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If you need to safeguard your stairlift against theft, vandalism or damage due to fire and flooding, then stairlift insurance policies could be the perfect solution.

Stairlift companies typically provide warranties when you purchase your stairlift, which should last at least twelve months. In some cases, suppliers also provide extended warranties of up to five years.

1. Stairlift Insurance

Stairlifts are an excellent way for elderly and disabled individuals to move around their homes more conveniently. But, in order to protect your stairlift from theft or damage, you may require insurance.

UK Stairlift Insurance Companies provide a range of cover options to guarantee your stairlift is taken care of in case anything goes awry. These policies can be purchased separately or integrated into your home insurance policy for added peace of mind.

The most common type of stairlift insurance is breakdown and repair warranty. This is provided by the manufacturer or supplier and covers any repairs that need to be done.

Some warranties also include an annual service, though not all do.

Most stairlift suppliers in the UK provide an extended warranty as standard when you buy a new model. This can extend your standard warranty up to five years and often comes with a maintenance contract as well.

2. Lift Insurance

If you want to safeguard your stairlift against breakdown and accidental damage, there are a few insurance options available. Many stairlifts come with a manufacturer or supplier warranty which may offer comprehensive coverage for parts, labour and repair expenses.

Another option is a maintenance contract. While more costly than an extended warranty, this solution provides peace of mind that your stairlift will be taken care of properly if it ever needs repair.

Depending on your budget, some companies may provide quotes for this type of cover. But be sure to understand what is covered and if the price tag justifies its purchase.

Financial aid such as small disability grants, SSAFA and Margaret’s Fund may be available to help pay for your stairlift.

3. Lift Warranty

Stairlifts can be expensive items, so it’s essential that they’re protected in case anything unfortunate occurs. There are various warranty plans available which will cover your stairlift in case of breakages or accidental damage.

A lift warranty can offer assurance in case something goes awry with your stairlift, covering callout costs and parts. Many warranties also come with maintenance contracts which are beneficial as it guarantees regular servicing and coverage in case repairs are necessary.

When purchasing a warranty for your stairlift, the terms and levels of protection offered vary by manufacturer. Therefore, be sure to read through it thoroughly to make sure they will cover you in case something goes awry with your lift.

A stairlift warranty is an excellent way to safeguard your investment, and it’s always worth checking if there are any specific guarantees on components such as the motor, gearbox and rechargeable batteries.

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