How Much Do Dentures Cost Privately in the UK?

Dentures are a secure and dependable solution to replacing missing teeth. Made from plastic or acrylic, dentures can be tailored to look natural.

They’re also an economical option and can last several years when properly taken care of. But if they become loose or worn, it could cause discomfort and impact how you speak or eat.

The cost of dentures

The cost of dentures can vary considerably, depending on the dental practice, materials used and time required for production. Regardless of whether you select NHS dentures or private dentures from UK dentists, it’s essential that you comprehend all costs before making a final decision about your treatment plan.

Dentures are an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth, but they must be carefully cared for and maintained if you want them to last long-term. Daily cleaning and nightly soaking in salt water will significantly extend the life of your dentures.

Private dentists tend to charge more for dentures than the NHS, however these patients have access to more advanced models that promote health and improve quality of life.

Complete dentures

Dentures are an effective and reliable solution for replacing missing teeth. They’re custom-made to fit the shape of your mouth, giving them a natural-looking and feeling feel.

Private dentists in the UK charge different prices for complete dentures depending on the techniques, materials used and number of teeth being replaced. Private dentures tend to be pricier than NHS dentures as they’re made with higher quality components.

Dentures can improve oral function, boost confidence and restore your smile. They may also prevent future dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

These dentures offer greater durability compared to cold cured temporary dentures and also resist stains and odors.

Dentures can last for several years if taken care of and checked out by your dentist regularly. Unfortunately, over time the bone and gums surrounding them will shrink, leading to infections, sores, and difficulty eating or speaking.

Partial dentures

Dentures are an integral part of a healthy smile, helping you to eat comfortably and speak clearly. Additionally, dentures can restore the natural shape of your mouth.

If you are missing one or more teeth, your dentist may suggest a partial denture as an alternative to a bridge. Partial dentures consist of either plastic or metal bases that attach to the upper portion of the denture.

Dentures that come in partials or sets are much cheaper than full dentures and typically look better and last longer.

The cost of partial dentures will depend on your dental requirements and the materials they’re made from. The more budget-friendly options tend to be acrylic, while higher priced options can be cast from metal or porcelain.

Dentures can be an effective solution if you’ve lost a tooth, but they may not suit everyone. For those seeking a more permanent solution, dental implants may be your best bet.


When it comes to dental bridges, you have several materials and designs to choose from. A fixed bridge is usually the most cost-effective solution for replacing one or two missing teeth; on the other hand, implant-supported solutions offer a much more durable solution.

Private dentists often charge a hefty price for dental bridges, but with insurance you can make it much more accessible. A single tooth bridge typically ranges in cost from £250 – £800, while implant-supported solutions start around £3,500.

If you’re searching for the ideal way to restore your smile, a quality private dental practice in your area is your ideal destination. Here, they offer all types of treatments from routine checkups and hygienist visits to more complex procedures like veneers, implants or dentures at affordable prices. The ideal dentists will take time to understand individual needs and work with you towards making each experience an enjoyable one.

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