Grants For Furniture and Carpets

In the United Kingdom, low income families have grant options available to help furnish your home. These may include grants for carpets, white goods and furniture.

These can either be free or you may receive payment in cash. They can be used for buying new or pre-owned items and paid back over time.

Glasspool Trust

People on low incomes in the United Kingdom can access assistance with furniture and carpets if they’re having difficulty affording them. This could be because you’re moving into a new home and need to start from zero, or things have broken down and you don’t have enough money for replacements.

Grants for furniture and carpets can be found through the Glasspool Trust, a charity that offers grants to those in need. Their mission is to assist those facing hardship and distress.

This charity provides small one-off grants to those on low incomes with no restrictions. It is a national charity that funds household essentials like furniture, clothing, baby needs, educational computer requirements and specialist disability equipment.

Greggs Foundation

The Greggs Foundation is a grant making charity connected to bakery chain Greggs Plc. Each year it awards around PS3 million in grants to organizations that improve living conditions within local communities.

The foundation is managed by seven staff members and overseen by a board of trustees, founded in 1987 with the mission to address poverty and inequality, ensure food is at the centre of communities, and support local community organisations to make an impact.

Their Hardship Fund provides grants to those struggling to pay rent, mortgage or utility bills. Grants can be used for household equipment like cookers, fridge freezers and clothing – making a real difference in someone’s life.

Family Fund

If you’re having difficulty affording furniture or carpets for your home, there are a number of organizations in the United Kingdom that provide grants. These can be especially beneficial to people on benefits or low incomes who may not have enough money to purchase these items without assistance.

Grants for furniture and carpets are usually administered through a social worker, probation officer, or community care worker. These professionals provide families with the essentials to lead an enjoyable and rewarding life.

The Family Fund is a charity that offers grants for furniture and other necessities to families with disabled or seriously ill children up to age 18. Additionally, they assist low income households who require assistance paying their rent.


Turn2us is a national charity that assists those facing hardship by providing financial assistance to get them back on their feet. They offer information and guidance about welfare benefits, grants and other forms of assistance through their website and freephone helpline.

They are a registered charity in the United Kingdom.

Their services include a Benefits Calculator to identify any entitlements you may be eligible for and Grant Search tool to discover which charitable funds are available in your region.

Recently, they conducted a review of their Grants Search tool which provides access to grants from over 1,500 charities. Unfortunately, this assessment revealed both systemic and interpersonal racism within the system.

Local councils

If you have a low income or need furniture and appliances, your local council could provide grants. Each council has different eligibility criteria so be sure to reach out directly in order to find out if they can assist.

Local authorities across the UK provide a variety of services that impact people’s lives, from transport to waste collections. Additionally, they oversee planning and are the main providers of social housing.

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