Is it Safe to Leave Luggage in Lockers in Edinburgh?




Overview of Luggage Storage Options

Radical Storage

Radical Storage offers a secure solution for storing luggage in Edinburgh. With flexible storage timer options, travellers can conveniently store their belongings and explore the city without any worries.

Key Locations

In Edinburgh, visitors can find luggage storage services at various top locations such as the west end of Princes Street and near Waverley Station. These storage facilities provide a convenient way for tourists to store their bags while they enjoy the city’s attractions.

Security Guarantee

Radical Storage ensures the safety of stored belongings with its state-of-the-art security measures. Travellers can view their stored items through a secure online platform, offering peace of mind knowing that their luggage is in safe hands.

  • Pros:
    • Convenient storage options at key locations.
    • Secure facilities with advanced security measures.

Transportation Options

When travelling from Edinburgh Airport to the city centre, visitors can choose between various modes of transportation. These include buses, trams, taxis, and airport shuttles. The Airlink 100 bus service is a popular choice due to its direct route to the city centre.

Distance and Journey Time

The distance between Edinburgh Airport and the city centre is approximately 8 miles. The journey time varies depending on the chosen mode of transport, with buses taking around 30 minutes, taxis about 25 minutes, and trams approximately 35 minutes.

Airport Facilities

Travellers at Edinburgh Airport can benefit from a range of facilities and services. These include luggage storage options, shopping outlets, dining areas, currency exchange services, and car rental facilities. There are information desks available to assist passengers with any queries they may have.

Selecting Secure Luggage Facilities

Convenient Locations

When exploring Edinburgh’s main attractions, select secure luggage facilities near key sites for ease of access.

Variety of Options

Radical Storage partners offer a choice of storage solutions to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Secure your luggage at a local partner near landmarks or accommodation sites, ensuring convenient storage while you tour the city.

Booking Process

Book your preferred luggage storage facility through the Radical Storage website or app, providing a seamless reservation experience.

Select from various locations across the city, ensuring that your belongings are safely stored while you enjoy Edinburgh’s must-see spots.

Safeguarding Belongings at Waverley Station

Secure Storage

Opt for secure luggage storage facilities at Waverley Station to safeguard your belongings efficiently. These services offer a safe and monitored environment for your bags.

Peace of Mind

Ensuring the safety of your possessions at a bus station or train hub like Waverley Station is crucial for worry-free travel. With secure lockers, you can explore Edinburgh without concerns about your belongings.

Hassle-Free Travel

Storing your luggage securely at Waverley Station provides convenience and peace of mind during your visit to Edinburgh. Enjoy seamless travel experiences without the burden of carrying heavy bags around.

Exploring Edinburgh Castle and Royal Mile Bag-Free


Travellers can explore Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile without carrying bags, thanks to nearby luggage storage facilities. This service allows visitors to enjoy the museums, architecture, and history of these iconic landmarks freely.


Storing luggage at Radical Storage partners near Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile provides convenience for tourists. They can wander through the cobblestone streets and admire the medieval architecture without being weighed down by heavy bags.

Immersive Experience

Enjoying Haymarket Without the Hassle of Bags

Secure Storage

Store your bags safely at Haymarket Station to enjoy the shops, restaurants, and attractions hassle-free. With convenient luggage storage options available, you can explore the area without being weighed down.

Bounce Back

Take advantage of luggage storage services near Haymarket Station to drop off your items and make the most of your time in the vicinity. This allows you to shop, dine, or simply wander around without lugging your belongings along.

Convenient Options

Enjoy a stress-free travel experience by booking a secure locker at Haymarket to keep your belongings safe. These services often offer discounted prices for storing your luggage for a specific duration, ensuring a seamless visit.

Activities in Edinburgh for a Lighter Travel Experience

Explore Attractions

Edinburgh offers a plethora of attractions to explore, from the historic Edinburgh Castle to the vibrant Royal Mile. Take in the stunning views from Arthur’s Seat and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history at the National Museum of Scotland.

Discover Hidden Gems

Uncover hidden gems like Dean Village, a picturesque area with quaint cottages along the Water of Leith. Stroll through the charming streets of Stockbridge, known for its independent shops and lively atmosphere.

Enjoy Culinary Delights

Indulge in local cuisine at traditional pubs serving hearty Scottish dishes like haggis and whisky-infused desserts. Treat yourself to afternoon tea at elegant tearooms or sample street food at bustling markets like the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market.

Stay Active

Stay active during your trip by hiking up Calton Hill for panoramic views of the city or cycling along the scenic paths of Holyrood Park. Join a guided walking tour to learn about Edinburgh’s fascinating past and architecture.

Embrace Culture

Immerse yourself in cultural experiences by attending a performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. Visit art galleries showcasing local talent and explore the literary history of the city at places like The Writers’ Museum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to leave luggage in lockers at Edinburgh Airport?

Yes, the luggage storage facilities at Edinburgh Airport are secure and monitored. Lockers are available for short-term or long-term storage, providing a convenient option for travellers.

How can I travel from Edinburgh Airport to the city centre with luggage?

You can easily reach the city centre from Edinburgh Airport via various transportation options like tram, bus, or taxi. Each mode offers accessibility for passengers with luggage.

Are there secure luggage facilities at Waverley Station in Edinburgh?

Waverley Station in Edinburgh provides secure luggage storage facilities for travellers. These facilities offer a safe and convenient way to store your belongings while exploring the city.

Can I visit Edinburgh Castle and Royal Mile without carrying my bags?

Yes, you can explore Edinburgh Castle and Royal Mile without lugging your bags around by utilising nearby luggage storage services. This allows you to enjoy these iconic attractions unburdened.

What activities can I enjoy in Edinburgh for a lighter travel experience?

In Edinburgh, you can partake in various activities that don’t require heavy baggage, such as guided tours, visiting museums, enjoying local cuisine, or walking tours. Lighten your load and immerse yourself in the city’s culture effortlessly.

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