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Reclining garden chairs offer a perfect way to relax and lounge in the comfort of your own backyard. These chairs are essential for enjoying a good book, catching some rays, or having a place to unwind after a long day. Modern designs have evolved, utilising different materials and technologies for the ultimate outdoor seating solution.

One of the most popular variations of these chairs is the adjustable reclining garden chair, which allows you to sit and recline at a variety of angles to find the perfect position for comfort. These chairs come in many different sizes, materials and with optional features to suit your preferences and your garden’s aesthetic.

When looking to invest in reclining garden chairs, it’s essential to consider factors such as the chair’s weight capacity, durability, resistance to weather conditions, ease of maintenance and storage options. The key to finding the right reclining garden chair is about striking the right balance between functionality, comfort and the appeal it adds to your outdoor space.

We have dedicated ourselves to researching and testing a selection of reclining garden chairs, in order to help you find the ideal product that combines style, durability and comfort. So, let’s dive into the details and help you make an informed choice for your perfect outdoor relaxation companion.

Best Reclining Garden Chairs

We’ve compiled a list of the best reclining garden chairs to help you effortlessly unwind and enjoy your outdoor space in comfort.

Straame Garden Zero Gravity Chair Set of 2

Straame Garden Zero Gravity Chair Set of 2

This set of 2 chairs is an excellent choice for anyone seeking comfortable, reclining garden chairs with adjustable features and convenient extras.


  • Zero Gravity comfort and stress relief
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Detachable cup holder and adjustable headrest pillow


  • May rust if left uncovered outdoors
  • Anti-slip feet may need maintenance
  • Some customers find the table attachment to be loose

We recently tried out the Straame Garden Zero Gravity Chairs and were impressed by their comfort and versatility. The chairs recline to 170 degrees, allowing us to find the perfect position for relaxation, and the star head knob lock made it easy to adjust the recline at any time.

These chairs were perfect for outdoor activities and could easily be moved around thanks to their foldable design. We particularly liked the detachable cup holder and adjustable headrest pillow, adding to the overall comfort experience. The anti-slip feet provided stability on various surfaces, although we noticed they may need occasional maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

One downside we encountered was that the chairs may rust if left uncovered outdoors, so it’s important to cover them or bring them inside when not in use. Additionally, some customers have mentioned that the table attachment can be loose, which might make it challenging to balance items on it.

Overall, we believe that the Straame Garden Zero Gravity Chair Set of 2 is a great investment for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor relaxation experience. The comfort, versatility, and convenient features outweigh the minor drawbacks, making these chairs a top choice for a reclining garden chair set.

BARGAINS-GALORE Reclining Sun Lounger

BARGAINS-GALORE Reclining Sun Lounger

This reclining garden chair is a comfortable and durable choice for outdoor relaxation seekers.


  • Comfortable textilene mesh fabric
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Adjustable padded headrest


  • May show signs of rust quickly
  • Clips for reclining lock could be improved
  • Potentially difficult for some users to sit and stand

Having spent some time lounging on this BARGAINS-GALORE reclining sun lounger, we can say that the comfort it provides is impressive. The textilene mesh fabric used for the seat is not only sturdy but also ensures a relaxing experience while soaking up the sun. Furthermore, the adjustable padded headrest adds extra support, providing ultimate comfort.

One feature that makes this reclining garden chair stand out is its lightweight design. It is easily portable, allowing us to effortlessly move it to different locations within our garden and enjoy the best sunny spots. Additionally, the chair folds up instantly and saves space when not in use.

However, we did notice that the chair tends to show signs of rust after a short period. Given that it is an outdoor piece of furniture, it would be better if it had stronger rust resistance. Moreover, the clips used to lock the reclining position aren’t very reliable, which could be an area for improvement.

For those who might find it difficult to get in and out of chairs, this reclining garden chair may not be the most suitable, as some users might have a hard time sitting down and standing up from it. Despite this downside, the BARGAINS-GALORE reclining sun lounger remains a reliable and comfortable option for those looking to enjoy their garden during the summer months.

Dawsons Living Zero Gravity Recliner Chair with Side Table

Dawsons Living Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

This recliner chair is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking comfort and durability in their outdoor furniture.


  • Exceptional comfort with full-body support
  • Durable materials suitable for outdoor use
  • Convenient folding-flat design for easy storage


  • Possible minor rusting over time
  • Side table is slightly flimsy
  • Lock and screws may require occasional tightening

We recently tried out the Dawsons Living Zero Gravity Recliner Chair, and it delivered on its promise of providing optimal comfort. The chair fully reclines, and the fabric is connected to the frame with elastic cords, ensuring your entire body is supported.

The materials used for this chair are suitable for outdoor use, featuring a powder-coated steel frame for rust resistance and strength, as well as breathable, UV-proof fabric. This means that the chair can withstand various weather conditions without issue. However, we did notice some minor signs of rust after using it for a while, so it might require occasional maintenance.

A great addition to the chair is the side table, perfect for holding drinks and your phone while you relax. Though it’s a convenient feature, we found it to be a bit flimsy in comparison to the overall construction of the chair. Also, we noted that the lock and screws might need tightening from time to time to ensure the chair’s stability – a minor inconvenience.

In conclusion, the Dawsons Living Zero Gravity Recliner Chair offers excellent comfort, sensible outdoor durability, and folds flat for convenient storage. It does have a few minor drawbacks, but they are easy enough to address. We highly recommend this chair for those seeking relaxation and comfort in their garden or patio.

Buying Guide


When choosing a reclining garden chair, it is essential to consider the materials used. Here are some common materials and their pros and cons:

Material Pros Cons
Metal Durable, heavy-duty, low maintenance Heavy, can rust
Wood Natural look, environmentally friendly Requires regular maintenance, can rot
Rattan Lightweight, stylish, modern Less durable, can be weather-sensitive
Plastic Affordable, easy to clean, low maintenance Susceptible to UV damage, less durable


Of course, the most crucial aspect of a reclining garden chair is its comfort. We recommend testing multiple chairs to ensure that they provide adequate support and cushioning. Look for chairs with adjustable and ergonomic features to suit various preferences.

Weight Capacity

Reclining garden chairs should support the weight of the person using them. Check the maximum weight capacity of each chair before purchasing to ensure that it meets your needs.

Foldability and Portability

A foldable garden chair is a practical option if you want to store it away easily when not in use or transport it to different locations. Ensure that the chair is easy to fold and lightweight for added convenience.

Weather Resistance

Garden chairs are crucial outdoor furniture pieces. To ensure it withstands the elements, choose materials resistant to moisture, wind, and UV exposure. It is also beneficial to opt for chairs with a weather-resistant finish.


The ease of care is another essential aspect to consider. Most materials require minimal maintenance, but others like wood may need regular treatments to avoid rot and maintain its appearance.

We hope this buying guide helps you find the perfect reclining garden chair for your outdoor space. Consider factors like materials, comfort, weight capacity, foldability, weather resistance, and maintenance to make the best choice.

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