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A learning disability is a condition that impairs an individual’s intellectual capacity, making it difficult to learn, comprehend and communicate effectively. While some individuals with this condition require little assistance to live independently, others require more assistance for success.

Thirteen charities that assist autistic, disabled and learning disabled people will receive PS2.4 million of additional government funding to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. These projects aim to provide practical assistance for disabled children, establish helplines for disabled adults and offer mental health and wellbeing support both staff and beneficiaries alike.

Little Miracles

The UK has over 800,000 disabled children under 16, yet many families struggle to cope with the extra demands. Little Miracles helps families with special needs and disabilities reach their full potential through counselling, play therapy, sensory support and family support services. Recently they opened East Anglia’s leading law firm Taylor Rose’s first sensory room at Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough – an incredible way for those with special needs to experience what all others get to enjoy! To learn more about what services Little Miracles provides click here.


Mencap is a UK learning disability charity that advocates for those with learning disabilities and their families. Its mission is to guarantee that individuals living with a learning disability have the same rights as all other citizens in society.

In 1946, Judy Fryd, a mother of a disabled child, founded Mencap and began working with other parents who were frustrated with the lack of services for their children. To this day Mencap remains run by its founder and is one of the leading learning disability charities in the UK. Additionally, it’s part of The Learning Disability Coalition–a coalition of 14 organisations advocating for increased funding of social care for people with learning disabilities throughout England.

Better Days

Better Days epitomizes charity, cultivating a culture of philanthropy and providing services that make an impact in people’s lives. Its activities and innovations are truly remarkable – including its top spot in the national league of learning disability charities in the UK. Better Days’ wide array of programs and initiatives demonstrate its dedication to diverse clientele including frailty, elderly individuals and disadvantaged people; earning top annual recognitions from leading third party rating organizations GuideStar and GreatNonprofits for its efforts.

Newcastle Libraries

Newcastle Libraries are an integral part of everyday life for over 60,000 people who visit, loan and return books, access the internet and technology, attend programs and exhibitions each month. These activities promote community involvement, lifelong learning, building strong, cohesive communities that value diversity.

To provide a service that meets people’s evolving needs and expectations, library infrastructure must offer various locations. These include physical library branches and service points – co-located with other City services to create convenient one-stop access to information, community activities and leisure activities.

Pathways 4 All

Pathways 4 All is a parent-led charity that offers leisure services for disabled children in the North East of England. At their primary facility, The Tim Lamb Centre, they specialize in play and leisure activities tailored to children (ages 0-5). Furthermore, Pathways 4 All provides informal advice and information to parents/carers and family members regarding these same activities and events.

The charity supports youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by providing essential monthly financial assistance so those served can access resources and programming that help them find strength and stability. Visit their website to discover more about their programs.

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