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Electric wheelchairs have revolutionised the way people with mobility challenges navigate the world. They offer freedom and independence, making it easier for individuals to move and perform daily activities without assistance. Within this growing market, lightweight electric wheelchairs have emerged as an increasingly popular choice due to their easy manoeuvrability, compactness, and user-friendliness.

One specific type of lightweight electric wheelchair, the folding electric wheelchair, offers the added benefit of easy transportation and storage. These chairs have a collapsible frame that can be quickly and conveniently folded, making them the perfect solution for those who travel frequently or have limited storage space at home. Moreover, these folding electric wheelchairs are designed with transportability in mind, as most, lightweight powerchairs can be rolled or manoeuvred even while folded, further simplifying the process of moving them in and out of vehicles or other tight spaces.

When choosing the right lightweight electric wheelchair, key factors to consider include the chair’s weight capacity, the battery life, and ease of folding. Additionally, it is crucial to examine the quality of the components, as well as the overall durability and sturdiness of the chair. Some users might also be interested in the availability of customisable features and accessories to meet their specific needs and preferences.

We meticulously evaluated an extensive range of lightweight electric wheelchairs to pinpoint the most efficient, user-friendly, and durable folding options on the market. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top contenders and guide you through the essential features and considerations to help you make a well-informed decision.

Best Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs Folding

We have carefully curated a list of the best lightweight electric wheelchairs folding on the market to help you make an informed decision and find the perfect mobility solution for your needs.

Angel Mobility Electric Power Lightweight Aluminium Folding Wheelchair

Angel Mobility Electric Wheelchair

This Angel Mobility Electric Wheelchair is a game-changer for those looking for a comfortable and portable powerchair for everyday use.


  • Lightweight and easy to fold for transport or storage
  • Puncture-proof tyres and heavy-duty suspension for a smooth ride
  • Comfortable padded seat with memory foam and adjustable backrest


  • Some users report tipping over on uneven surfaces
  • Maximum user weight limit of 120 kgs / 18 stone
  • Driving range of up to 10 miles may be limiting for some users

We recently tested the Angel Mobility Electric Power Lightweight Aluminium Folding Wheelchair and were impressed by its portability and ease of use. The folding mechanism is quick and simple, allowing us to pack up and store the chair within seconds.

Out and about, we found the puncture-proof tyres and heavy-duty suspension provided a stable and comfortable ride. The padded seat with memory foam and adjustable backrest added extra comfort during our outings.

However, it’s essential to be cautious when manoeuvring on uneven surfaces. Some users have reported tipping over on poorly maintained pavements, so we recommend staying aware of your surroundings and taking extra care.

One aspect of the Angel Mobility Electric Wheelchair to consider is the maximum user weight limit of 120 kgs / 18 stone. If you are close to or exceed this limit, you may need to explore alternative options.

Additionally, with a driving range of up to 10 miles, the wheelchair may not be suitable for those planning extended trips or requiring extended daily use.

Overall, the Angel Mobility Electric Power Lightweight Aluminium Folding Wheelchair is a versatile and comfortable powerchair perfect for those looking to enhance their ability for their daily mobility. However, it’s essential to be cautious on uneven surfaces and consider its limitations based on your individual needs.

UELEGANS Deluxe Electric Wheelchair

UELEGANS Deluxe Electric Wheelchair

The UELEGANS Deluxe Electric Wheelchair is a top choice for those seeking a lightweight, foldable, and comfortable wheelchair with impressive battery life.


  • Comfortable and breathable cushioning
  • Long battery life up to 23km
  • Easy-to-use intelligent direction controller


  • Manual measurements may have errors
  • Slight colour difference between device and display
  • Performance varies depending on user’s weight and road conditions

During our time with the UELEGANS Deluxe Electric Wheelchair, we found it to be exceptionally comfortable due to its ergonomically designed cushions, seat, and leg straps. The double-layer bee net fabric enhances breathability, making it a fresh and convenient wheelchair to use.

The high-rate battery pack is a standout feature, offering a brilliant battery life of up to 23km. The dual-control, dual-motor drive system provides reliable power and low energy consumption, even when climbing uphill. We had no issues navigating our surroundings using the intelligent direction controller, which rotates 360° for easy manoeuvrability.

This electric wheelchair’s folding mechanism is a significant advantage. It can be folded in a mere 3 seconds, making it easily transportable like a suitcase. It was effortless to store it in the car boot, and the convenience of taking it on flights was a bonus.

While using the UELEGANS Deluxe Electric Wheelchair, we did notice some potential downsides. The manual measurements provided for the product could have some errors, and there is a slight colour difference between the device and display. Additionally, the performance of the wheelchair may be affected by the user’s weight, road conditions, and battery usage.

Overall, we highly recommend the UELEGANS Deluxe Electric Wheelchair for those needing a lightweight, foldable, comfortable, and long-lasting battery-powered wheelchair.

XHY Electric Folding Wheelchair

XHY Electric Wheelchair

We believe this electric wheelchair is suitable for those seeking a lightweight and foldable option despite some design flaws.


  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Easy folding mechanism
  • Removable battery for convenient charging


  • Some design shortcomings
  • Concerns about stability
  • Uncertainty regarding delivery of batteries

The XHY folding lightweight wheelchair is crafted from aluminium, making it a great option for those in need of easy manoeuvrability. We found its folding mechanism to be quick and efficient, enabling us to open and fold the chair within one second. This feature greatly simplifies storage and transport. Another useful aspect is the removable battery – allowing us to charge it separately and minimise downtime.

However, we did notice a few design issues, such as the control cable being in a position where it can be crushed by the scissor action of the frame. Although one can splice it back together, as the manufacturer suggested, it does pose a concern. Additionally, we felt slightly less safe compared to using a heavier wheelchair model. Despite its lighter weight, we expected more stability for our peace of mind.

Finally, we came across some delivery inconsistencies, specifically with the batteries. The seller later sent the batteries, albeit in a drone box, but it’s vital to confirm the inclusion of all necessary components before purchasing. Overall, the XHY Electric Folding Wheelchair is a viable option for those seeking a lightweight chair, but one should be cautious of design flaws and potential delivery issues.

Chair 14KG Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Chair 14KG Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The Chair 14KG Lightweight Electric Wheelchair is worth considering for its compact design and dual mode, but keep in mind its limited battery life.


  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Dual mode – electric or manual
  • 360° joystick for easy driving


  • Limited battery life (20km max)
  • Potential quality control issues
  • Additional charges for international delivery

When we first started using the Chair 14KG Lightweight Electric Wheelchair, we appreciated how easy it was to fold and fit into the boot of our car. Its one-button folding feature made it incredibly convenient for quick trips or travelling. The wheelchair was compact and lightweight, weighing only 14 kg.

We found the dual mode to be quite handy. If our wheelchair’s battery runs low, we could switch to manual wheelchair mode, allowing a caregiver to push the chair with less effort. The wheelchair has a 360° joystick for driving, which can be placed on either the left or right armrest. It provided smooth control over acceleration, deceleration, and turning.

On the downside, the battery life is limited to only 20 km, which may not be enough for some users. Additionally, we feel the need to mention some concerns about quality control: one user reported a failed rear wheel strut after three weeks of use. As for international customers, be aware that this product and price may come with delivery restrictions and potential extra charges.

Overall, the Chair 14KG Lightweight Electric Wheelchair is a decent option for those seeking a compact and easy-to-use wheelchair with dual mode capabilities. However, you should weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

ANBTUKJ Folding Electric Wheelchair

ANBTUKJ Folding Electric Wheelchair

We highly recommend the ANBTUKJ Folding Electric Wheelchair for its easy storage, smart operation, and comfort features.


  • Easily foldable and space-saving design
  • Dual control system for smarter operation
  • Comfortable and adaptable to different road surfaces


  • Heavier than some competing models
  • Limited customer reviews available
  • May not be suitable for longer distance use

We recently had the opportunity to use the ANBTUKJ Folding Electric Wheelchair, and we were thoroughly impressed with its easy-to-store and quick-folding design. It took up minimal space when not in use, and we could easily transport it in a car’s boot. The wheelchair is also airplane-friendly, making it convenient for travellers.

This electric wheelchair boasts a front and rear dual control system that is highly intuitive for users, offering precise control with its 360° pointing mechanism. The brake system is responsive, providing safety and stability, especially on inclines. You can adjust the controller to be on either side, depending on your preference.

Comfort and adaptability are essential in a wheelchair, and the ANBTUKJ model does not disappoint. Its powerful motor allows for smooth, efficient navigation on various road surfaces. The removable honeycomb cushion is convenient, as it is suitable for all seasons and can be easily replaced or washed. Additionally, the solid rubber tires ensure a comfortable, shock-absorbent experience on different terrains.

However, at 14.7 kilograms, this wheelchair is a bit heavier than other models in its category. Also, it has only a few customer reviews, making it difficult to gauge overall satisfaction. Lastly, the battery life is decent at around 10 kilometres per charge, but this may not be enough for someone who needs to travel longer distances.

In conclusion, we believe the ANBTUKJ Folding Electric Wheelchair is a reliable choice for seniors and disabled individuals who prioritise easy storage, smart operation, and comfort features. With its impressive design, you can trust this wheelchair to serve you well in your daily life.

Buying Guide

When looking for a lightweight electric wheelchair that folds, it’s essential to consider several factors to make sure it suits our needs and preferences. Let’s delve into the key features to keep in mind while evaluating available options.

Firstly, weight capacity is crucial, as it relates directly to the user’s safety and comfort. Ensure the wheelchair can support our body weight and take into account any extra baggage we might carry.

Next, assess portability. This includes the weight of the wheelchair itself and how easy it is to fold and unfold. Some models of power chairs offer one-click folding mechanisms, which can be incredibly convenient for transportation. We should also gauge if it will fit in our vehicle or be easy to manoeuvre when folded.

The battery life and range of the electric wheelchair will determine how long we can use it before needing a recharge. We might want to look for a model with an easy-to-swipe battery or quick charging capabilities if we plan on using the wheelchair for extended periods.

Comfort matters when it comes to an electric wheelchair. We should check the seat cushioning and back support. Additionally, adjustable armrests and footrests can be desirable features for tailored comfort.

Consider the wheels and tyres when making a decision. The type and size of wheels will impact manoeuvrability and stability. Generally, large rear wheels provide better stability, while solid tyres require less maintenance than air-filled ones.

Finally, keep an eye out for additional features and accessories that might be useful or necessary. Options such as storage compartments, cup holders, USB charging ports, or headlights can significantly enhance our user experience.

Remember, by evaluating these features thoroughly and comparing different models, we will be able to select the perfect lightweight folding electric wheelchair for our lifestyle and needs.

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