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For a stress-free cruise holiday that departs directly from Southampton, P&O Cruises could be the ideal option. They provide an extensive selection of itineraries and sailings so that you can pick and choose which cruise works best for your needs.

P&O Cruises have recently welcomed a brand-new monster cruise ship, Arvia, to their fleet. This vessel marks P&O Cruises’ second ship powered by liquified natural gas and will sail from Southampton throughout the summer months.

Easy to get to

No matter if this is your first P&O cruise or not, getting to the port is a breeze. Southampton’s port is one of the busiest in the UK and welcomes many cruise lines such as Princess, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, MSC, Carnival, and Fred Olsen ships – making getting there an easy task!

Southampton’s cruise terminals are easily accessible with regular local and national rail services running. You may also take a taxi from the train station directly to your cruise ship.

Coach services from many major UK cities, including Glasgow, are available. Intercruises Cruise Connect or Eavesway Travel provide these options for guests cruising on Celebrity, Cunard, P&O, Princess and Royal Caribbean vessels.

Due to the likely need for a change of venue at London Victoria, it’s best to arrange for direct transportation from the coach station to your cruise ship. You can book this online through a travel agent or contact National Express directly; further information can be found on their website.

Variety of itineraries

For a short break, P&O Cruises Southampton offers several options. Their mini cruises provide the same level of entertainment, dining and leisure amenities as longer cruise holidays in a more manageable package.

Food is at the core of an unforgettable vacation and P&O Cruises has some of the world’s greatest chefs at their disposal – Marco Pierre White, James Martin, Atul Kochhar and Olly Smith to name just a few.

These partners are renowned for creating dishes that tell a tale of a place and its people. Additionally, they collaborate with prominent local chefs such as Jose Pizarro and Kjartan Skjelde on culinary projects.

As Britain’s favourite cruise line, P&O Cruises know how to create holidays for all ages and tastes with excellent service, impressive itineraries, fine dining options, extra time ashore and relaxing evenings onboard. Plus they’re constantly adding new destinations to their fleet – so you can explore the world in style!

Short breaks

P&O Cruises Southampton offers a selection of short breaks to some of Europe’s most stunning locations. These are ideal for those who are uncertain about cruising or want to give it a try before booking an extended holiday with the cruise line.

No matter if you’re searching for a family-friendly mini cruise or an exclusive adult short break, P&O Cruises has something to suit everyone’s taste and interests. Their fleet of ships accommodate guests of all ages and their itineraries are carefully curated to inspire discovery and make holidays with P&O Cruises effortless.

For those wanting to stay closer to home, P&O Cruises also offers short breaks to some of Ireland’s most iconic cities, such as Belfast and Dublin. Often with some retail therapy included in the itinerary, these trips make ideal stops for visitors wanting to check out the famous Christmas Markets in these two popular locales.

P&O Cruises also offers a selection of drinks packages, which are ideal for those who don’t want to get overwhelmed with an expensive bar bill while at sea. Furthermore, they provide wi-fi connectivity so passengers can stay in touch with work, friends and family back home.

Norwegian Fjords

During the ice age, glaciers carved deep valleys into Norway’s lush mountains and narrow inlets, filling them with water to form breathtaking fjords that we see today. These natural attractions have mesmerized millions of visitors worldwide and remain some of the most photographed sights on earth.

If you’re looking to explore Norway’s stunning fjords, P&O Cruises Southampton has you covered. They offer cruises to many of Norway’s most beloved fjords as well as other exciting destinations you can reach from their port.

The two most iconic fjords are Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord, both UNESCO World Heritage sites with stunning scenery.

Another stunning fjord to discover is the Nordfjord, which you can reach by boat from Stavanger on regular excursions. Olden, a tranquil village located at the southernmost branch of this beautiful fjord and at its entrance into Oldedalen Valley with its wind-blown rocks, crystal-clear lakes and breathtaking waterfalls, makes for an idyllic vacation.

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