DFDS Over 60 Discount Code




How to Redeem Your DFDS Discount

Efficient Redemption Process

To redeem your DFDS discount code, start by selecting your desired route and travel dates on the DFDS website. Then, proceed to the booking page where you can enter your discount code in the designated field.

Once you have entered the code, ensure it is applied correctly before making your payment. Double-check the final price to confirm that the discount has been successfully deducted from the total amount.

Smooth Booking Experience

For a seamless redemption process, make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with your discount code. Some codes may have specific requirements or restrictions that need to be met for successful redemption.

Benefits of DFDS Senior Discounts

Cost Savings

Senior discounts on DFDS ferry crossings offer significant cost savings for travellers aged 60 and above. By utilising these discounts, passengers can enjoy reduced fares, making their journeys more affordable.

Travellers can benefit from exclusive discounts on various routes, allowing them to explore different destinations at a lower cost. These discounted rates enable seniors to travel more frequently or extend their trips without exceeding their budget.

Enhanced Travel Experience

With DFDS senior discounts, travellers can enhance their overall travel experience by accessing discounted rates on cabins, meals, and onboard amenities. This not only makes the journey more economical but also adds value to the travel experience.

Booking Strategies for Maximised Savings

Advance Bookings

Plan your trips strategically by booking in advance to secure the best deals and exclusive offers. Many travel companies, including DFDS, offer discounts for early bookings.

Booking ahead not only guarantees you a spot on your preferred dates but also often comes with great savings. Take advantage of these promotions to save money on your next holiday or getaway.

Promotional Periods

Keep an eye out for promotional periods where companies like DFDS release coupon codes and promotional codes for additional discounts. During these times, you can snag excellent deals on various destinations.

Special Perks for Senior Travellers

Enhanced Comfort

Senior travellers can enjoy special offers tailored to their needs, ensuring a comfortable journey. With dedicated services for trips and holidays, passengers can relax and unwind.

Priority Services

Benefit from priority boarding and assistance with luggage on certain routes. This ensures a hassle-free experience, especially during peak travel times or busy city breaks.

Tailored Amenities

Seniors can access exclusive amenities onboard tailored to their preferences. From spacious seating areas to senior-friendly meal options, the service caters to the unique needs of older travellers.

Enhanced Communication

Stay connected with loved ones during your sea journey with improved phone and telegraph services. This ensures seamless communication throughout the trip, providing peace of mind for both seniors and their families.

Student Collaboration

Collaborate with students on board to enhance your travel experience. Engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and make new connections while crossing the seas.

Travel Hacks with DFDS Discounts

Effective Hacks

Utilise DFDS discounts by booking ferry crossings on off-peak days for the best deals. Combine codes with senior discounts for maximum savings.

Stay Updated

Regularly check the website for discount codes, especially around holidays or special events. Sign up for newsletters to receive exclusive offers.

Exploring DFDS Mini Cruise Deals


DFDS offers a variety of ferry routes for mini cruises across Europe, including trips to Amsterdam, Oslo, and Copenhagen. These destinations provide a perfect blend of cultural experiences and scenic views.


Choose from different packages tailored to suit various preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a short getaway or a longer adventure, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy onboard facilities, entertainment, and dining options during your cruise.


Take advantage of discount codes for passengers over 60 to make your mini cruise even more affordable. By applying these codes at booking, you can save on your fare and enjoy more activities at each destination without worrying about the extra cost.


Explore diverse itineraries that combine relaxation with exploration. From historic landmarks to vibrant city life, each mini cruise itinerary is carefully crafted to offer a memorable experience. Plan your trip ahead to make the most of your time on board and at each port of call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific age requirement to qualify for the DFDS over 60 discount?

Yes, you must be aged 60 or above to be eligible for the DFDS over 60 discount.

How can I redeem my DFDS senior discount?

To redeem your DFDS senior discount, simply enter the provided discount code during the booking process on the DFDS website.

What are the benefits of using the DFDS senior discounts?

By using the DFDS senior discounts, you can enjoy reduced fares and exclusive perks tailored for travellers aged 60 and above.

Are there any booking strategies to maximise savings with DFDS discounts?

Booking in advance, travelling during off-peak times, and considering package deals are effective strategies to maximise savings with DFDS discounts.

What special perks can senior travellers expect when booking with DFDS?

Senior travellers booking with DFDS can enjoy benefits such as priority boarding, onboard discounts, and tailored services to enhance their travel experience.

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