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Pure cremation is a funeral option that has been gaining popularity in recent years. This type of funeral service focuses on simplicity and affordability, offering an unattended and direct cremation without the traditional aspects, such as a formal ceremony or viewing. The concept of pure cremation allows families and friends to remember and celebrate their loved ones in a more personal and intimate way, often at a later date, giving them the freedom to grieve and commemorate in their own manner.

One of the leading providers of pure cremation services in the UK is Pure Cremation, offering comprehensive packages for both pre-planned funerals and those arranging services for a loved one who has recently passed away. With all-inclusive prices starting from £1,295, Pure Cremation ensures a dignified and respectful service without any hidden fees.

Many individuals and families are choosing pure cremation as a suitable alternative to traditional funerals due to various reasons. Some people prefer the simplicity and non-religious nature of this service, while others appreciate the cost savings and reduced environmental impact of a direct cremation. In any case, it is essential to research and consider all options when planning a funeral, ensuring that the chosen method aligns with the wishes and values of the deceased and their loved ones.

Understanding Pure Cremation

Pure Cremation is a UK-based company that specializes in direct cremation services. Founded in 2015 by Bryan and Catherine Powell, the company has over 30 years of combined experience in traditional funeral services. As the leading UK direct cremation specialist, Pure Cremation offers low-cost, simple funerals with no ceremony, no funeral, and no fuss source.

The cremation process involves the use of intense heat to transform the remains of a person who has died into ashes. These ashes, which are tiny bone fragments, are then returned to the deceased’s family source. One of the key features of direct cremation is that it takes place separately from any personal farewell or memorial service, allowing families to create their own special remembrance in their own time source. In fact, 9 out of 10 direct cremations at Pure Cremation are unattended, meaning that there are no mourners present during the process source.

To ensure the accurate identification of remains throughout the process, Pure Cremation employs the following measures:

  • Coffin plates or labels with three points of identification
  • Ceramic verification discs with a unique cremation number
  • Careful removal of the remains before the next cremation can begin
  • Identification of each set of remains after the cremation and during final processing
  • Labels with the deceased’s name and QR code for each ashes container source.

Pure Cremation also offers an over 50s direct cremation plan, wherein the client’s money is placed securely in a whole of life insurance policy. This option features low monthly premiums based on age and is available for individuals between the ages of 50 to 75. Premiums are fixed, and payments can be made either for life or until a certain age source.

The Process of Pure Cremation


After the passing of a loved one, the body is carefully prepared for cremation. If the deceased was a registered organ donor, medical staff at the hospital will remove the organs. Within 2-4 hours after the time of passing, the body is laid on their back, limbs straightened, and head supported with a pillow1. Personal care is taken to ensure the deceased is treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire preparation process.

The Actual Cremation

The cremation process takes place separately from the personal farewell. This allows families to create their own special remembrance in their own time2. During the actual cremation, the body is placed in a cremation container and then into the cremation chamber. The chamber is heated to high temperatures, reducing the body to ashes and small bone fragments. The entire process typically takes several hours to complete.

Post-Cremation Care

Once the cremation is complete, the ashes and bone fragments are carefully collected, cooled, and processed into a fine powder. This is often referred to as cremated remains or “ashes.” The ashes are then placed in a temporary container or an urn chosen by the family3. Families have the option to keep the ashes, scatter them in a meaningful location, or inter them in a columbarium or burial site. The choice of how to handle the ashes is a deeply personal decision and varies from family to family.


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Benefits of Pure Cremation

Pure Cremation is a leading UK direct cremation specialist, providing simple and low-cost cremation services without a traditional ceremony or fuss1. There are various benefits associated with choosing a pure cremation for oneself or a loved one.

Cost-effective: Pure Cremation offers affordable direct cremation services, with prices starting from £1,7952. This can be a favourable option for families looking to honour their loved ones without the financial burden of a traditional funeral.

Simplicity: A direct cremation is a straightforward process where the body is cremated without any ceremony or service3. This allows the family to focus on grieving and remembering their loved one without the stress of organising a full funeral.

Flexibility: Since there is no ceremony attached to direct cremations, families have the freedom to organise a separate memorial service at a time and place that is more convenient and meaningful to them3. This can provide a comforting and personalised experience for those left behind.

Eco-friendly: Cremations tend to have a smaller environmental impact than traditional burials4. By choosing a direct cremation, families can opt for a more sustainable way of honouring their loved ones.

In summary, Pure Cremation offers an alternative to traditional funerals that can be cost-effective, simple, flexible and eco-friendly. This option can be suitable for those who prefer a more straightforward and individualised approach to their final farewell.

Cost Factors in Pure Cremation

Pure Cremation offers a simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional funerals. The main cost factors involved in a pure cremation include crematorium fees and the cremation funeral plan itself.

Crematorium fees vary across the UK, with an average cost of £755 in London and £831 in England. These fees typically cover the use of the crematorium facilities and services provided by the staff. Some crematoriums are owned by councils, while others are operated by private providers, which can affect the pricing.

The Pure Cremation funeral plan is another significant cost factor. Currently priced at £1,795, the plan includes all the necessary services for a simple, unattended direct cremation. This is in contrast to the average UK funeral cost of £4,417, which has seen a significant rise over the years.

For situations where a funeral is required immediately, Pure Cremation offers a direct cremation service starting from £1,295. This option provides a respectful and streamlined cremation process for those who want a minimalistic approach, without the pressures of arranging a full-scale funeral.

In conclusion, the cost factors in pure cremation primarily revolve around crematorium fees and the funeral plan itself. Both of these factors contribute to the overall affordability of pure cremations compared to traditional funerals. By opting for a pure cremation service, families can focus on what truly matters: honouring their loved one’s memory and celebrating their life without the strain of excessive funeral expenses.

Legal and Ethical Aspects

In the process of arranging a pure cremation, it is important to take into consideration the various legal and ethical aspects. This ensures that the deceased is treated with respect and the process complies with relevant regulations.

Regulations and Compliance

In the UK, the funeral industry is governed by a number of laws and guidelines to ensure the proper handling and disposal of human remains. These regulations play a crucial role in the pure cremation process. For instance, a cremation cannot take place without a correctly completed and authorised Cremation Form, which includes approvals from a doctor, a registrar, and a funeral director. Moreover, the Code of Practice by Pure Cremation helps establish a standard that all firms offering direct cremation services should strive to adhere to. This ensures that families are provided with an option that delivers the same level of care and dignity as any other type of funeral.

Respecting Wishes and Beliefs

Pure cremations allow families to honour the deceased’s wishes and beliefs in a more personal and flexible manner, by separating the committal process from a traditional ceremony. Direct cremations have become an increasingly popular choice among people who prefer a simpler and less formal farewell. Funeral providers, such as Pure Cremation, offer services that meet the requirements of various religious and cultural backgrounds. This means that the deceased’s beliefs can still be respected in the absence of a ceremony during the actual cremation.

By considering these legal and ethical aspects when arranging a pure cremation, individuals and families can ensure a dignified and compliant send-off for their loved ones.

Pure Cremation Vs Traditional Cremation

Pure Cremation and Traditional Cremation are two different options when it comes to honouring the life of a loved one who has passed away. While both represent a respectful approach, they differ in terms of their processes and the level of service provided.

Pure Cremation is a simpler, more streamlined option focusing on the cremation process without the formalities commonly associated with traditional funerals1. Launched in 20152, Pure Cremation offers a direct cremation service, which typically includes the collection of the deceased, a simple and dignified cremation without mourners in attendance, and the return of the ashes3. This approach allows grieving families to organise a separate, personalised memorial service at a later date according to their wishes.

Traditional Cremation, on the other hand, is part of a full-service funeral1. It includes elements like family viewing, a choice of cremation date, a hearse taking the deceased to the crematorium, a funeral service with mourners, and a wake or reception4. Traditional Cremation tends to be more elaborate and formal in comparison to Pure Cremation, aiming to provide a sense of closure to the family and friends of the deceased partner.

Ultimately, the choice between Pure Cremation and Traditional Cremation depends on the personal preferences of individuals and their families. Some prefer the simpler and more cost-effective option of Pure Cremation, while others may find solace and comfort in the formalities and rituals of a Traditional Cremation.


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Planning a Pure Cremation Funeral

A Pure Cremation funeral is a simple and dignified option for those who prefer a more straightforward and cost-effective way to say goodbye to their loved ones. It involves a cremation service without mourners in attendance, allowing families to organise a separate farewell event at a later date, tailored to their preferences and budget.

When planning a Pure Cremation, it is essential to consider the costs involved. With prices starting at £1,795 for a direct cremation plan, this option can be more affordable than traditional funerals. Payments can be made through a single payment or monthly instalments, depending on the chosen plan.

To arrange a Pure Cremation, families can work with providers like Pure Cremation Ltd, who specialise in this type of service. They will take care of all the necessary arrangements, including the collection of the deceased, cremation services, and the return of ashes to the family. It is essential to have a clear understanding of what the chosen package includes and any potential hidden fees.

During the planning process, individuals can discuss their specific requirements and ensure the Pure Cremation aligns with their wishes. Communication is key throughout this phase, and it is vital to ask questions, clarify details, and ensure everyone involved is on the same page.

Once the Pure Cremation has taken place, families are free to organise a separate farewell event or memorial service that suits their needs and preferences. This can range from a low-key gathering to a more elaborate celebration, allowing for a more personalised and flexible approach to commemorating the life of the deceased.

In summary, planning a Pure Cremation funeral offers an alternative to traditional funeral services. It is a cost-effective option that provides families with the flexibility to create a tailored farewell event at a later date, reflecting the unique life and personality of their loved one.

Selecting a Pure Cremation Provider

When choosing a cremation provider, it’s essential to do thorough research and consider various factors to ensure a dignified and fitting farewell for your loved one. There are many options for cremation providers, each offering different services and pricing structures.

Cost is an important aspect while selecting a provider. Pure Cremation offers direct cremation services from £1,295, with no hidden fees. Comparatively, other providers may have varying costs, sometimes involving additional charges. It’s crucial to understand the expenses involved and choose a provider within your budget.

Reputation and experience should also be taken into account. Research the provider’s history and read customer reviews to evaluate their professionalism and quality of service. A well-established and trusted provider like Pure Cremation ensures a smooth and respectful process, giving you peace of mind during a difficult time.

Furthermore, considering the type of services offered by the provider is essential. Some providers specialize in traditional funeral services, while others, like Pure Cremation, focus on direct cremations. Assess your own preferences and requirements to select a provider that aligns with your expectations.

Lastly, make sure the provider possesses the necessary accreditations and licensing. This ensures their compliance with industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing a high level of professionalism and care.

In conclusion, carefully evaluate your options, considering the cost, reputation, services offered, and accreditations when selecting a Pure Cremation provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a pure cremation in the UK?

The cost of a pure cremation in the UK varies depending on the provider and the specific choices made. While traditional funerals can often be quite expensive, pure cremations are typically more affordable options.

How long after death does a pure cremation take place?

The time between death and a pure cremation depends on factors such as paperwork completion, availability at the crematorium, and family preferences. Generally, a pure cremation can take place within a few days to a couple of weeks after death.

Are pure cremations considered safe?

Yes, pure cremations are considered safe. They are regulated by strict rules, and crematoriums undergo regular inspections. The staff handling the process are trained professionals, ensuring the safe and respectful treatment of the deceased.

How do pure cremation reviews compare on Trustpilot?

Pure cremation reviews on Trustpilot are generally positive. When choosing a cremation provider, it is important to consider customer reviews as an indicator of the quality and professionalism offered by the company.

What happens to ashes after a pure cremation?

After a pure cremation, the ashes are typically returned to the family in a container of their choice. The family can then decide whether to scatter the ashes, bury them in a special place, or keep them in an urn or another memorial item. Some companies also offer additional services such as hand delivery of the ashes.

What is the contact number for pure cremation services?

The contact number for Pure Cremation services is as follows: Mon-Fri : 8:30am-6pm, Sat: 9am-5pm, Bank Holidays: 10am-4pm. You can find more specific contact information on their website.

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