost upwards of £2,000 for straight models or £5,000 for curved models. However, second-hand or reconditioned stairlifts can provide a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising on reliability or comfort.

When choosing between new and used stairlifts, consider the following:

  • Budget constraints
  • How long the stairlift may be needed
  • Warranty and maintenance options offered

Safety Features and Testing

Ensuring a stairlift is safe and reliable is crucial, whether new or used. Used stairlifts should have the following safety features tested rigorously:

  • Batteries: Check that the stairlift’s batteries are functioning efficiently, as they are essential for smooth operation.
  • Controls: Make sure the stairlift’s controls are user-friendly and responsive.
  • Rail and support legs: Confirm that the rail and support legs are securely attached and properly spaced (every 3rd or 4th tread).

In addition to these features, the used stairlift should undergo a comprehensive testing process by experienced technicians before installation.

Warranty and Maintenance

A used stairlift may not come with the same warranty as a new one, but it’s essential to understand what protections are in place. Check if the stairlift has:

  • A warranty for a specific period, such as 12 months.
  • Access to maintenance services to resolve issues that might arise.

Overall, the decision to purchase a used stairlift should factor in cost, safety, and reliability. By considering the points above, you can make an informed decision when buying a used stairlift in the UK.

Renting Stairlifts

Rental Options

Renting a stairlift can be a cost-effective and flexible solution for individuals who need temporary assistance with mobility at home. There are several reputable companies in the UK that offer stairlift rentals for both straight and curved staircases. Some of the popular rental providers include Multicare, Halton Stairlifts, Stannah, and UK Care Guide. When choosing a rental provider, it is important to consider factors such as their reputation, safety standards, and the availability of support and maintenance services.

To rent a stairlift, customers typically need to schedule an appointment with a provider who will assess their staircase and recommend a suitable stairlift model. Rental stairlifts are typically bespoke made to ensure a perfect fit for each customer’s specific needs.


The cost of renting a stairlift can vary depending on the model, staircase type, and rental duration. For a straight staircase:

  • Weekly cost starts at around £10-£15
  • Curved staircase rentals might be higher due to the increased complexity of the stairlift

In addition to the weekly rental fee, customers usually need to pay an upfront deposit, which is determined by the rental provider and may depend on the specific stairlift and rental terms. The deposit often covers the installation and removal costs, as well as any required maintenance during the rental period.

Stairlift rentals can be an affordable option for those with a limited budget, as customers can benefit from using a mobility aid without the significant upfront cost of purchasing a stairlift outright. Additionally, renting a stairlift enables users to have access to the latest models and features, and the flexibility to return the equipment when it is no longer needed.

Keep in mind that renting stairlifts might not be the most cost-effective choice for long-term use, but it can be an excellent solution if a temporary mobility aid is required.

Getting a Free Quotation and Consultation

Contacting Reliable Providers

To find and explore used stairlifts in the UK that can help in staying independent despite a disability, it is essential to start by contacting reliable providers. Many second-hand stair lift companies offer free quotations and consultation services to guide potential customers in making an informed decision. One such provider can be reached at 0800 043 8844.

A free no-obligation quote can be requested by providing relevant information, such as the type and specifications of the desired stairlift, and other personal preferences. UK manufacturers are well represented among these providers, ensuring quality and reliable customer service.

Before providing customers with a free quote, providers often need to perform a survey to ensure the stairlift will meet their requirements. A consultation is instrumental in understanding the user’s needs, as well as assessing the home’s compatibility with a stairlift installation.

Information on various available second-hand stairlifts, along with their features and benefits, can be discussed during the consultation. This process allows the customer to weigh up options and choose a stairlift that best suits their needs and budget.

In conclusion, obtaining a free quotation and consultation for a used stairlift in the UK is a simple and effective way to ensure a well-informed decision is made. By contacting reliable providers and discussing options, customers can maintain their independence with an affordable stairlift solution.


Used stairlifts can be a cost-effective solution for those in need of mobility assistance in their homes. They provide an affordable option for those with budget constraints while still offering the benefits of a new stairlift, such as increased independence and accessibility.

When considering the purchase of a used stairlift, it is important to research and verify the legitimacy of the seller. Many UK companies specialise in selling used stairlifts and can provide useful advice and support throughout the buying process. Ensuring regular maintenance and servicing can help prolong the lifespan of a second-hand stairlift, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

In terms of price, there isn’t a significant difference between new and pre-owned stairlifts. However, those concerned about costs should consider reconditioned stairlifts as a viable alternative. It is essential to consult with trained advisors or customer support lines for any questions or concerns regarding the installation and use of a used stairlift, as expert guidance can provide peace of mind during the decision-making process.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in a used stairlift depends on individual needs, circumstances, and budget. By conducting thorough research and seeking professional guidance, homeowners can make an informed choice about the most suitable stairlift option for their requirements, improving their quality of life and accessibility within their home. is an information and guidance-only website. The information on the site is not tailored advice to each individual reader and, as such, does not constitute actionable legal advice nor actionable financial advice. All information, guidance or suggestions provided are intended to be general in nature. You should not rely on any of the information on the site in connection with the making of any personal decisions, and you should always do your own in-depth research first and speak to specialists.

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