Is It Worth Installing a Curved Staircase Lift (New York)?




Curved staircases can pose a unique set of challenges, making installing a stair lift in such a situation all the more challenging. But luckily, there are many stair lift solutions available for your home, including the curved staircase lift. I recommend starting your search in NY if you are looking for a curved staircase lift. New York City companies offer lifts perfect for your home decor.

What Exactly Are Stair Lifts? What Are Its Different Kinds?

Getting around a home or business is much easier when you have a stair lift. They are an efficient and economical way to improve mobility for persons with disabilities. Access all home areas with the help of a stair lift installed on existing staircases. This stair chair does not require any structural changes to your property. The system can be incorporated into straight, narrow, curved, or platform staircases and is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Straight stairlifts fit most standard staircases. These lifts come with a chair to which users can strap themselves during use. Straight stairlifts are the least expensive type, but you will have to pay more if you have a longer staircase.

  • Curved stairlifts are custom-made for staircases that turn or have landings. Installers and manufacturers typically charge more for these models since they have to fit your staircase.

  • Outdoor stairlifts offer enhanced durability to withstand the elements. It’s a great solution for New York homeowners who need assistance getting up from their stops.

  • Standing stairlifts allow users to stand while riding up and down the stairs. Vertical platform lifts, also known as perch lifts, are ideal for people with trouble sitting. Some models come with a pad to support the user while in use.

Can You Put A Stair Lift On A Curved Staircase?

A curved staircase can present a unique set of challenges. It requires a special rail. Because these rails need to fit a specific staircase, a curved one will incur extra cost. The custom rail will also require more installation work. Curved rails frequently have hinges, allowing them to fold out of the way when doorways close. That allows other household members to move freely as well.

Regardless of your staircase’s curve, there are several different models available. Straight stairlifts usually cost between $3,000 and $5,000. Curved stairlifts require custom railings, which can cost upwards of $10,000. Pricing depends upon the length of your curved staircase. The cost increases with more complicated curves, landings, and curved stairs. A curved stairlift can cost more, but it’s worth it if you have an older or disabled loved one who needs assistance navigating stairs.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Curved Stair Lift?

Curved stairlifts are typically custom-built, with the cost of a single stairlift running between $11,000 and $16,000. The average cost for this type of lift will depend on the complexity of the staircase, but it is possible to buy a refurbished or reconditioned stairlift for a fraction of that price. Most health insurance plans offer coverage for a stairlift- partial or full- and financing options are readily available by most stairlift dealers.

A curved stairlift in New York is more expensive than a straight one. Sometimes, people with a long staircase with landings will opt for two straight stairlifts instead. This option is more expensive but allows users to sit on the stairlift’s platform while being lowered. It also provides extra safety features like seat belts, diagnostic displays, and a safety sensor.

How Do Curved Stair Lifts Run?

There are many different stairlift systems available, and you’ll need to determine which type you need based on the specifics of your stairs. Curved stairlifts, for example, are custom-made, with rail systems specifically sized for the stairs. The battery power source, usually lithium-ion, should be mounted on the top or bottom of the stairs.

Visiting a stairlift company will help determine which lift is right for your home. Many companies will come to your home and measure your staircase before providing you with a quote. This way, you’ll have an idea of the cost and know which product is best for the stairs’ curves. Once you’ve chosen the product you’d like to install, a stairlift company will install a rail along the wall or footboard of the stairs. In case you don’t like the outcome, you can adjust the rails as necessary.

Curved stairlifts are the best for stairs with small landings, as they are safer. Stairlifts with curved tracks are ideal for both up and down flights of stairs. Because they’re safer, curved stairlifts have a higher weight capacity than straight-stair lifts. It’s an excellent choice for people with limited mobility who need a higher weight capacity.

Can I Install A Stair Lift Myself?

Most homeowners are pleased with their ability to complete tasks around the home without any assistance. But installing a stairlift requires specific training and knowledge of the product. While many people can do this, incorrect stairlift usage can compromise the stairlift’s integrity, endanger the user, and put others in danger. Furthermore, many manufacturers may void their warranty if a certified dealer does not install the lift.

If you’re installing a stair lift for the first time, you’ll probably make a few mistakes. Some of these mistakes will be harmful, like not connecting the safety snap. Otherwise, the footrest won’t stop, leaving you with a mangled foot. Also, the curved rails will require more skill and expertise to install, so you may want to hire a professional.

Step lifts have many advantages. It can improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and older adults. The stairs can be dangerous for people with vision and perception issues because they can’t see what is ahead. A stair lift can enable a wheelchair user to transfer to another chair, eliminating the risk of injury. These lifts make life easier for everyone, whether a disabled person or a retired person.

How Much Weight Can A Stair Lit Hold?

While most standard stairlifts can hold 300 pounds, you can find units with a maximum weight capacity of 500 or 600 pounds. If you or a loved one is heavier, you should ask your supplier for a model with a higher weight limit. These units often feature wider seats to help make the ride more comfortable.

Despite taking up less space, curved stairlifts can carry more weight than straight ones. These units typically take up one to two feet of space on your stairs, and you can easily fold the components up when not in use. If you’re worried about the space on your staircase, you can always request a stair lift that will arrive at a convenient location.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Stair Lifts?

Many stair lifts are available today; these devices help people in wheelchairs move up and down stairs. Both have padded seats and seat belts to keep users secure. Chair lifts are also very helpful because they allow wheelchair users to exit the chair and safely return to the stairs. In addition, stair lifts often have continuous battery charging, ensuring they can use them for longer periods.

An inclined platform lift is another type of stair lift with a horizontal platform. These can be stationary or folding and accommodate a wheelchair or a standing rider. Some models include a fold-down seat. Residential stair lifts are not subject to fire exit safety regulations in Wisconsin, but they can serve one dwelling unit in a one-family building without violating fire codes. Local permits may be necessary if you plan to install a chair lift in a two-family building.

Are Stairlifts Safe? What Should I Consider Before Purchasing?

Curved stairlifts aim to give users a smooth ride up and down the stairs. The ramps are safe for people with limited mobility who have difficulty climbing stairs. Stairlifts are available for short or long distances. There are several features to consider before you make the purchase:

  1. The seat of the lift should be wide enough to accommodate your buttocks.

  2. The railings and seat of the stairlift take up about 8 inches (20 cm) of wall space.

  3. The seating unit can be upgraded to a power-assisted swivel, automatically turning the chair when it reaches the top landing. It can have both powered and manual rotation.

  4. The arms can fold out of the way to reduce space requirements.

  5. It comes with an integrated footrest.

Who Is The Leading Provider Of Stair Lift Needs In New York City?

In New York, stair lifts provide safe access to stairs for people with limited mobility. This guide compares customer reviews, warranties, and local availability of businesses and chooses the most reliable stair lift companies in New York City.

Stannah Stairlifts

They deliver straight, curved, and outdoor stairlifts that can cater to almost any specific need. Stannah comes with free stairlift installation as well as a 10-year warranty.

Bruno Independent Living Aids

They provide both indoor and outdoor stair lifts. The company sells straight stair lifts that take up less space, so other residents can easily access the stairs. The Bruno stair lifts come with a limited lifetime warranty covering all major parts while the buyer owns them.

Bruno stairlift dealers proudly serve the greater New York City area. Besides building the most space-saving, best-riding stairlifts in the industry, Bruno also services its customers exclusively through an authorized dealer network. Their partners include:

  • Westchester Stairlift LLC

  • Dermer Stairlifts & Mobility Inc

  • National Seating Mobility (NSM)

  • Able Care Group

Stair Lift Handicare

The company provides free, no-obligation quotes for new and refurbished stair lifts. It offers a variety of straight and curved stairlifts to choose from to fit every budget and need. It is also possible to visit a showroom in person to choose your stair lift from among more than 45 dealers in New York. Their stairlifts come with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty.

Freedom Stairlifts

They strive to take care of all New York City stair needs by carrying various products from Handicare, Bespoke, and Harmar. It offers individualized home consultations and quotes to help customers make informed decisions. It promises the lowest prices in New York, plus 24-hour delivery and installation for fast, affordable results.

Stairlifts Pro Inc.

Stairlifts Pro Inc. carries straight, curved, outdoor stair lifts from Brooks and Acorn. Installing, repairing, and maintaining stairlifts is part of the company’s services, and all of its stairlifts come with a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee.

Sansbury Medical Stairlifts

Their products offer solutions for narrow stairways, and customers can easily receive a quick quote online.

Stair Lift Store LI

They sell straight, curved, outdoor stair lifts at Stair Lift Store LI, a Long Island-based Handicare dealer. The price for new stairlift models begins at $2,600; for pre-owned models, $1,500, and rentals are $150 per month.

Northstar Lifts LLC

Northstar Lifts specializes in providing commercial businesses and residential customers with lifts and elevator products and services, including:

They work with local businesses, schools, churches, banks, community centers, and homes- providing the industry’s finest equipment and expertise to help you choose the right solution to your access needs.

StairGlide New York

The StairGlide NY product line caters to all aspects of the home- working with several industry-leading manufacturers to provide:

  • Straight Stair Lifts

  • Curved Stair Lifts

  • Wheelchair Ramps

  • Wheelchair Lifts

  • Refurbishing Long Island Stair Lifts

Centerspan, LLC

Centerspan, LLC is the Long Island and Greater New York metro leader in stairlift sales and service. They install stairlifts from industry-leading brands such as Acorn, Harmar, Brooks, and Handicare. All their stairlift products are built with professional craftsmanship and are loaded with features to ensure they stand the test of time. Battery-powered backups ensure that your stairlift will operate even during a power outage. Their service area includes:

  • Long Island

  • Manhattan

  • Brooklyn

  • Queens

  • Staten Island

  • North Jersey


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