Retirement Villages in the UK with Bungalows




As you consider your retirement options, exploring retirement villages in the UK with bungalows can be an appealing choice. These communities often build retirement bungalows to provide a more relaxed atmosphere and a sense of independence while still offering the necessary amenities and support for your golden years. Designed specifically for the over 55s, these villages combine the comfort and privacy of your own bungalow with the convenience of shared facilities and services.

Choosing a retirement village with bungalows not only gives you the chance to downsize from a potentially high-maintenance property but also allows you to become part of a community with like-minded individuals. In the new build bungalows in these villages, you can expect to find facilities such as communal spaces for socialising, landscaped gardens for tranquil relaxation, and a variety of on-site amenities. Some notable retirement villages with bungalows include Quorn’s Mill Gardens and Farnham House in Leicestershire, and a variety of options from McCarthy Stone, the UK’s leading retirement property developer.

In addition to the wonderful living spaces and communal offerings, many retirement villages also offer tailored support services, such as on-site care staff and regular maintenance to help you live your retirement years with the peace of mind that your needs will be taken care of. With many exceptional retirement villages across the UK, you’re sure to find a bungalow and community that suits your desires and lifestyle perfectly.

Types of Property in Retirement Villages

Retirement villages in the UK offer a variety of property types to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the over 55s. In this section, we will explore some of the most common property types you may find in retirement villages, including bungalows, apartments, houses, and cottages.


Bungalows are an excellent choice for retirees seeking an independent living experience without the hassle of stairs. These single-storey homes often come in one and two-bedroom sizes, providing a comfortable and spacious living environment. Many retirement villages offer bungalows with features like easy-to-maintain gardens and accessible design elements, ensuring you can enjoy your new home with ease.


Retirement apartments are a popular property type for those looking to downsize without compromising on style and convenience. These properties generally come as either one and two bedroom or two-bedroom units and are designed with the needs of the over 55s in mind. Many retirement flats provide residents with communal facilities, such as lounges and gardens, fostering a sense of community and giving you the opportunity to socialise with like-minded neighbours.


For those who prefer the familiarity of a traditional house, some retirement villages also offer detached or semi-detached houses as an option. These homes usually come with two to three bedrooms, providing ample space for couples or individuals who plan to have family and friends visit regularly. The houses in retirement villages are designed to be low-maintenance while catering to the specific needs of retirees, such as being energy-efficient and providing easy access to communal facilities.


Cottages can provide a charming and cosy property option within a retirement village. These properties often feature traditional architectural styles combined with modern amenities, creating a unique and inviting living space. Like the other property types mentioned, cottages in retirement villages are generally designed with accessible features and low-maintenance elements, so you can enjoy your perfect retirement property without worrying about daily upkeep.

In conclusion, retirement villages cater for a range of property types, making it easier for you to find your perfect home in a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you choose a bungalow, apartment, house, or cottage, you can be confident that your new home in a retirement village will provide a comfortable, secure, and enjoyable environment for your golden years.

Top Locations for Retirement Bungalows


In Leicestershire, you’ll find attractive market town locations like Catherine Place with purpose-built retirement bungalows for the over 55s. These bungalows offer you ample amenities, scenic countryside views, and excellent transport links to the surrounding towns and cities.


Essex presents an excellent option for retirement bungalows, providing a peaceful environment while still offering easy access to nearby cities. Its strong transport links make it convenient for you to travel around the region or visit loved ones.


Hampshire is an appealing location for retirement bungalows due to its picturesque countryside and coastal charm. You’ll benefit from beautiful surroundings and convenient access to nearby market towns with excellent facilities and transport links.


Kent’s picturesque landscapes and proximity to London make it a popular choice for retiring. Southdowns Village is one example of a retirement bungalow community offering you modern living facilities in a peaceful and secure setting with excellent transport connections to the capital.


When searching for retirement bungalows in Surrey, you’ll find quality options like Elmbridge Village. This location combines a community-driven environment with modern living facilities and excellent transport connections. You’ll enjoy a suburban lifestyle with easy access to both countryside and town centres.


The picturesque county of Devon offers several retirement villages with bungalows, such as Gittisham Park. These locations give you the best of both worlds: a countryside setting with well-designed retirement bungalows and friendly communities, all within easy reach of local amenities and transport links.


In Gloucestershire, you’ll come across retirement villages like St Oswald’s Village. This location offers you an attractive and comfortable place to retire, with a strong community feel, a fantastic range of local amenities, and accessible transport links.


Buckinghamshire boasts retirement villages such as Lovat Fields Village. The well-planned communities present excellent opportunities for retirees, combining purpose-built bungalows with modern facilities, easy access to nearby towns and cities, and good transport connections.


If you still crave the capital’s vibrancy, consider locations like the West London-based Riverstone Fulham. Although not purely focusing on bungalows, this retirement village offers upscale living for retirees alongside the River Thames, allowing for tranquil riverside walks while remaining well-connected to the bustling city life.

Facilities and Amenities

On-Site Facilities

During your stay at a retirement village with bungalows, you will have access to a variety of on-site facilities that cater to your needs. It’s common for such retirement properties for sale to offer services such as shops and restaurants for your daily needs. Enjoy the convenience of having essential amenities just a short walk away.

Some retirement communities go above and beyond, offering their residents a luxurious experience by using private gardens and providing facilities like a spa, cinema, and pool. If staying active and socialising is important to you, these additional amenities will enhance your daily life.

Community Features

Retirement villages in the UK focus on fostering a strong sense of community amongst their residents. You will likely find yourself surrounded by landscaped gardens and communal facilities designed to encourage interaction and create a pleasant environment.

Moreover, your retirement village may be located in an area that boasts a selection of independent shops and restaurants to explore, allowing you to support local businesses and enjoy unique offerings. Enjoy leisurely strolls through the neighbourhood and take advantage of the charming atmosphere these communities provide.

Recreational Activities

In addition to on-site amenities, retirement communities usually offer a range of recreational activities to suit a variety of interests. These may include organised clubs, classes, or events to help you stay active and engaged in the community.

Typically, facilities like swimming pools and fitness centres will be available for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while hobbies such as gardening or arts and craft can be catered for through dedicated spaces and resources. The thoughtfully designed spaces in these retirement villages with bungalows ensure that residents have the opportunity to participate in activities that bring joy and fulfilment to their daily lives.

Practical Considerations

Maintenance and Management

When considering a retirement village with bungalows, one of the key factors is the ease of maintenance and management. For many, bungalows offer an ideal living option for those who wish to live independently in a safe and comfortable environment. With only one storey, you can easily maintain your home, including tasks like cleaning the windows or tending to a private garden. Additionally, retirement villages often come with support services such as garage maintenance and professional management to assist with the upkeep of your home and the shared community facilities.

Independent Living Options

Bungalows in retirement villages provide a perfect balance between independence and community living. This type of housing offers you the freedom to live as you please in your own space, whilst still having access to the support and amenities of the retirement community. By choosing a bungalow, you can enjoy an independent lifestyle without sacrificing convenience or comfort. Many of these communities offer facilities such as beauty salons, restaurants, and recreational centres to make your daily life more enjoyable.

Visiting and Short Stays

Retirement villages with bungalows can be an excellent option for family and friends to visit or stay for a short period of time. These communities often provide guest accommodations, giving your loved ones the opportunity to experience the retirement village firsthand. This not only allows you to stay connected with your family and friends but also enables them to appreciate the comforts and conveniences available in your retirement community.

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