Large Button Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become an essential gadget in our daily lives, offering various functionalities and acting as a lifeline to stay connected to the world. While smartphones are incredibly versatile, they can be challenging to use for some people, particularly the elderly or those with poor vision or dexterity issues. That’s where large button mobile phones come into play. These specialised devices cater to the needs of individuals seeking simplicity, ease of use, and accessibility in their mobile phones.

Large button mobile phones prioritise user-friendliness above all else, featuring oversized buttons that make dialling and sending text messages more manageable. In addition to their prominent buttons, these devices may also offer amplified sound outputs to cater to those with hearing impairments. Furthermore, many large button mobile phones provide long-lasting battery life, making them a reliable and enduring communication tool.

When searching for the perfect large button mobile phone, there are several critical factors to consider. These may include the button size and layout, display readability, sound amplification, and any additional features tailored to the specific needs of the user, such as a built-in SOS button or hearing aid compatibility. Ultimately, what matters most is identifying a phone that aligns with the user’s unique requirements and preferences to ensure a seamless communication experience.

In pursuit of the best large button mobile phone options on the market, we have tested and analysed numerous devices, focusing on usability, accessibility, and overall satisfaction. Join us as we explore our findings and reveal the top contenders to help you make a well-informed decision.

Best Large Button Mobile Phones

We have compiled a list of the best large button mobile phones for your convenience. These phones are designed to make calling and texting easier, especially for those with dexterity or vision challenges. Discover our top picks below.

Uleway Big Button Mobile Phone for Elderly

Uleway Big Button Mobile Phone

The Uleway Big Button Mobile Phone is a fantastic choice for seniors who desire an easy-to-use device with large buttons and essential functionality.


  • Large buttons and easy-to-use interface
  • SOS emergency button for immediate assistance
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Small screen size
  • No internet access supported
  • Dual SIM only compatible with 2G networks

Our experience with the Uleway Big Button Mobile Phone has been positive overall, particularly for elderly individuals who may struggle with smaller buttons or complicated features. The large buttons are comfortable to use, and the simple interface is perfect for those who don’t need advanced smartphone capabilities.

The SOS emergency button is a brilliant addition for seniors, as it allows them to quickly contact emergency services or pre-set numbers for assistance. This gives users and their families reassurance about the safety and well-being of the phone’s owner.

One downside we noticed was the smaller screen size, which some users might find difficult to read. However, the phone compensates with a user-friendly interface that features big fonts and clear menu icons. The absence of internet access can be a drawback for some, but for seniors seeking a phone primarily for calls and texts, it won’t be an issue.

The Uleway Big Button Mobile Phone offers dual SIM with both slots supporting only 2G networks, which might limit its functionality in certain locations. Despite this, the device is a reliable and affordable option for seniors who need a straightforward, practical phone for daily communication.

In conclusion, the Uleway Big Button Mobile Phone is a worthwhile investment for seniors or visually impaired individuals who require ease of use and essential functions. While there are a few downsides, such as a small screen and limitations to network compatibility, its benefits make it a strong contender for anyone seeking an uncomplicated, user-friendly mobile phone.

artfone C1 Big Button Mobile Phone for Elderly

artfone C1

The artfone C1 is an excellent choice for those seeking a simple, easy-to-use phone with large buttons and useful features for the elderly.


  • Straightforward interface with large font and clear menu icons
  • Impressive battery life (1400mAh) with fast, safe charging
  • Voice broadcast function for easier dialling


  • Limited to 2G network, no internet access
  • Not as robust as it appears in pictures
  • Small body may be difficult for some elderly users to handle

Upon trying out the artfone C1, we found that the bigger font and clear menu icons made it much easier for the elderly, children and visually impaired individuals to navigate. The high volume and clarity of the loudspeaker was a definite plus, allowing for comfortable conversations without strain.

The upgraded 1400mAh battery certainly delivered on its promise, providing an impressive 5-6 hours of talk time and 10-12 days of standby time. Charging was also faster and safer, giving us peace of mind when leaving the phone on charge overnight.

One feature that stood out was the voice broadcast function. As we pressed each number, the phone vocalised it in the chosen language, reducing the risk of misdialling. The phone supports English, German, Spanish, French and Italian languages, and the voice feature can also be turned off if desired.

On the downside, the artfone C1 is limited to the 2G network and does not support internet access. This could be an issue for some users, but for those seeking a simple phone for calls and texts, this may not be a concern.

Although the phone may not be as robust as its pictures suggest, it still performs well for its intended purpose. However, the small body of the device could prove challenging for elderly users with limited hand dexterity to handle easily.

Overall, we believe that the artfone C1 is a wise investment for those seeking a simple and efficient large-button mobile phone catered to the elderly, the visually impaired, or anyone looking for a no-frills communication device.

TOKVIA Mobile Phone for Elderly

TOKVIA Mobile Phone

If you need a simple, user-friendly large-button mobile phone for seniors, this TOKVIA phone fits the bill perfectly.


  • Easy-to-use interface for seniors and visually impaired
  • SOS Emergency Button for peace of mind
  • USB-C charging with a charging dock


  • May not work with certain network carriers (Three Network and iD Mobile)
  • No internet functionality
  • microSD card required for camera use (not included)

We recently tried out the TOKVIA Mobile Phone for Elderly and found it to be user-friendly, with its big buttons and large fonts, making it an excellent choice for seniors or the visually impaired. The simple menu and loud volume are also helpful, catering specifically to the needs of its target users. Its interface supports seven languages and includes a talking number feature to minimise errors when dialling.

One of the standout features of this phone is the SOS Emergency Button. By allowing you to set up to five emergency contacts, the phone provides added security and peace of mind for both users and their families. The phone also boasts some convenient additional features like camera, music player, flashlight, and FM radio.

There are, however, a few downsides worth mentioning. The phone is incompatible with Three Network and iD Mobile, limiting the available carriers. It also does not have internet functionality, which could be a negative for some users. Additionally, the camera requires a microSD card that is not included with the purchase.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When choosing the best large button mobile phone, it’s crucial to consider the following features:

  • Display size: A larger display will make it easier to read text messages and view images.
  • Button size and design: Large, tactile buttons with clear labels ensure a comfortable and efficient user experience.
  • Ease of use: A simple interface without complicated menus makes navigating the phone more enjoyable.
  • Battery life: A long-lasting battery ensures that your phone will remain functional throughout the day.
  • Emergency button: Some models offer a dedicated emergency button for increased safety and peace of mind.

Compatibility with Hearing Aids

For those who use hearing aids, it’s vital to ensure compatibility with the mobile phone. Look for models that have an HAC (hearing aid compatible) rating:

HAC Rating Compatibility Level
M1 to M4 Mild hearing loss
T1 to T4 Moderate to severe hearing loss

Additional Functionality

In addition to the essential features mentioned above, consider the following functions that may add value to your large button mobile phone experience:

  • Camera: Having a built-in camera can be useful for capturing images or video.
  • Internet access: While not necessary for everyone, some users may appreciate browsing the web and checking emails.
  • Bluetooth functionality: This feature allows hands-free calling and connecting to wireless accessories.

Price and Warranty

Lastly, consider your budget and the warranty offered by the manufacturer. It’s important to balance the phone’s features with the price while ensuring that the product comes with a reasonable warranty period.

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect large button mobile phone to suit your needs and preferences.

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