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Mobility shops and stairlift providers in Leicester and the East Midlands have become increasingly important in catering to the growing demand for assistive living products. With an ageing population and increased awareness of the importance of accessible living for the elderly and disabled, local businesses have risen to the challenge of providing top-notch mobility products and service.

In Leicester and the East Midlands region, customers can find a variety of mobility shops providing a vast array of equipment, from manual and electric wheelchairs to mobility scooters, stairlifts, and home lifts. These businesses pride themselves on offering personalised service, high-quality products, and professional installation of stairlifts to suit varying needs and budgets.

Moreover, there is a growing emphasis on innovation within the East Midlands mobility industry. Companies collaborate with leading suppliers to ensure that their customers can access the most up-to-date and technologically advanced equipment. This commitment helps improve the quality of life for those in need of mobility assistance, allowing them to regain their independence and enjoy greater freedom in their day-to-day lives.

Mobility Shops in Leicester East Midlands


In Leicester East Midlands, there are several reputable providers of mobility products and services to cater to the needs of the elderly and disabled community. Among them are CareCo Mobility, Anglia Healthcare Mobility, East Midlands Mobility Ltd, and Modern Mobility. These companies offer a wide range of mobility aids, including wheelchairs, scooters, rollators, lift chairs, walking aids, and accessories to enhance the quality of life and maintain independence.

CareCo Mobility is a prominent mobility showroom in the Midlands, rated excellent for their extensive range of products and services. Similarly, Anglia Healthcare Mobility operates a purpose-built mobility shop in Leicester that is open six days a week from 10am to 4pm. East Midlands Mobility Ltd is known for its high-quality mobility aids, offering reliable, safe, and easy-to-use mobility equipment for customers. Lastly, Modern Mobility specialises in mobility aids, disability aids, and used mobility scooters in Leicester.


Here are the locations of these mobility shops in Leicester East Midlands:

  • CareCo Mobility: St Georges Way, Leicester, LE11SH
  • Anglia Healthcare Mobility: Available at their purpose-built mobility shop
  • East Midlands Mobility Ltd: Leicester-based provider of mobility aids
  • Modern Mobility: Call 0116 263 0600 (Leicester)

All of these providers offer a variety of products and services, such as:

  • Wheelchairs: manual and power wheelchairs
  • Scooters: mobility scooters for rent and sale
  • Rollators: a range of walking aids for elderly and disabled individuals
  • Lift chairs: comfortable and easy-to-operate recliners for better mobility
  • Mobility equipment: from walking sticks and footwear to stairlifts
  • Accessories: various additional items to complement mobility aids

By choosing the appropriate mobility aids, individuals can enjoy a more active, independent lifestyle with the support and assistance they require. These providers in Leicester East Midlands are committed to offering quality products and services to enhance the lives of their customers.

Mobility Products and Equipment

Wheelchairs and Scooters

Mobility shops in Leicester East Midlands offer a variety of wheelchairs and scooters to help individuals regain their independence. They provide both manual and power wheelchairs for adults and children with different needs and preferences. Mobility scooters are also available for those who require more advanced assistance to move around their homes and communities.

Walking Aids and Accessories

In addition to wheelchairs and scooters, mobility shops offer a range of walking aids such as:

  • Crutches
  • Walkers
  • Rollators
  • Walking sticks
  • Walking canes

These walking aids are designed to give support and stability to the elderly and disabled, making it easier for them to move around. Accessories for these walking aids, such as straps, bags, and trays, can also be found at these shops, making it more convenient for users to carry their belongings.

Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are another essential mobility product found in Leicester East Midlands shops. These chairs are designed with a lifting mechanism that helps the user to stand up from a sitting position with ease, providing comfort and support for those with limited mobility. They are available in various styles and sizes to meet individual needs and preferences.

Bathroom Aids

Bathroom aids are crucial for the safety and convenience of the elderly and disabled. Mobility shops in Leicester East Midlands offer a variety of bathroom aids, including:

  • Grab bars
  • Shower chairs
  • Bath lifts
  • Toilet frames
  • Raised toilet seats

These aids support users in maintaining their hygiene and independence while reducing the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom.

Overall, mobility shops in Leicester East Midlands provide a wealth of mobility products and equipment to improve the quality of life for the elderly and disabled, ensuring their comfort, safety, and independence.

Renting and Purchasing Options

When looking for mobility equipment and stairlifts in Leicester East Midlands, both renting and purchasing options are available to suit your needs. Renting is a flexible and cost-effective choice, especially for those who require mobility assistance for a short period. You can find daily, weekly, and monthly rental options at competitive prices from various suppliers in the East Midlands.

Renting a manual wheelchair, for example, can cost you between £10 and £15 per day. Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are available for rent starting from around £15 per day. Some suppliers also offer discounts on long-term rentals, providing further cost savings.

On the other hand, purchasing a mobility product provides a long-term solution for those with ongoing mobility needs. When you decide to buy, you can find a wide range of quality products from reputable brands. Suppliers in Leicester East Midlands ensure that their products meet high-quality standards and offer great value for your investment.

Here is a summary of the benefits of renting and purchasing mobility equipment:

  • Renting Benefits:
    • Short-term solution
    • Cost-effective and flexible pricing
    • Availability of daily, weekly, and monthly rentals
    • Competitive prices from various suppliers
  • Purchasing Benefits:
    • Long-term solution
    • Wide range of quality products from reputable brands
    • Available support and service from the supplier
    • Investment in a product that meets your specific needs

In conclusion, the choice between renting and purchasing mobility equipment depends on your needs and preferences. Whether you require a manual or electric wheelchair, mobility scooter, stairlift, or other mobility products, you can find competitive prices and quality options in Leicester East Midlands.

Stairlifts in Leicester East Midlands

Leicester, a city in the East Midlands, is home to several mobility shops that supply and install stairlifts. Stairlifts are a vital piece of equipment for those living in homes with stairs who have mobility issues. They ensure safety and independence while navigating between floors of the house. This section will provide information on types and models of stairlifts, as well as installation services available in Leicester.

Types and Models

There are various types and models of stairlifts available to cater to the diverse needs of individuals:

  • Straight stairlifts: Designed for straight staircases, these are the most common and simplest type of stairlift.
  • Curved stairlifts: These are custom made for curved or spiral staircases, accommodating various layouts and bends.
  • Outdoor stairlifts: Weather-resistant stairlifts specifically designed for outdoor steps.
  • Standing stairlifts: Suitable for individuals who have difficulty bending their knees, these stairlifts allow the user to stand while navigating the staircase.

In addition to these types, many providers also offer new and reconditioned stairlifts, providing budget-friendly options for those in need.

Installation Services

Several companies in Leicester offer stairlift installation services. Reputable providers such as MyMobilityUK, Central Mobility, Modern Mobility, and Anglia Healthcare & Mobility offer a range of new and reconditioned stairlifts along with professional installation.

When selecting a stairlift provider, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • Customer reviews and satisfaction
  • After-sales support and technical help
  • Parts and labour warranties
  • Comprehensive assessments to determine the most suitable stairlift

Prices for stairlifts in Leicester may vary depending on the type, model, and provider selected. For example, Central Mobility offers new straight stairlifts starting from £1395 with a two-year parts and labour warranty.

In summary, Leicester East Midlands offers a range of mobility shops that can supply and install various types and models of stairlifts, ensuring residents with mobility issues can safely and independently navigate their homes.

Additional Services and Support

Customer Service

Mobility shops and stairlift providers in Leicester East Midlands prioritise customer satisfaction by offering exceptional customer service. Many establishments provide dedicated assistance through various contact channels like phone, email, or face-to-face consultations. This enables customers to receive personalised support tailored to their unique needs and preferences. In addition, providers collaborate with reputable manufacturers to ensure that customers have access to high-quality mobility equipment and devices.

Funding and Financial Options

There are several funding options available for those who require mobility equipment and stairlifts, making these essential aids more accessible and affordable for those who need them. The NHS and various charities in the United Kingdom provide funding and support for eligible individuals who require mobility aids. These organisations aim to ease the financial burden for those with mobility challenges.

Some funding options to consider include:

  • NHS Wheelchair Services: Available to eligible individuals who need wheelchairs and mobility aids due to a long-term disability. To access this service, a referral from a healthcare professional is required.
  • Motability Scheme: This scheme enables individuals with a qualifying mobility allowance to lease a mobility scooter, powered wheelchair, or an adapted vehicle. The lease package includes insurance, servicing, and breakdown assistance.
  • Charitable Support: Various charities, such as the British Red Cross, offer short-term loans of mobility equipment for those in need.

Van Rentals and Accessibility Solutions

Aside from offering a wide range of mobility products and equipment, some providers in Leicester East Midlands also provide accessible van rentals for individuals with mobility challenges. These vans typically come equipped with ramps, lifts, and other features that make it easier for wheelchair users and people with mobility restrictions to travel comfortably and safely.

Moreover, some mobility shops offer off-site equipment repair services, ensuring that customers can have their devices fixed without any hassle. A professional technician will visit the customer’s location for a nominal fee, assess the issue, and provide the necessary repairs on-site.

Overall, mobility shops and stairlift providers in Leicester East Midlands strive to deliver comprehensive support and services to individuals with mobility challenges. By offering tailored customer service, funding options, and additional services like accessible van rentals, these establishments help improve the quality of life for their customers.

Transportation Solutions

Adaptive Vehicles

Adaptive vehicles play a crucial role in facilitating transportation for individuals with mobility challenges in Leicester and the East Midlands region. These customised vehicles provide a comfortable and accessible means of transport for users of power chairs, transport chairs, and mobility scooters. Some popular adaptive vehicles include modified vans and cars that have ramps, lifts, or lowered floors, enabling ease of access.

There are various mobility centres in the area that offer a range of adaptive vehicles to cater to different needs. These vehicles typically have features such as:

  • Swivel seats to improve accessibility
  • Hand controls for those with limited lower body mobility
  • Wheelchair tie-downs to secure mobility devices

Power Chairs and Transport Chairs

Power chairs and transport chairs offer personalised mobility solutions for those with limited physical capabilities. The following types of chairs are available at mobility shops in Leicester and the East Midlands:

  • Power Chairs: These electrically powered wheelchairs cater to a broader range of mobility needs, with features such as powerful motors, long battery life, and customisable seating.
  • Transport Chairs: These lightweight, folding chairs are designed for short trips and easy transport. They are often used in conjunction with adaptive vehicles for comfortable travel within the city.
  • Nova Transport Chair: A popular option, the Nova transport chair is known for its lightweight aluminium frame, foldable design, and easily removable footrests.

Mobility Centre Services

Mobility centres in Leicester and the East Midlands region offer various transportation solutions for customers, which include:

  • Sales and rentals of adaptive vehicles, power chairs, and transport chairs
  • Stairlift installations and maintenance for improved home accessibility
  • Assessment and guidance services to help clients choose the right mobility equipment
  • On-site repairs and maintenance of mobility devices, ensuring longevity and optimal performance

In summary, transportation solutions in Leicester and the East Midlands region include adaptive vehicles, power chairs, and transport chairs, assisting users with mobility challenges in navigating the city comfortably and safely. Local mobility centres are committed to providing excellent services, ensuring individuals maintain their independence and enjoy an improved quality of life. is an information and guidance-only website. The information on the site is not tailored advice to each individual reader and, as such, does not constitute actionable legal advice nor actionable financial advice. All information, guidance or suggestions provided are intended to be general in nature. You should not rely on any of the information on the site in connection with the making of any personal decisions, and you should always do your own in-depth research first and speak to specialists.

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