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Alarm clocks are essential tools that help us start our day on time, and they come in various styles and features. For individuals who tend to sleep through regular alarms, extra loud alarm clocks offer a reliable solution to ensure they wake up when needed. These alarm clocks produce high-decibel sounds or even incorporate vibrations to effectively rouse even the heaviest sleepers.

The importance of an alarm clock cannot be overstated, and extra loud alarm clocks cater to specific needs like hearing impairments or deep sleepers. These clocks blend powerful audio output with additional features such as multiple alarms, vibration, and even bright lights, to make waking up an easier process.

When considering purchasing an extra loud alarm clock, it’s essential to pay attention to the sound level or decibel rating, which will determine its effectiveness in waking you up. Other factors, such as the clock’s design, ease of use, and additional features like vibration or light, should also be considered. These preferences may vary from person to person; therefore, selecting the right alarm clock will depend on individual needs.

After investing our time in extensive research and rigorous testing of various models, we are confident in presenting the top extra loud alarm clocks that ensure a swift and efficient wake-up call, perfect for those who struggle to rise with conventional alarms.

Best Extra Loud Alarm Clocks

We have compiled a list of the best extra loud alarm clocks available in the market. These alarm clocks are perfect for heavy sleepers, ensuring that you never oversleep again. Check out our top picks below.

ROCAM Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

ROCAM Alarm Clock

The ROCAM Alarm Clock is a game-changer for heavy sleepers, hard of hearing, and deaf individuals seeking a reliable and effective wake-up solution.


  • Powerful bed shaker and buzzer options
  • Dual alarm clock with big snooze button
  • Large display and adjustable brightness


  • Requires both AC power and batteries
  • Some durability concerns
  • USB charger may not function consistently

We recently tried the ROCAM Alarm Clock and found it ideal for individuals who struggle to wake up with traditional alarms. The combination of a powerful bed shaker and an extra-loud buzzer ensures even heavy sleepers rise and shine on time.

One feature that genuinely impressed us was the dual alarm clock with a big snooze button. This enables users to set two different alarms, perfect for couples with varying wake-up times or individuals requiring multiple alarms. Users have the option to snooze the alarm for an additional 9 minutes, providing some flexibility for those who prefer a gradual wake-up process.

The 7.5-inch large display with five adjustable brightness levels is easy on the eyes, catering to individuals with varying preferences and visual needs. Having the ability to adjust the brightness ensures the clock doesn’t disturb sleep while maintaining visibility when needed.

Though the ROCAM Alarm Clock requires an AC power supply for operation, it also requires two AAA batteries to maintain time and alarm settings. This might be an inconvenience for some users. Additionally, the USB charger might not function reliably and some concerns about the alarm’s long-term durability.

In conclusion, the ROCAM Alarm Clock is an excellent option for heavy sleepers, hard of hearing, or deaf individuals who require an efficient and effective wake-up solution. The powerful bed shaker, extra-loud buzzer, and dual alarm capabilities add significant value, overshadowing the few shortcomings.

Acctim Thunderbell Alarm Clock

Acctim Thunderbell Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is perfect for heavy sleepers who need a reliable and powerful wakeup call.


  • Extremely loud bell alarm
  • Luminous hands for easy nighttime readability
  • Built-in light and snooze features


  • Large size may not suit all preferences
  • Alarm setting accuracy could be improved
  • Plasticky appearance

We recently tested the Acctim Thunderbell Alarm Clock and found its loud bell alarm to be an excellent feature for heavy sleepers. The sound it emitted was strong enough to jolt us awake even on the lowest volume setting. With the hi-low volume control, it can be adjusted to accommodate different levels of sensitivity.

The luminous hands and built-in light are useful additions as they allowed us to read the time clearly during the night without needing to turn on any other lights. The snooze button proved to be convenient for those mornings when we required a few extra minutes of sleep.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider with this alarm clock. First, its size may not suit everyone’s preferences, as it measures 16W x 16H centimetres and could be considered bulky by some. Secondly, setting the alarm accurately is a bit challenging due to the size of the second hand. A shorter second hand and a longer alarm hand would have improved this aspect.

Lastly, the overall appearance may not please everyone, as it does have a plasticky look that may not suit certain styles of décor. Nonetheless, the Acctim Thunderbell Alarm Clock’s loud alarm and useful features make it a worthwhile option for those who have trouble waking up to more standard alarms.

ROCAM Extra Loud Alarm Clock

ROCAM Extra Loud Alarm Clock

The ROCAM Extra Loud Alarm Clock is a great choice for heavy sleepers and those who need a powerful wake-up call.


  • Super bed shaker and loud buzzer
  • 8.7-inch large mirror surface
  • Dual alarm clock and snooze function


  • The stand feels cheap
  • Wired connections may wear out quickly
  • Moderate battery backup without AC power

We recently tried the ROCAM Extra Loud Alarm Clock, and we have to say that it’s an impressive device. The 8.7-inch large LED screen on this digital clock doubles as a makeup mirror, providing clear visibility from a distance and a touch of style. Placing the clock on a bedside table, desk, or in the living room is easy due to its non-slip base.

The wake-up methods on this alarm clock cater to a variety of preferences. You can choose the super-strong bed shaker, buzzer, or a combination of the vibrator and buzzer. This makes it ideal for heavy sleepers, deaf individuals, and those who are hard of hearing. The volume is adjustable so that you can set it to your desired level.

An additional advantage of this alarm clock is its dual alarm and snooze functions. You can set two different alarms for yourself based on your schedule, or you and your partner can set individual alarms. The snooze button gives you an extra 9 minutes of sleep, and the alarm can be turned off for 24 hours or permanently.

The 7-level brightness setting and 12/24-hour mode add extra convenience. There’s also a USB charger port, which is handy if you need to charge your devices by the bedside. However, we found that the stand for this clock feels a little cheap, and the wired connections may wear out over time. Additionally, the battery backup is only moderate when not using AC power.

Overall, we believe the ROCAM Extra Loud Alarm Clock is an excellent investment for heavy sleepers and those requiring a powerful wake-up call.

Buying Guide

When looking for the perfect extra loud alarm clock, there are several factors to consider to ensure you find the one that suits your needs. We will walk you through the essential features to look out for in an extra loud alarm clock.

Volume Control: The main selling point of extra loud alarm clocks is their ability to produce a considerable amount of noise that can effortlessly wake up heavy sleepers or those with hearing impairments. Look for an alarm clock that offers a range of volume levels so you can find the perfect setting for your needs.

Vibration Options: Some extra loud alarm clocks come with a vibrating pad or bed shaker feature. This is particularly useful if you struggle with hearing or need a physical cue to wake up. Ensure the vibration intensity is adjustable to cater your preferences.

Snooze Function: A snooze button can be an essential feature for some people who may need a few extra minutes to get up in the morning. Check that your chosen alarm clock has an easily accessible snooze button and an adjustable snooze interval.

Display Visibility: The clock display should be easy to read, with adjustable brightness settings to help you see the time in all lighting conditions. A backlit display with large numbers and the option to dim at night is ideal.

Power Source: Extra loud alarm clocks come in both mains-powered and battery-operated options. Consider your preference and whether you need a backup power source in case of power outages or battery failure.

Extra Features: Some alarm clocks may offer added features like multiple alarm settings, nature sounds, or white noise options. Consider these extras if you believe they would enhance your waking experience or help you sleep better at night.

Choosing the best extra loud alarm clock is essential for anyone who struggles to wake up. Considering the factors listed above will ensure your alarm clock is tailored to your specific requirements.

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