How to Measure Your Laptop

When shopping for a laptop case or bag, it’s essential to measure it first. This will guarantee that it fits correctly and isn’t too heavy during travel.

First, you should purchase a standard tape measure. It will come with inch units, but you can easily convert it to other measurements if needed.

Measure the Screen

When shopping for a laptop case or bag, size is of paramount importance. After model and make, size should be your second priority when selecting an accessory.

To accurately measure your screen, take a tape measure and start at either the front left or right corner. Then, extend it diagonally towards the opposite corner (see image below).

When measuring a screen that’s still attached, don’t include the bezel area or any other border around the glass.

One common error people make when measuring their screens is adding in the bezel dimension, which can drastically change the size of the display.

Measuring your laptop screen diagonally from edge to edge provides an accurate measurement of its true inch size. This method is the most useful and precise way to gauge how big your display really is.

Measure the Height

When selecting a laptop case or bag, height is an essential factor to take into account. Make sure both the screen and rest of your machine are set at an ergonomic height so that you can work comfortably without straining neck or back.

To accurately measure the height of your laptop, close it completely and run a measuring tape along its top and bottom edges. Positioning the tape parallel to its shortest sides will give you better accuracy when measuring.

To measure the depth of your laptop, place one end of a measuring tape on a flat surface. Using a ruler or other measurement tool, stretch it until its thickest side and record the readings.

Your monitor’s depth in inches is displayed. You may need to convert these measurements to other units, such as centimeters, if needed.

Measure the Width

When selecting a case or bag for your laptop in the United Kingdom, make sure it is wide enough to accommodate without being too tight. Doing this will guarantee your laptop is well protected against bumps and scratches as you transport it around.

Measure the width of your laptop using a tape measure. Make sure the tape is held straight for an accurate reading; alternatively, you could use either a standard tape measure or use a ruler to determine its width.

When shopping for a laptop sleeve or case, height is key. Make sure your laptop is closed while taking this measurement in order to avoid any mistakes. With this info, you can select an accessory that properly fits your device.

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