Is BMW Coming Back to Motability?

Motability, a programme designed to facilitate easier access to vehicles for disabled motorists, has seen continuous updates to its car offerings over the years. For enthusiasts of the German car manufacturer, BMW, the question arises whether the brand will make a return to the Motability scheme in 2023.

The exciting news is that BMW is indeed expected to introduce new models to the Motability programme next year. Among the anticipated models from the marque are the 2023 BMW 2 Series Coupe and the 2 Series Active Tourer. These vehicles aim to provide a perfect combination of luxury, performance, and practicality for eligible Motability customers.

With these offerings on the horizon, prospective Motability clients can expect more variety and choice when it comes to selecting their preferred vehicle under the scheme. BMW’s return to the Motability programme is a positive development for those seeking a blend of style, comfort, and driving pleasure in their mobility solution.

BMW and the Motability Scheme

Motability Scheme Overview

The Motability Scheme is a UK-based initiative that allows eligible disabled individuals to exchange their mobility allowance for a new car, complete with a comprehensive 3-year package for worry-free motoring. This scheme covers various costs, including insurance, servicing, and breakdown assistance, easing the lives of those with mobility difficulties.

BMW’s History with Motability

Historically, BMW had participated in the Motability Scheme, offering select models such as the BMW 1 Series 5 door and the X2 SUV for disabled customers. However, in 2021, the German manufacturer removed all their cars from the scheme.

Reason for BMW’s Absence

BMW withdrew from the Motability Scheme due to long waiting times for their vehicles. As these waiting times compromised the user experience for disabled customers, the brand opted to temporarily leave the scheme.

While the current situation is not clear, it’s essential to mention that BMW’s subsidiary, MINI, has continued to offer vehicles within the scheme. For example, in Q4 2022, the Mini Electric was available for order, with the Cooper S Level 2 priced at £1999 Advance Payment. The future of BMW’s involvement in the Motability Scheme for 2023 remains uncertain; however, it’s advised to keep an eye on any updates by the manufacturer or the Motability Scheme operators.

The Motability Scheme also incorporates a Managed Adaptations Programme for customers in need of special adaptations to their chosen vehicle. This programme ensures that any required modifications are completed by approved installers, reducing stress and workload for eligible individuals.

Overall, while BMW currently remains absent from the Motability Scheme, it’s essential to keep updated on any relevant developments about the brand’s potential return in 2023.

Possible BMW Models in the 2023 Motability Scheme

BMW 1 Series

The BMW 1 Series 5-door hatchback may be available through the 2023 Motability scheme, offering disabled customers a stylish and practical vehicle. This model features a sleek design and advanced technology, such as the iDrive infotainment system and an array of driver assistance features. You can find more information about BMW 1 Series availability in the Motability scheme here.

BMW 2 Series

The 2023 Motability scheme might include the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, which provides an elegant and sporty driving experience. The Gran Coupe offers a roomy interior with ample space for passengers and luggage, plus the latest connectivity and safety features. As for the 2 Series Coupe and 2 Series Active Tourer, their availability in the scheme is unconfirmed at the moment, but it’s worth keeping an eye on potential updates.

BMW 3 Series

While there is no specific mention of the BMW 3 Series in the search results, the possibility of this model being included in the 2023 Motability scheme shouldn’t be ruled out. The 3 Series is a popular luxury saloon, renowned for its blend of performance, comfort, and innovation. It would be worthwhile for interested customers to inquire with their local BMW dealer or monitor any changes in the Motability programme.

BMW X Models

The Motability scheme might feature various models from the BMW X range, including the X1, X2 SUV, and potentially the X3. The redesigned BMW X1 boasts fresh styling, a Curved Display for the digital driver instrument cluster, iDrive 8 operating system, and more, with all-wheel drive as standard. The X2 SUV is another option, offering a compact and versatile choice for Motability customers. Finally, the inclusion of the BMW X3 and other X models remains unconfirmed, but potential buyers should keep an eye on the programme’s updates and consult with their local dealer for more information.

Key Information for Potential BMW Motability Customers

Prices and Offers

As a Motability customer, you can exchange your Mobility Allowance for a new BMW, complete with a 3-year Motability package. This package offers affordable, worry-free, and all-inclusive motoring. Prices for the available BMW models may vary depending on specifications and additional features chosen. To give you an idea of what’s available, some of the BMW models available on the Motability scheme include the BMW 1 Series 5 door, the 2 Series Gran Coupe, and the X2 SUV.

Automatic and Manual Transmission Options

BMW provides a range of vehicles with both automatic and manual transmission options for Motability customers. It’s essential to consider your driving preferences and needs when selecting a vehicle, as this will impact your overall driving experience. Some drivers may prefer the control of a manual gearbox, while others may opt for the ease of an automatic transmission.

Available Adaptations and Vehicle Customisation

BMW understands that different drivers may require specific adaptations to their vehicles. As a result, BMW offers a range of vehicle customisations for Motability customers. Some of the available adaptations include:

  • Hand controls for accelerator and brake
  • Left-foot accelerators
  • Steering wheel aids
  • Swivel seats for easy access
  • Wheelchair hoists
  • Customised pedals

Additionally, if you wish to add extra visual flair to your vehicle, you can opt for metallic paint options to enhance your car’s appearance.

In conclusion, when considering a BMW vehicle through the Motability scheme, it’s essential to research prices, offers, transmission options, and available adaptations to find the model that best suits your needs and preferences. By doing so, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable motoring experience.

Competing Models in the Motability Scheme


The Citroen brand offers a range of suitable vehicles for the Motability scheme. In 2023, they have introduced models like the Citroen Ami, a compact electric city car. Additionally, the 2023 Citroen e-C3 and e-C4 X provide eco-friendly driving experiences with their fully electric powertrains.


Abarth, the performance brand of Fiat, is planning to release the 2023 Abarth 500e, an electric version of the popular Fiat 500 model. This new model will offer distinct sporty styling and performance while remaining eligible for the Motability scheme.


As a luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz has made several models available for the Motability scheme. Their vehicle lineup features advanced technologies and sophisticated designs, attracting many customers who prefer high-quality motoring. Mercedes-Benz models included in the scheme range from hatchbacks to SUVs and everything in between.


Volvo is a Swedish car manufacturer known for its focus on safety and clean design. In recent years, they have become increasingly environmentally conscious, with many of their models offering hybrid and fully electric options. Volvo’s eligibility for the Motability scheme ensures that their range of vehicles satisfy a wider customer base.


Toyota, a well-established brand in the automotive industry, boasts an extensive lineup of cars for the Motability scheme. Their range includes hybrid and electric models, which cater to the green-conscious customer. Models like the hybrid Toyota Yaris and fully electric Toyota bZ4X SUV are examples of Toyota’s offerings for the scheme.


Dacia, known for their value-focused vehicles, is set to release the 2023 Dacia Spring EV, their first step into the electric vehicle market. This affordable electric car is expected to cater to the budget-conscious drivers who refuse to compromise on style and features.

Each of these car manufacturers offers a variety of models for the Motability scheme, providing customers with a wide range of choices to find their perfect vehicle. From fully electric options to luxurious finishes, the competition in the Motability scheme ensures an accessible and attractive platform for everyone.

Inclusion of Electric Vehicles in the 2023 Scheme

Benefits of Electric Vehicles for Motability Clients

Electric vehicles (EVs) have several advantages that make them suitable for Motability clients. Some benefits include:

  • Lower running costs: EVs typically have lower fuel and maintenance costs compared to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles, as they use electric powertrains, making them more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Environmental benefits: EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air and helping to tackle climate change.
  • Quieter rides: Electric vehicles tend to be much quieter than combustion engine cars, providing a more comfortable and peaceful driving experience.
  • Accessibility: Many electric vehicle models have been designed with easy access in mind, offering features like step-free entry, larger door openings, and practical interiors.

Potential Electric BMW Models

Several BMW electric models could be potential candidates for the Motability 2023 Scheme. These include:

  • BMW i4: Based on the BMW 3-series, the all-electric i4 sedan offers a 300-mile range and promises a luxurious driving experience. It is also available in a high-performance M50 version with 536 horsepower, combining performance with eco-friendly features.
  • BMW i7: The BMW i7 is expected to be the all-electric variant of the flagship 7-series, combining luxury, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. Details are still under wraps, but it is anticipated to offer a spacious interior, making it ideal for Motability clients.

Additionally, the BMW iX has been mentioned as a potential contender. This all-electric crossover combines the features of an SUV with the versatility of a smaller vehicle, making it agile, spacious, and a potentially suitable choice for the Motability Scheme.

While not all models have been confirmed for inclusion in the 2023 Motability Scheme, the above options showcase BMW’s commitment to offering a diverse range of appealing electric vehicles. As the future of automotive technology shifts towards electric powertrains, the introduction of these models in the Motability Scheme could be a significant and beneficial development for Motability clients.

Additional Benefits and Services for Motability Customers

Insurance and Breakdown Cover

One of the key benefits of choosing a BMW through the Motability Scheme is the comprehensive insurance coverage for both the Motability customer and their named drivers1. This insurance protection ensures worry-free motoring, as it covers any accidental damage, theft, and liability claims1. Additionally, the scheme includes full accident and breakdown cover, so customers can have peace of mind knowing that assistance will be available in case of an emergency2.

Maintenance and Servicing

The BMW Motability Scheme offers a fully inclusive maintenance and servicing package, which covers all the necessary work to keep the vehicle running smoothly3. This package includes routine servicing, as well as the replacement of consumable items like tyres, brake pads, and windscreen wipers3. Furthermore, the cost of any repairs or maintenance work is built into the Motability agreement, ensuring an affordable and hassle-free experience for customers3.

Named Drivers and Road Tax

As part of the Motability Scheme, BMW offers insurance coverage for up to two named drivers1. This means that if the Motability customer is unable to drive, a friend or family member can use the vehicle on their behalf1. Moreover, road tax is included in the agreement, helping customers save on the additional costs associated with vehicle ownership4.

In summary, the BMW Motability Scheme provides a range of valuable services and benefits, such as insurance and breakdown cover, maintenance and servicing, and support for named drivers and road tax. Each of these offerings contributes to a hassle-free and seamless motoring experience for Motability customers.

Eligibility and Payments for the Motability Scheme

Various Types of Allowance

To be eligible for the Motability Scheme, an individual must be in receipt of one of the following allowances:

It is important to note that only the mobility component of these allowances is used for leasing a vehicle on the Motability Scheme. The rest of the allowance remains unaffected.

Leasing a brand-new BMW through the Motability Scheme is possible once every three years and includes benefits such as car insurance, full accident and breakdown cover, and a 60,000-mileage allowance source.

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