How Much Are Hearing Aids From Specsavers?

If you’re thinking of purchasing hearing aids in the United Kingdom, you may be curious about their cost. Specsavers has one of the country’s largest selections of hearing aid stores and their prices are competitively low.

Hearing aids, unlike glasses which correct vision impairment, don’t provide instantaneous improvement. It may take some time for your brain to adjust to the amplified sound, so you may require multiple visits with an audiologist in order to achieve full benefit from them.


Are you thinking about purchasing hearing aids and wondering how much they cost? Prices can vary between retailers, so it’s wise to compare prices before making a final decision.

Specsavers offers everyday low prices, so there’s no need to worry about overpaying for your new devices. Plus, they provide a four-year warranty and 90-day satisfaction period which far surpasses the industry standard.

They offer a selection of hearing aids from their own brand, Specsavers Advance Star, as well as top brands like ReSound, Phonak and Signia. You may also select your top-of-the-range product from their online store.

If you’re uncertain whether hearing aids are suitable for you, Specsavers offer a free hearing test so that you know what to expect. After that, an audiologist can help determine the most suitable device based on your requirements; it’s wise to start with a more basic model and upgrade if needed.


Specsavers hearing aids are an affordable solution to help enhance your quality of life. Plus, they come with a free 60-day trial period so that you can try them before you buy.

Specsavers also has an engaging campaign called Lost and Found that illustrates that everyone experiences hearing loss differently. Whether you’re struggling with high notes or lows, their expert audiologists can help find the right hearing aid for you.

With such a comprehensive offering of benefits, it’s no wonder they are one of the leading private suppliers of digital hearing aids in the UK.

All Specsavers hearing aids come with lifetime aftercare and you can choose from a range of styles to suit your needs. For instance, you can opt for discrete, instant-fit or custom made versions – even invisible hearing aids which fit deep within the ear canal! Furthermore, Specsavers provides free hearing healthcare home visits.


Specsavers hearing aids come in an assortment of styles. These include in-the-ear (ITE), behind the ear (BTE) and slim receiver-in-canal (RIC).

ITE hearing aids are the most popular type of hearing aid, fitting directly into the ear canal for a discreet look that’s less noticeable than other styles.

BTE hearing aids sit behind the ear and deliver sound directly into your ear canal through a tube. They are reliable and suitable for all levels of hearing loss.

These devices may be beneficial for individuals with vision or dexterity issues.

CIC (Completely in-canal) hearing aids are the smallest and least noticeable type of hearing aids; they fit completely inside your ear canal with a small string that allows for easy removal.

They provide a discreet option for people with severe hearing losses, and their rechargeable nature allows for on-the-go usage.


Specsavers boasts one of the widest selections of hearing aids you’ll find anywhere. Their styles range from basic to complex, accommodating all budgets and needs; plus their knowledgeable staff is available to assist you in making an informed decision that meets your individual requirements.

They offer a wealth of services and features to maximize your return on investment. For instance, if you’re shopping for hearing aids and want an easy trial period before making a decision on which device works best for you, they offer free trial periods so you can try them out firsthand.

You can take advantage of their excellent customer service through their hearing aid phone number and email address. Their support team is available 24/7 to answer all questions or concerns you may have, even going above and beyond to assist with special requests. For further information and helpful hints, you can check out their website for additional resources.

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