Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator with Seat and Backrest




Helavo Heavy Duty All Terrain Walker

Key Features

The Helavo Heavy Duty All Terrain Walker, a strong rollator, boasts a wide comfort seat, perfect for taking comfortable breaks during long walks. The Helavo Slide-System allows for effortless height adjustment, catering to individual preferences without hassle.

With the Big Transport Basket included, storing personal belongings, bags, and walking equipment while on the go becomes convenient and practical. The heavy-duty rollator’s clip-on cup holder ensures you can securely carry your favorite beverages wherever you roam.

For outdoor adventures, the leakproof rubber tires, wheels provide stability and durability on various types of terrain. The 360-degree rotating front wheels make maneuvering effortless, enhancing overall mobility and ease of use.

Supports up to 500 lbs for enhanced stability and durabilityYes
Ideal for users requiring a high weight capacityYes
Ensures safe and secure mobility for heavier individualsYes
Product Dimensions77 x 72 x 99 cm; 9.07 kg
Item model numberH1150
Weight Capacity500 lbs
Superior Backrest-System with height adjustment and extra padded, breathable fabricYes
Clip-On Cup Holder for carrying beveragesYes
Outdoor leakproof rubber tires for all types of ground with 360-degree rotating front wheelsYes
Exclusive Designed Helavo Handles for maximum support and comfortYes
Wide Comfort Seat for guaranteed comfortable breaksYes
Helavo Slide-System for effortless height adjustmentYes
Big Transport Basket for storing belongingsYes
Simple step-by-step assembly instruction providedYes

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Adjustable backrest system for personalised comfort. Extra padded, breathable fabric for added support. Offers superior back support with height customization.

This heavy-duty bariatric rollator, a type of mobility walking equipment, boasts an impressive weight capacity of 500 lbs, providing robust support for individuals requiring extra stability and strength. The adjustable backrest system ensures personalised comfort, catering to individual needs effortlessly.

The extra-padded, breathable fabric not only offers added support but also enhances overall comfort during extended use. The superior back support, combined with height customization options, ensures optimal posture alignment and reduces strain on the body.

Superior Backrest-System with Height Adjustment

Convenient cup holder attachment for easy beverage transport. It securely clips on for hands-free carrying, perfect for keeping drinks within reach while on the move.

The backrest-system with height adjustment offers exceptional comfort and adaptability. The extra padding and breathable fabric provide a luxurious seating experience.

Adjusting the backrest height is effortless, ensuring optimal support tailored to individual needs. Whether taking a short break or needing extended rest, the adjustable feature enhances overall comfort.

For individuals seeking a rollator that prioritizes both functionality and comfort, this superior backrest-system is ideal. It caters to varying preferences and requirements, making it versatile for different users, aiding in height adjustments with wheels.

Clip-On Cup Holder

The durable rubber tyres of this rollator ensure smooth mobility on various terrains. With leakproof performance, it’s perfect for outdoor use, providing stability and reliability. Whether on gravel paths or smooth pavements, the cup holder securely carries your beverages, keeping you refreshed during walks.

Outdoor Leakproof Rubber Tyres

The ergonomically designed handles on this rollator provide exceptional support, ensuring a comfortable grip for extended use. The exclusive Helavo handles not only offer superior comfort but also enhance the overall user experience. With these features, users can navigate various terrains with ease and confidence, aided by the height.

The outdoor leakproof rubber tyres are a game-changer, providing stability and durability on all types of ground surfaces. Whether you’re strolling through the park or running errands in town, these tyres offer a smooth and secure ride. The 360-degree rotating front wheels aid in the manoeuvrability and height of the rollator, making it effortless to navigate tight spaces.

Ensuring a comfortable grip for extended periods of use is essential for those who rely on mobility aids like rollators. The outdoor leakproof rubber tyres on this model not only provide reliable traction but also contribute to a more pleasant walking experience overall. Their ability to handle different surfaces makes them a versatile choice for individuals seeking both comfort and functionality.

Exclusive Designed Helavo Handles

Consider the weight capacity when choosing a rollator. Look for adjustable features like backrest and handle height to ensure maximum comfort and support. Prioritize durable tyres for outdoor use and stability, providing a smooth walking experience on various terrains.

The Exclusive Designed Helavo Handles offer exceptional support and comfort, making it easier to manoeuvre the rollator with ease. The ergonomic design reduces strain on the hands and wrists, ideal for individuals requiring extra assistance while walking. The padded handles provide a comfortable grip, enhancing overall stability.

I found the Helavo Handles particularly beneficial during long walks, as they helped alleviate pressure on my hands and provided a secure grip. The adjustability of the handles, ensuring a personalized fit for height, catered to my specific needs. Whether navigating through crowded spaces or enjoying outdoor strolls, the Helavo Handles offered reliable support.

Buying Guide

When considering a heavy-duty rollator, it is crucial to focus on the weight capacity. The Helavo Heavy Duty All Terrain Walker boasts a weight capacity of 500 lbs, ensuring sturdy support for users.

The superior backrest-system with height adjustment and extra padded fabric provides exceptional comfort and adaptability. This feature is vital for those who require varying levels of back support throughout the day.

A clip-on cup holder may seem like a small detail, but it offers convenience for carrying beverages while on the go. Whether enjoying a stroll in the park or running errands, having a secure place for your drink is essential.

Outdoor leakproof rubber tires are a standout feature, allowing smooth navigation on all types of terrain. From bumpy sidewalks to gravel paths, these tires ensure stability and safety during outdoor activities.

Exclusive Designed Helavo Handles offer maximum support and comfort, reducing strain on hands and wrists during extended use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight capacity of the Helavo Heavy Duty All Terrain Walker?

The Helavo Heavy Duty All Terrain Walker has a weight capacity of 500 lbs, making it suitable for users requiring extra support and stability.

How does the Superior Backrest-System benefit users?

The Superior Backrest-System on the walker offers maximum comfort and adjustable features, providing excellent support for users during long walks or breaks.

Are the rubber tyres of the walker suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, the outdoor leakproof rubber tyres are designed to handle all types of ground, ensuring a smooth and stable walking experience even on rough terrains.

What are the benefits of the Exclusive Designed Helavo Handles?

The Exclusive Designed Helavo Handles offer maximum support and comfort to users, reducing strain on hands and wrists while providing a secure grip for added stability.

Does the Helavo Heavy Duty All Terrain Walker come with assembly instructions?

Yes, simple step-by-step assembly instructions are provided with the walker, making it easy for users to set up their rollator quickly and efficiently.

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