Flow 2 Stairlift London

A flow 2 stairlift is one of the most effective and popular stairlifts in the UK. It offers a variety of benefits and is suited for many seniors’ homes.If you have been looking to get a flow 2 stairlift for your home, you can call us for a no-obligation quote.

Benefits of a Flow 2 Stairlift

The flow 2 stairlift is so popular in the UK for various reasons. Below we’ve explained some of the top reasons why it’s the preferred choice for many UK seniors.

Hassle-free installation – The installation of the Flow 2 Stairlift is hassle-free and fast compared to many other models. In most cases, the installation will be complete in just a few hours.

Remote controls + Joystick for easy control – Thanks to remote controls and an effortless-to-use joystick, you can easily control your stairlift.

High weight capacity – The flow 2 stairlift has a weight capacity of 125kg.
Different colours available – The flow 2 stairlift is available in different colours, so you can choose one that suits your home.

Suited For Narrow Stair Cases
Despite its large weight capacity of 125kg, the flow 2 stairlift is suited for narrow staircases. The reason for this is the dimensions and because the flow 2 stairlift is designed to fit into most UK staircases, which can often be relatively narrow.

Specifications of a Flow 2 Stairlift

Keep in mind that the specifications can be slightly different based on the exact model. However, below, we have given you a rough idea of the dimensions.
Inside width between your arms: 45-47cm
Top of the seat to ground distance: 45 – 58cm
Length from ground to top of footrest: 75cm
Full width when folded: 32-34cm
Distance between footrest to top of backrest: 92.3 cm
Distance between from ground to top of backrest: 10.45cm
Unfolded full width: 7.5cm

Frequently Asked Questions Around Flow 2 Stairlifts

We also covered some questions below that are commonly asked around flow 2 stairlifts. But if you have any others, please feel free to call us using the number above.

How Much Does a Flow 2 Stairlift Usually Cost?

A flow 2 stairlift will usually cost between £3000 to £5000, depending on the specific model and installation that is needed.

Does Medicare cover stairlifts?
In some cases, standard medicare can cover stairlifts. However, it’s a little hard to answer this question as it depends on why the stairlift is needed and the type of medicare. We have a page where we talk about stairlifts in a little more detail.

Can you rent a Stairlift?
Yes, you can rent stairlifts. Renting stairlifts is an ideal solution if you only temporarily need a stairlift. You can find more information about our stairlift rentals here.

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