Is Tesla Available on the 2024 UK Motability Scheme?




Navigating the world of Motability can be a game-changer for people with disabilities, offering a new level of freedom with a range of vehicles at favourable rates. With over 115 electric vehicles now available on the scheme, the question on many lips is whether Tesla, a pioneer in the EV market, is part of the Motability family.

Electric vehicles are not just about being environmentally friendly; they’re also about cutting-edge technology and lower running costs. As Tesla cars embody these benefits, it’s natural to wonder if they’re accessible through the Motability scheme. This article will delve into the current offerings and explore whether Tesla’s innovative wheels are within reach for Motability users.

One of the most sought-after features in the Tesla Motability scheme is the autopilot, a cutting-edge technology that allows disabled individuals to experience a greater sense of freedom and independence on the road. With Tesla Motability, disabled individuals can now embrace the luxury of driving an electric vehicle that not only provides them with a greater sense of freedom and independence, but also offers an unparalleled level of comfort and style.

 With its cutting-edge electric technology, the Tesla Motability not only provides individuals with a greater sense of freedom and independence, but also offers an unparalleled level of comfort, style, style, and efficiency. Not only does Tesla motability provide a greater sense of freedom and independence, but it also offers an unparalleled level of comfort, style, and efficiency, all while prioritizing safety through its advanced collision avoidance and autopilot features. 

With the rise of eco-friendly transportation options, Tesla’s motability program has made it easier than ever for individuals with disabilities to access electric vehicles and enjoy convenient charging stations across the country. With the introduction of the Tesla Model Y, an all-electric SUV, the motability program has become even more inclusive, offering individuals with disabilities a spacious and accessible option for their transportation needs.

Exploring Motability

The Motability scheme serves as a lifeline for individuals with disabilities by offering a new car, scooter, or powered wheelchair lease in exchange for mobility allowance. Eligibility is key, and those who meet the criteria have an array of vehicles to choose from, as long as they’re included in the scheme’s offerings. Beyond the lease itself, the comprehensive package encompasses insurance, breakdown assistance, and regular vehicle maintenance, streamlining what could otherwise be multiple stress-inducing processes for users.

Every quarter, the scheme negotiates with car manufacturers to lock in discounted rates. This initiative often results in significant savings that individuals may not find in the open market. Recent developments within the scheme have seen an uptick in electric vehicles (EVs) being added to their lineup, catering to a range of needs, from compact city cars to family SUVs.

Electric vehicles stand out in the scheme due to their Lower Running Costs and ease of driving. As petrol and diesel costs continue to surge, EVs offer a cost-effective alternative. Motability participants thus have the chance to not only gain increased independence but also to do so in an economically savvy manner.

Choosing the right vehicle can be daunting, and that’s where expert recommendations come in. For example, platforms like Carwow select the top electric vehicles suitable for the scheme, providing a solid starting point for prospective leasers. From environmental benefits to technological innovation and savings on fuel, the shift towards electric cars within the Motability scheme represents a progressive step for users looking to combine accessibility with modern vehicular advancements.

Aspiring participants often wonder whether a brand like Tesla, known for its pioneering role in the electric vehicle industry, aligns with the Motability scheme. Given Tesla’s reputation for enhanced performance and eco-friendly credentials, it could be an excellent addition for those seeking sustainable mobility solutions within the scheme. However, the question remains whether these cutting-edge electric cars are indeed an option for Motability users.

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) present a forward-thinking choice for those considering the Motability scheme. With environmental considerations at the forefront, EVs are hailed as a key element in the movement towards sustainable transportation. Lower running costs are a prominent benefit, with savings on fuel becoming increasingly attractive as electric technology advances.

The ease of driving an EV adds a layer of appeal to their overall benefits. They typically offer a smoother and quieter ride compared to their petrol or diesel counterparts, thanks to fewer moving parts and immediate torque delivery. For Motability users, this can translate into a more comfortable driving experience, particularly for those with certain disabilities that may be exacerbated by the vibrations and noise from traditional engines.

Another financial advantage is realised through the annual cost savings associated with electric cars. It’s estimated that by choosing an electric vehicle on the scheme, participants can save up to £1,000 every year. This figure takes into account the lower cost of electricity compared to fossil fuels and the reduced need for maintenance, as EVs have fewer components susceptible to wear and tear.

The government grants available for electric vehicle owners further alleviate the financial burden. The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) provides assistance that extends beyond just homeowners to include those living in flats and renters, ensuring broad accessibility to the benefits of electric mobility.

With an expanding selection of EVs available under the Motability scheme, users now have an array of options to suit diverse needs and preferences. As of the latest reports, the scheme offers 19 different electric vehicles to lease, with some models coming in a variety of trims—enlarging the choice range to 49 options. Notably, this lineup includes esteemed manufacturers such as MINI, demonstrating the scheme’s commitment to providing quality and variety.

As the movement towards electric vehicles gains momentum, the benefits for Motability scheme users become progressively eminent. Not only does it align with a greener outlook, but it also supports a more economical and accessible motoring experience.

Tesla: A Pioneer in the EV Market

Tesla has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the electric vehicle (EV) market. Since its inception, Tesla’s mission has been to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. The company’s strategy revolves around creating a full range of increasingly affordable EVs which are compelling alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles.

With more than 1,650 Roadsters delivered across the globe, Tesla marked its entry into the world of EVs in a bold and luxurious manner. The Tesla Roadster, the world’s first electric sports car, is acclaimed for its impressive performance. It boasts an acceleration quicker than sports cars that are priced significantly higher.

Below is a comparison of Tesla’s sales growth over time:

YearUnits Sold
2012First Model S deliveries
2017-2018Rise of Model 3 sales
20189,000 Battery EVs registered (UK)
201917,393 Battery EVs registered (UK)

Tesla’s second vehicle, the Model S, was a game-changer. Designed from the ground up as an EV, the Model S set a new standard for premium electric sedans with its spacious interior, dual motor all-wheel drive, and ample cargo space, allowing it to cater to a wide audience.

The Tesla Factory in Fremont, California, represents the cutting-edge of EV manufacturing. The production of Model S there underscores Tesla’s commitment to innovation and quality in the EV space.

In recent years, Tesla’s Model 3 has further reinforced the brand’s influence on EV adoption. Starting production in 2017, the Model 3’s success mirrored in the sales of battery electric cars, which nearly doubled in the year to August 2019 compared to the same period in the previous year in the UK. This surge is a tangible sign of consumers’ growing preference for electric vehicles over traditional ones, highlighting Tesla’s impact on both the industry and consumer choices.

The Current Offerings on Motability

Motability Operations broadens the horizon for disabled drivers, ensuring access to a myriad of vehicles that cater to diverse needs and preferences. This scheme, fundamental to many across the UK, provides a comprehensive leasing package that includes insurance, break down assistance, tyre and windscreen repairs, as well as servicing and maintenance. With offerings that extend from convenient city cars to family SUVs and even the spacious like the Citroen eSpaceTourer, the scheme embraces inclusivity and practicality with open arms.

Under the scheme, participants use their mobility allowance to lease a new vehicle, thus gaining both autonomy and an affordable solution to their travel needs. Updated quarterly, the negotiated discounted leasing rates bring forth significant savings not found elsewhere in the market, propelling the value of this initiative.

Currently, the electric vehicle realm is blossoming within Motability. More than 115 electric vehicles (EVs) stand proudly in the scheme’s portfolio, indicative of the ongoing transition to sustainable mobility solutions. The Citroen EC4, with its 50kWh battery ensuring 218 miles of range, serves as a prime example of both style and substance, available within this advantageous scheme.

The Citroen EC4’s Shine Plus trim, although coming with an advance payment of £1,295, is loaded with features such as electric leather seats, wireless phone charging, and a premium stereo system. These features underline the scheme’s commitment to delivering quality and convenience.

In the wake of rising living costs, the scheme’s promise of value for money rings even truer. As alternatives to petrol and diesel vehicles become a staple, the scheme is at the forefront, offering a seamless transition to electric vehicles for disabled motorists. The burgeoning range of options ensures that participants find a car that not only fits their physical needs but also aligns with their environmental consciousness.

EV ModelRangeAdvance Payment
Citroen EC4218 mi£1,295

With versatility at its core, Motability is reshaping the possibilities for disabled drivers, with the aspirational goal of merging accessibility, affordability, and environmental considerations into a single, unified driving experience.

Can Tesla Cars be Accessed through Motability?

The Motability Scheme in the UK has revolutionised the way disabled individuals access mobility solutions. With a range of vehicles available, there is frequent speculation about whether this scheme includes Tesla, a frontrunner in electric vehicle technology. As of now, Tesla cars are not among the range of electric vehicles offered by the Motability Scheme.

Electric vehicles (EVs) represent a growing trend towards sustainable transport and Teslas are often considered a benchmark for electric motoring. However, despite their popularity, Tesla’s absence from the scheme’s offerings might relate to their higher price point. Presently, the scheme includes 19 different EVs with various models that add up to a selection of 49 EVs, including options from MINI, Fiat, Citroen, and Nissan—each offering a different trim level to suit a variety of needs and preferences.

Eligibility for the Motability Scheme stipulates that the vehicle must largely benefit the individual receiving the mobility allowance. In this context, the scheme’s current range does reflect a commitment to providing accessible, affordable, and practical options. For those seeking the allure of a Tesla, the expectation would involve a substantial advance payment, which as of the present has not been facilitated through Motability’s options.

Nevertheless, the scheme is dynamic with an ever-expanding range of electric cars. As the campaign for greener transport gains momentum, and with the industry seeing a shift towards more affordable EVs, there is potential for Tesla models to enter the Motability horizon. It’s essential for interested individuals to monitor updates, as negotiations between the scheme and car manufacturers occur every three months, promising the possibility of new deals and perhaps new electric entrants to the list of available vehicles.

The fluid nature of the scheme’s vehicle lineup underscores its commitment to inclusive mobility, constantly evolving with market changes and technological advancements. Whether Tesla joins the ranks of the Motability Scheme remains uncertain, but the current selection of EVs ensures that disabled drivers have a diverse pool of vehicles from which to choose, balancing the need for accessibility with environmental consciousness.

While Tesla’s cutting-edge electric vehicles aren’t part of the Motability scheme just yet, disabled drivers still have a variety of electric options to choose from. The scheme prides itself on affordability and practicality, ensuring that those eligible have access to environmentally friendly transportation. As the market evolves and the demand for electric vehicles grows, there’s potential for Tesla to join the scheme’s roster. Until then, drivers can explore the current range of electric vehicles, confident that they’re making a sustainable choice that meets their mobility needs. Keep an eye on the scheme’s offerings, as they’re always adapting to include the best options for disabled individuals.

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