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If you’re an elderly or disabled individual with narrow stairs, stairlifts can make getting around easier. But it’s essential to remember that these lifts aren’t one-size-fits all solutions; so you should research which type of stairlift best suits your home needs.

Stair lifts designed specifically for narrow staircases offer space-saving features. To determine what will work best in your home, consult with an experienced stairlift expert and receive an in-home assessment.

Straight Staircases

Straight stairs are the most widely used type of stair in architecture due to their ease of planning and construction, as well as being one of the most cost-effective options available.

Straight stairs tend to take up more linear space, so they may not be ideal for every floor plan. However, you can use them creatively in different ways to craft the ideal staircase for your home.

Stairlifts are easy to install and can be tailored to fit the design of your home. A straight staircase can be fitted with a stairlift for older individuals or those needing extra support with mobility.

In the United Kingdom, there are various types of stairlifts to choose from, each with their own advantages. Popular options include:

Curved Staircases

Stairlifts for narrow stairs offer an easy solution to those who have difficulty climbing and descending small staircases. These special machines have been designed with features that ensure safe and comfortable passage around the stairs.

Many stair lifts feature a retractable rail that folds away as you ascend and descend the stairs, saving space and avoiding bumping into walls.

Some stair lift models can also be adjusted so they fit into smaller spaces, making them a great option if you have limited floor space in your house or apartment.

Curved stairlifts are an ideal solution for those with narrow staircases. However, there are various options available so it’s essential to understand your requirements before selecting one.

Perching and Standing Staircases

If your stairs are narrow or you prefer not to sit down in a stairlift, perching or standing stairlifts could be ideal for you. They take up less room on your staircase and often fold away so others can use them when not traveling up the stairs.

This type of stairlift is especially beneficial to people who have trouble bending at their knees and hips, as they can use it without having to bend too much. This makes it a great choice for those who have had or plan on having hip or knee surgery, as well as those suffering from joint stiffness due to arthritis or gout.

A perching or standing stairlift can be installed on straight and curved staircases where traditional seated stairlifts would not fit due to their narrow treads. Furthermore, these stairlifts have armrests at standing height which offer additional support and balance, making them safer for users with limited movement or flexibility issues.

Free Home Survey

If you have narrow stairs or are considering installing a stairlift into your home, booking a free home survey is the best course of action. Many trusted companies will provide this service to give you an overview of the various lift types available as well as key details about costs and installation options.

For instance, a curved stairlift can easily fit into any staircase, even those with twists, turns and landings. The best curved stairlifts will include features to make climbing the stairs as safe and effortless as possible; such as an innovative seat which folds up into its own handrail so your feet aren’t dragged along carpeting. Furthermore, some curved stairlifts may even be installed without needing expensive remodel of your staircase – saving both time and money in the long run!

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