Free Stuff For Seniors Over 65 in the UK

Free Stuff For Seniors Over 65 UK 2023

In the UK, there is a wealth of freebies and discounts available to people over 65. Unfortunately, recent research has revealed that an alarmingly high number of older adults are neglecting these opportunities.

Unclaimed savings could be costing them thousands of dollars each year. Here are the best methods for claiming them.

Free bus travel

If you’re over 65 and live in the UK, then you could potentially qualify for a free bus pass / bus travel. These passes are issued by local councils and can be used on buses throughout England or Wales.

The Older Person’s Travel Pass offers free bus travel in England to those over state pensionable age or with disabilities after 9:30am Monday-Friday and all day on weekends and bank holidays, operated by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM).

One month prior to your eligibility date, you can apply for an older person’s bus pass online or in person. We’ll post the pass directly to you. In order to do so, please provide proof of age and residency (such as a passport-sized photo).

Free gas safety check

If you’re over 65, a free gas safety check from your energy supplier or local authority is available to keep you secure and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and explosions in your home.

A gas safety check can save you money on your bills. A qualified Gas Safe registered engineer will verify that all appliances such as your boiler and gas fire are working correctly, helping to avoid hazardous scenarios like carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks.

Free eye tests

In the UK, everyone aged 60 or over can access free prescriptions and NHS eye tests. Depending on your individual situation, you may even qualify for help with dental treatment costs as well. Free NHS dental treatment People who receive the pension guarantee credit can be eligible for free dental treatment too. But you’ll need to have signed up for Pension Credit in order to get it.

If you are over 65 and having trouble seeing, it’s wise to get your eyes checked out. You can determine if you qualify for a free test by speaking to an optician or visiting the NHS website.

Free handyperson service

Your local council’s free handyperson service can be a lifesaver. Not only do they provide home energy checks and DWP benefits checks for free, but Thames Water discounts as well. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even build you some flat pack furniture or two!

Signing up for the service only takes 10 minutes and you can expect a callout within two hours of your phone ringing. Most of these services are based in Salford, but they operate throughout much of northern England.

Free garden club membership

If you’re a gardener at heart or simply enjoy exploring your local park or greenspace, then local council freebies may have caught your attention. In exchange for some money-saving vouchers, they offer free horticultural advice (or at least a leaflet), free garden show tickets, discounted membership to RHS gardens and even free magazines! Keeping up with the latest gardening trends and innovations will keep you at the top of your game long into the future.

Free prescriptions

If you’re over 65 and living in the UK, you may qualify for free prescriptions if you meet certain criteria or possess a medical exemption. However, the Government is currently consulting on changes that would align the upper age exemption for NHS prescription charges with State Pension age (SPA).

Many in their 60s who are economically active and more able to afford prescriptions may find this burdensome. Additionally, those caring for family or disabled friends may have additional responsibilities which prevent them from working.

Free supermarket discount

Britain is facing an increasing cost-of-living crisis, so many supermarkets are offering discounts for people over 65 to help offset rising expenses. Iceland, for instance, gives free stuff for seniors over 60 a 10% discount on their shopping every Tuesday.

This offer is valid at all of The Food Warehouse branches and all of its stores, making it a great way to save on weekly groceries. Simply bring proof of age (such as a driving license or senior bus/rail card) to receive the discount and take advantage of this great offer

Pension Credit

Pension Credit is a financial benefit offered by the government to low-income seniors over 65. It ensures that their income does not fall below a minimum level. Eligible seniors can receive additional financial support through Pension Credit, which may also provide access to other benefits, such as free TV licenses.

Free TV Licence

Previously, all seniors over 75 in the UK were entitled to a free TV licence. However, as of August 2020, the policy changed, and only those reached state pension age or receiving Pension Credit are eligible for this perk. For those who qualify reach state pension age, this benefit ensures uninterrupted access to television, saving money on entertainment costs.

Winter Fuel Payment scheme If you or a member of your household are over 65, you are eligible for financial support towards your winter energy costs. The UK government provides eligible households with between £150-£300 tax-free to help cover the cost of heating your household between November and December.

Discounts for Over 60s

Various retailers and service providers in the UK offer discounts exclusively for individuals aged 60 and above. These discounts cover a wide range of products and services, from groceries and clothing to travel and leisure activities. Seniors should always ask about age-related discounts whenever they make purchases or book services to enjoy substantial savings.

Senior Membership and Health & Fitness Discounts

Numerous gyms, leisure centers, and health clubs offer discounted or senior discounts on memberships, enabling seniors to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle at a fraction of the regular cost. Regular exercise can significantly improve physical and mental well-being, and with these discounts, seniors can embrace fitness without breaking the bank.

Save Money on Travel

Aside from the free bus pass, there are other travel-related discounts available for seniors. National Rail offers Senior Railcards, providing a third off all other rail fares for rail travel within the UK for seniors over 60. Additionally, many airlines, cruise lines, and travel agencies offer special senior fares, making vacations more affordable for older travelers.

Cultural and Leisure Discounts

Seniors can also take advantage of discounted tickets or free travel to museums, theaters, cinemas, and other cultural attractions. Many venues offer concessions for seniors, allowing them to explore the country’s rich heritage and enjoy recreational activities without spending a fortune.

Discounted Cinema Tickets

For seniors over 60 who enjoy the magic of the silver screen, there’s great news – discounted cinema tickets are widely available throughout the UK. Many major cinema chains, as well as independent theaters, offer special concession prices best discounts for seniors, making movie-going a more affordable and enjoyable experience.

These discounted tickets often come at a fraction of the regular admission price, allowing seniors to stay up-to-date with the latest films without overspending. Additionally, some cinemas may offer senior discount specific days or times when seniors can enjoy even deeper discounts. All you need to do is present your proof of age, such as a driver’s license or passport, when purchasing your ticket.

Going to the cinema can be a wonderful social activity, and seniors can take advantage of this opportunity to spend time with friends, family, or meet new people in their community. It’s also a chance to experience a variety of genres, from heartwarming dramas to action-packed blockbusters, and stay connected to popular culture.

Annual Senior Memberships

Annual senior memberships provide a fantastic way for older individuals to access numerous leisure facilities, attractions, and events at a discounted price. Many leisure centers, museums, art galleries, and botanical gardens offer these memberships tailored to seniors over 60, providing them great discounts and unlimited access for a fixed fee.

These memberships often come with a host of benefits beyond admission, such as as exclusive discounts :

Priority Booking: Senior members may enjoy priority booking for popular events, exhibitions, or workshops, ensuring they can secure their spots for activities they’re interested in.

Exclusive Events: Some venues organize exclusive events for their senior members, creating opportunities for socializing and meeting like-minded individuals.

Discounts on Facilities: Beyond free entry, these memberships might offer discounts on on-site cafes, gift shops, or additional services offered by the venue.

Special Tours: Some museums and galleries arrange special guided tours exclusively for senior members, providing deeper insights into the exhibits and collections.

Free Parking: In certain cases, senior memberships travel discounts may include free or discounted parking, making visits to the venue more convenient and cost-effective.

Having an annual senior membership opens up a world of exploration and enrichment, allowing seniors to engage with art, culture, and history, or participate in physical activities like swimming or fitness classes without worrying about individual entry fees. It promotes an active and intellectually stimulating lifestyle, and the financial savings can be substantial, especially for those who frequently visit such venues.

Discounted cinema tickets and annual senior memberships offer fantastic opportunities for seniors over 60 in the UK to enjoy their leisure time and stay engaged with the community. Going to the cinema not only provides entertainment but also fosters social connections, while annual senior memberships grant unlimited access to a range of attractions and facilities. By taking advantage of these discounted options, seniors can lead fulfilling lives during their golden years without compromising their finances. It’s a chance to embrace new experiences, stay active, and remain connected with the vibrant world around them. So, whether it’s enjoying a film with friends or exploring museums and gardens, these perks make it all the more accessible and enjoyable for our cherished seniors.


Seniors over 60 in the UK are entitled to a range of freebies and discounts that can greatly enhance their quality of life during retirement. From free bus travel and bus passes to health and fitness, shopping discounts and reduced admission to cultural events, there are numerous ways for seniors to save money and enjoy their golden years to the fullest. Taking advantage of these perks not only provides financial relief but also fosters a sense of appreciation and recognition for the invaluable contributions seniors have made to society throughout their lives . So, if you or someone you know is a senior over 60, make sure to explore these opportunities (free stuff for seniors over 65 uk)

and embrace the benefits that come with this well-deserved stage of life.

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