Kymco Mini Comfort Mobility Scooter

If you’re searching for a lightweight travel scooter, the Kymco Mini Comfort is your ideal option. It provides maximum portability without compromising comfort, and disassembles easily to fit in the boot of your car.

It boasts front and rear LED lights, an easy-to-use Delta-type tiller design, as well as a narrow lightweight frame. Plus, it comes in five vibrant colours: blue, bronze, black, orange and mink.

Comfortable Seat

Kymco has recently introduced a comfortable seat to their Mini Comfort scooter line-up. This padded seat is engineered to give users maximum comfort during use.

It comes in an array of vibrant colours such as metallic mink and glossy bronze. Plus, its front and rear low power LED lighting provide powerful illumination at night.

In addition to these impressive features, the Kymco mini comfort also boasts a full suspension system – something rarely found on lightweight transportable mobility scooters.

This all-round system allows the scooter to maneuver around obstacles with ease and provides a comfortable ride from start to finish. It also features a swiveling seat for effortless entry or exit, as well as an adjustable steering tiller to fit any driver’s preferences.

The kymco mini comfort features front and rear LED lights that use low energy power for minimal battery consumption, as well as wireless electrical connections so there are no plugs or wires to untangle during disassembling the scooter or taking out batteries. This makes it one of the easiest portable scooters on the market to disassemble.


The Kymco Mini Comfort mobility scooter boasts a lightweight design to increase your independence. Equipped with front and rear LED lighting, an easy-to-use Delta type tiller design, and a narrow lightweight frame, this mobility scooter can be used indoors or outdoors on most surfaces.

This portable pull-apart scooter breaks down into five easy to handle pieces, so it can easily be taken on trips or loaded into your car boot. With its padded seat and front and rear suspension, you’ll feel secure no matter where life takes you.

This mobility scooter is incredibly versatile, ideal for trips to the shops or running errands. It also makes longer journeys much easier with top speeds of 4mph that enable you to navigate tricky areas and reach destinations too far to walk.

Easy to Dismantle

The Kymco Mini Comfort is an excellent example of a compact and lightweight scooter that’s both user-friendly and easy to disassemble. It features front and rear LED lighting, Delta type tiller design, slim frame construction and comfortable padded seat for comfortable long sessions on your scooter.

The Mini Comfort offers an unbeatable full suspension system and solid, puncture proof tyres for ultimate comfort. Additionally, it has low energy LED front and rear light shows, wireless electrical connections and a 22amp battery system that gives you power to go where you want for up to 16 miles on one charge.

The Kymco Mini Comfort can be easily disassembled into 5 manageable parts for storage in your car, shed or garage. It comes in an array of cool colors like metallic mink, glossy bronze, sapphire blue and glossy black.

Easy to Operate

The Kymco mini comfort is one of the easiest mobility scooters to operate on the market. It boasts incredible lightweight design that makes it portable without sacrificing quality, comfort or driving performance.

This pull-apart design boasts a front basket, LED lights, an intuitive Delta tiller and front/rear suspension. It comes in five eye-catching colours: black, mink, bronze, blue and orange.

It is incredibly compact and manoeuvrable, boasting a 48″ turning radius and solid puncture proof tyres for a smooth ride throughout your journey. Plus, its 22Ah battery system allows for longer travel per charge than other scooters of this size; plus, you can upgrade to a lithium battery for even lighter transport!

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