Probiotics for Dogs

Probiotics have become an increasingly popular supplement for maintaining a healthy digestive system in both humans and animals alike. Ensuring the well-being of our canine friends is essential, and including probiotics in their diet can offer numerous health benefits. Specifically designed for dogs, probiotic supplements aim to restore the balance of good bacteria in their gut, support their immune system, and potentially alleviate various digestive issues.

As dog owners, it’s crucial to understand that a dog’s digestive system differs greatly from our own. Dogs are more vulnerable to certain gut-related issues which may impact their overall health. The introduction of probiotics for dogs will not only help promote healthy digestion but also improve their skin and coat, strengthen their immune system, and contribute to overall well-being.

When considering probiotics for your dog, there are key factors to take into account, such as the strain of bacteria used, concentration of live cultures, and quality of the product. It is important to choose a reliable brand with good reviews and to ensure the product has been formulated specifically for dogs. Additionally, consulting a veterinarian regarding the right probiotic supplement for your dog can provide valuable guidance.

After extensive research and testing, we have identified the best probiotic supplements for dogs that can contribute to enhancing the quality of their gut health and overall well-being.

Best Probiotics for Dogs

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the top probiotics for dogs to help improve their gut health and overall well-being.

Protexin Pro-Kolin for Dogs and Cats

Protexin Probiotic Paste

We believe that Protexin Pro-Kolin is a reliable choice to support your pet’s digestive issues and enhance their overall health.


  • Effective in tackling digestive disturbances
  • Suitable for both dogs and cats of various sizes
  • Palatable beef flavour, even for pets with meat allergies


  • May not be ideal for long-term use
  • Might be challenging to dispense with the syringe
  • Moderately expensive compared to alternative products

After trying Protexin Pro-Kolin with our own pets, we found it to be an effective solution in addressing digestive disturbances such as loose stool, upset stomachs, and maintaining overall gut health. The product is suitable for both dogs and cats and can cater to pets of different sizes.

The artificial beef flavour is a significant advantage, as it tempts even the fussiest of pets. Moreover, this probiotic paste is a suitable option for pets with meat sensitivities, alleviating any concerns about allergies. The paste comes with a syringe, making it easier to administer the correct dosage. However, we felt that dispensing the paste can sometimes prove to be challenging, especially for first-time users.

One drawback we noticed is that Protexin Pro-Kolin may not be ideal for prolonged use, as it is primarily designed to address short-term digestive issues. Additionally, it might be considered moderately expensive compared to similar products available in the market.

In conclusion, Protexin Pro-Kolin is a reliable digestive aid for pets experiencing occasional upsets, with benefits outweighing its drawbacks. We suggest giving it a try if your furry companion has been experiencing digestive discomfort, as it can efficiently soothe their gut and get them back to their normal selves in no time.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement

Purina Fortiflora

A useful probiotic supplement to support your dog’s digestive health, especially for those struggling with diarrhea.


  • Effective in managing diarrhea in dogs
  • Easy to administer as a powder mixed with food
  • Supports immune health with added antioxidants


  • Might be pricey for some budgets
  • Meaty aroma may be off-putting for some dogs
  • Inconsistent results in reducing gas

We recently began using the PURINA Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement for our dog, who was experiencing diarrhea, and have noticed significant improvements in their digestion. This probiotic supplement is simple to use, as we just mix the powder in with their regular food, and our dog doesn’t seem to mind the change in taste. The FortiFlora formula contains live microorganisms that promote beneficial intestinal microflora, helping to manage our dog’s digestive issues.

Apart from its effectiveness in managing our dog’s diarrhea, we appreciate that FortiFlora also contains antioxidants, which support our dog’s immune health. This makes us feel confident that we’re giving them a well-rounded supplement for their overall well-being.

However, we did notice that the meaty aroma of the FortiFlora powder may be somewhat off-putting for some dogs, so it may take a bit of coaxing to encourage them to eat their food with the supplement. Also, while the product claims to help reduce gas, we’ve seen inconsistent results in this area. For us, though, the primary purpose of improving our dog’s digestive health has been well met.

In conclusion, while the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement might be a bit pricier than other probiotics, its effectiveness in managing diarrhea and supporting immune health makes it worth the investment. Just be prepared for a possible adjustment period as your dog gets used to the smell and taste of this supplement mixed in with their food.

Petsy Probiotics for Dogs

Petsy Probiotics for Dogs

For dog owners seeking a comprehensive solution for their pets’ digestive health, Petsy Probiotics for Dogs is a reliable choice.


  • Effective digestive aid for various issues
  • Suitable for all breeds and life stages
  • Salmon flavour makes it appealing for dogs


  • Taste may not suit all dogs
  • Packaging could be improved
  • Contains fish, potential allergen for some dogs

We recently tried Petsy Probiotics for Dogs and noticed a significant improvement in our dogs’ digestive health. The probiotics chews contain 12 strains of good bacteria, prebiotics, and pancreatic enzymes that help support various aspects of a dog’s wellbeing, such as gut health, immunity, and digestion.

The inclusion of five types of pancreatic enzymes, superfoods like papaya and maqui berry, and 5 billion CFUs of probiotics makes this a beneficial supplement for dogs struggling with issues like flatulence, diarrhoea, and bad breath. Additionally, the salmon-flavoured chews seem to be a hit with our dogs, making it easy to administer these supplements daily.

However, it’s essential to note that some dogs may not enjoy the salmon flavour, so it might take some persuasion (or treat-disguising skills) to get them on board with these chews. Furthermore, the packaging could use enhancements to maintain product freshness better. Lastly, the chews contain fish, which could be an allergen for some dogs.

In conclusion, Petsy Probiotics for Dogs is a beneficial product for those looking to improve their dogs’ digestive health and overall wellbeing. While there are some minor drawbacks, the benefits and ease of use make it a popular choice for many dog owners.

Buying Guide

Factors to Consider

When choosing a probiotic supplement for your dog, there are several factors we recommend considering. Different products come with varying benefits and it’s important to understand the specific needs of your dog before making a decision.

  1. Strain variety: A good probiotic should contain multiple strains of beneficial bacteria. Each strain has its own set of benefits and, together, they can provide a wider range of support for your dog’s digestive health.
  2. CFU count: The potency of a probiotic is measured in Colony Forming Units (CFUs). In general, higher CFUs indicate a more effective product. Look for a supplement with at least 1 billion CFUs per serving.
  3. Stability: The quality of a probiotic relies on the bacteria’s viability. Choose a product with guaranteed shelf life or refrigeration to maintain the effectiveness of the live bacteria.
  4. Allergen-free: Some dogs have sensitivities to certain ingredients. Make sure to choose a product free of common allergens like gluten, soy, and dairy.

Types of Probiotic Supplements

There are different forms of probiotic supplements available for dogs. We recommend familiarising yourself with the various options to determine which is most suitable for your pet.

  1. Powders: These are easy to mix into your dog’s food and can be effortlessly incorporated into their regular diet.
  2. Capsules: Capsules can be given directly or opened and the contents mixed with your dog’s food. This form may offer a more precise dosage.
  3. Chews: Treat-like chews can be a convenient and enjoyable way for your dog to receive probiotics. However, the potency may vary compared to other forms.

Other Features to Consider

When purchasing a probiotic, it’s important to look for additional features that can contribute to your dog’s overall health.

  1. Prebiotics: Some supplements include prebiotics, which serve as food for the probiotics and promote their growth. This can enhance the effectiveness of the product.
  2. Digestive enzymes: Enzymes are added to some probiotics to help break down food and improve nutrient absorption. This can support healthy digestion and overall wellbeing.
  3. Guaranteed analysis: A reputable manufacturer should always provide a guaranteed analysis of the product’s potency, strain types, and CFU count. This information can be found on the label or packaging.

By considering these factors and features, we can confidently select the most suitable probiotic for our dogs’ needs, supporting their digestive health and overall well-being.

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