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In Edinburgh, Scotland, mobility shops and stairlift providers play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals with mobility issues. These establishments offer a wide variety of products and services designed to help individuals maintain independence, accessibility, and comfort in their daily lives. From wheelchairs and mobility scooters to stairlifts and walking aids, these specialised shops cater to the diverse needs of their customers, offering tailored solutions for different levels of mobility.

Finding the right mobility equipment can be a daunting task, especially for those new to the world of mobility aids. Mobility shops in Edinburgh strive to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring that individuals can find the products that best suit their specific needs. Many of these establishments offer expert advice and consultation, guiding customers through the process of selecting and purchasing the appropriate equipment. In addition, some providers may also offer installation, maintenance, and repair services, ensuring that customers have a seamless, stress-free experience when it comes to their mobility needs.

Stairlifts, in particular, have become increasingly popular in recent years as a solution to navigating staircases in homes and other buildings. These devices provide a safe and efficient way for individuals with limited mobility to access different levels of their home or other locations, enhancing their overall comfort and independence. In Edinburgh, there are numerous stairlift providers who offer a range of models and options, catering to varying budgets, and individual requirements. Customers can choose from straight, curved, or even outdoor models, depending on the specific needs of their homes and personal preferences.

Mobility Shops in Edinburgh


Edinburgh has several mobility shops that provide a variety of mobility equipment and solutions tailored to individual needs, including scooters, wheelchairs, and assistance. Some of the prominent mobility shops in the area include:

  • John Preston Mobility Showroom: Located in Loanhead, this 170-year-old family business is just a 30-minute drive from Edinburgh.
  • Saltire Mobility: Covering Edinburgh, East, West, and Midlothian, along with the Borders, Saltire Mobility offers free home assessments and trials.
  • Glenmore Mobility: With stores in Edinburgh and Bathgate, Glenmore Mobility is the largest independent mobility furniture company in Scotland.
  • Med-Ecosse Ltd: A family-owned business in Edinburgh, Med-Ecosse is operated by Colin Struthers and his sons, providing exceptional service since 1994.


These mobility shops offer a wide range of products and services to cater to various needs:

  • Scooters: Mobility scooter providers in Edinburgh offer a selection of models to cater to different terrains and user requirements.
  • Wheelchairs: From manual to electric models, the mobility shops in Edinburgh offer a variety of wheelchairs to suit individual needs.
  • Walkers: These shops also provide walkers to assist with mobility and support during ambulation.
  • Mobility Furniture: Some shops, like Glenmore Mobility, offer mobility furniture such as high chairs, riser recliner chairs, and electric beds.

Additionally, these mobility shops in Edinburgh are committed to providing excellent customer service, including:

  • Free Home Assessments & Trials: Saltire Mobility offers this unique service, ensuring that clients make informed decisions when purchasing equipment.
  • Accessibility: These shops ensure their locations are accessible to clients with limited mobility, offering convenient parking and in-store facilities.
  • Expert Advice: Clients can rely on the knowledgeable staff at these shops, who are trained and experienced in recommending suitable mobility solutions.

Edinburgh’s mobility shops provide a range of solutions to help individuals maintain their independence and make everyday tasks easier. From scooters and wheelchairs to mobility furniture and advice, these providers are dedicated to serving the needs of their clients in and around the city.

Types of Mobility Aids

Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

Mobility scooters and power wheelchairs are effective aids for individuals with mobility impairments. They provide independence, allowing users to navigate both indoor and outdoor environments with ease. Mobility scooters usually have three or four wheels, a comfortable seat, and handlebars for steering. Power wheelchairs, on the other hand, are driven by an electric motor and controlled by a joystick or another input device. Both options cater to different mobility needs and preferences, with a variety of models available depending on individual requirements.

Stairlifts and Lift Chairs

Stairlifts provide essential support for people with reduced mobility in multi-storey homes. These devices are designed to carry individuals safely up and down the stairs while seated. Stairlifts can be fitted on straight or curved staircases, with various customisation options to suit each individual’s needs.

Lift chairs, also known as rise and recline chairs, offer comfortable seating solutions for people who may have difficulty standing up or sitting down. These chairs are equipped with a power-operated mechanism that adjusts the chair’s position to help users rise easily to a standing position. Lift chairs come in a range of sizes, styles, and upholstery options to suit a user’s personal preferences.

Walkers and Rollators

Walkers and rollators serve as supportive walking aids for those with limited mobility. Walkers, sometimes referred to as Zimmer frames, are made of a lightweight, stable frame that users can hold onto while taking steps. Rollators, on the other hand, are similar to walkers but feature three or four wheels, a seat for resting, and built-in hand brakes for added security. Both walkers and rollators come in a variety of designs and sizes, ensuring they meet the requirements and preferences of each user.

Wheelchairs and Accessories

Wheelchairs are a vital mobility aid for individuals who cannot walk or have difficulty walking. They are available in two main types: manual and powered. Manual wheelchairs are propelled by the user or an assistant, while powered wheelchairs are electrically operated. Lightweight wheelchairs are a popular choice for easy transport and manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Apart from the wheelchair itself, various accessories can improve users’ comfort and functionality, such as:

  • Cushions for additional support and pressure relief.
  • Storage bags to carry personal belongings.
  • Umbrellas and sunshades for protection against the elements.
  • Trays for keeping items close at hand.

In conclusion, mobility shops in Edinburgh, Scotland offer a range of mobility aids, including scooters, power wheelchairs, stairlifts, lift chairs, walkers, rollators, and wheelchairs with related accessories. These aids aim to improve the quality of life and independence for individuals with varied mobility impairments.

Quality Products and Brands

When it comes to mobility shops and stairlifts in Edinburgh, Scotland, a focus on quality products and brands is essential to provide the best solutions for customers’ unique needs. Edinburgh offers various stores that showcase mobility equipment designed to enhance the lives of seniors and individuals with limited mobility.

One of the key product categories in this area is mobility scooters, a popular choice for those who require assistance moving around indoors and outdoors with ease. A range of reliable brands, such as Pride Mobility and Drive, ensures long-lasting performance and user-friendly features to cater to diverse requirements.

Power wheelchairs are another essential mobility product, offering increased independence and freedom through advanced engineering, customisable features, and durability. Top brands like Quantum and Invacare provide top-of-the-line options for customers seeking reliable and comfortable solutions.

Lift chairs, designed to ease the process of sitting and standing, are available from well-known brands such as Golden Technologies and La-Z-Boy. These chairs offer supportive, comfortable seating and come in various styles to suit individual preferences.

For those with limited mobility who require walking aids, walkers and rollators from reputable brands like Hugo and Medline cater to various needs. These mobility aids maintain stability and balance, providing confidence when walking.

Finally, wheelchairs are an indispensable part of any mobility equipment offering. Brands such as Sunrise Medical and Kuschall provide high-quality manual and power wheelchairs, combining superior materials and craftsmanship to ensure optimal performance and durability.

In summary, Edinburgh’s mobility shops offer an extensive range of quality products to cater to individuals’ unique mobility needs. By choosing well-recognised brands and reliable equipment, customers can trust they are receiving the best solutions for their requirements.

Buying Advice and Support

When considering purchasing mobility equipment or stairlifts in Edinburgh, Scotland, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Following are some tips related to assistance and buying:

  • Research: Before visiting a mobility shop, it’s essential to do some research. Familiarise yourself with common mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, walking aids, and stairlifts. You may find relevant information in the provided search results.
  • Assess your needs: Be sure to assess your personal requirements and mobility limitations. This will help you determine which types of mobility aids are suitable for your specific needs. For example, consider factors like weight capacity, comfort, and the ability to navigate different terrains.
  • Visit local shops: Edinburgh is home to a few specialised mobility and stairlift shops. Check out reviews and recommendations to find a reputable store. Visiting several stores allows you to compare available products and services, as well as speak with experienced staff members who can offer advice and support.
  • Ask for a demonstration: Don’t hesitate to ask the shop staff for a demonstration or even a test drive of the mobility aids. This will give you an idea of how the equipment functions and feels to use.
  • Price comparison: Prices for mobility aids and stairlifts can vary significantly between shops. Make sure to compare prices when shopping around to ensure you find the best deal. Keep in mind that used wheelchairs or equipment can be more affordable, but make sure they are in good condition and fulfill your mobility requirements.
  • Warranty and maintenance: When purchasing new equipment, check if the supplier offers a warranty or any form of after-sale support. Regular maintenance is essential for mobility aids, so it’s useful to have access to a reliable service provider.

Following these guidelines will help you navigate the buying process for mobility aids and stairlifts in Edinburgh, Scotland. With thorough research, assessment, and shopping around, you can find the right equipment and support to meet your mobility needs.

Servicing and Maintenance

Proper servicing and maintenance of mobility equipment are crucial to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of devices like wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and stairlifts. Regular servicing can prevent small issues from developing into more significant problems, while maintenance helps users get the most out of their equipment.

Many mobility shops in Edinburgh, Scotland, offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance packages for their customers. These services generally include:

  • Inspection and assessment of equipment
  • Cleaning and lubrication of moving parts
  • Adjustment of screws, bolts, and brakes
  • Replacement of worn or damaged parts
  • Battery testing and maintenance
  • Software updates for electric mobility devices

When it comes to stairlifts, servicing and maintenance are essential. Regular check-ups can help identify and rectify any potential safety hazards, ensuring users’ safety and peace of mind. Stairlift servicing in Edinburgh usually involves:

  • Visual inspection of tracks, cables, and fasteners
  • Cleaning and lubrication of moving components
  • Checking for proper alignment and operation
  • Testing safety sensors and switches
  • Inspection of the motor and drive system
  • Replacement of worn or damaged parts as needed

It is recommended to have mobility equipment serviced by a reputable, experienced technician. It is essential to work with professionals who have the necessary training and certification in the field. A reliable mobility shop will have transparent pricing, provide guarantees for their work, and treat customers with respect and professionalism.

In summary, regular servicing and maintenance for mobility equipment and stairlifts are paramount for user safety and device longevity. Edinburgh residents can find a variety of reliable mobility shops offering these essential services, ensuring their equipment stays in excellent condition and offers optimal performance for years to come.

Mobility Solutions for the Elderly and Disabled

Mobility solutions play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for the elderly and disabled individuals. The wide range of mobility products available today ensure that people with physical limitations can continue to enjoy their daily activities and maintain their independence.

One popular mobility solution for the elderly and disabled in Edinburgh is the stairlift. Stairlifts come in various styles to fit different types of staircases, including straight, curved, or even outdoor staircases. These devices comfortably transport users up and down the stairs with ease, providing a safer alternative to climbing steps on their own.

Mobility shops in Edinburgh offer a variety of other products for individuals with mobility challenges, such as:

  • Mobility scooters: These compact electric vehicles are designed to help people move around more effortlessly. They come in various sizes and models, catering to different needs and preferences. Most mobility scooters can travel at a top speed of 4mph, making them suitable for use on pavements and footpaths.
  • Wheelchairs: Manual and powered wheelchairs provide a convenient mode of transport for those with physical limitations. Electric wheelchairs, in particular, offer increased mobility and independence for individuals who may have difficulty propelling a manual wheelchair.
  • Walking aids: Walking aids such as canes, crutches and walkers assist people with balance and stability issues, giving them the confidence to navigate different terrains and maintain their mobility.
  • Home adaptations: Installing features such as handrails, grab bars and ramps can help make the home environment more accessible and safer for people with mobility challenges.

Several mobility shops and services in Edinburgh specialize in sourcing and providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of elderly and disabled individuals. These businesses also offer support with maintenance, servicing, and any required repairs to ensure that users can continue to rely on their mobility aids over time.

In summary, mobility shops in Edinburgh cater to the needs of elderly and disabled individuals by offering a wide range of products designed to improve their daily lives. From stairlifts to home adaptations, these practical solutions can significantly enhance the overall quality of life for people with mobility limitations.


In summary, Mobility Shops & Stairlifts Edinburgh Scotland play a crucial role in providing independence and support for individuals with mobility challenges. By offering a range of products and services tailored to individual needs, these businesses contribute to maintaining the quality of life for many residents throughout the city and surrounding areas.

One key product offered in these shops is stairlifts. These provide a safe and convenient means for people to move between floors in their homes, which can become increasingly difficult as mobility decreases. When choosing a stairlift, it’s vital to consider factors such as the design, weight capacity, and the manufacturer’s reputation for reliability and after-sales service.

Other popular products available at Mobility Shops in Edinburgh include:

  • Wheelchairs: manual, powered, and bariatric models cater to different user requirements
  • Mobility scooters: various types, including portable and heavy-duty models, ensure users can access various environments with ease
  • Rollators: offering a walker with wheels, rollators eliminate the need to lift the device, simplifying the process of walking
  • Walking aids: like walking sticks and crutches, these assist in maintaining balance and reducing pressure on joints

It’s crucial for customers to research and choose the right mobility aid based on their unique needs and circumstances. By doing so, they can ensure that they maximise their mobility, independence, and overall quality of life.

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