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Are you searching for Care Homes in Leamington Spa? Look no further – each provider listed has been registered with the Care Quality Commission, England’s independent regulator of health and social care services. Our directory guarantees the quality of each provider.

Our team of UK-based care experts are ready to assist you in finding the best elderly care for your loved one. All that’s required is for you to enter your postcode and start comparing and booking care today!

1. Cherry Tree Lodge Care Home

Cherry Tree Lodge, situated in Whitnash, provides residential and respite care services. It boasts a state of the art medical centre, elegant dining room and expansive garden that’s often decked out in vibrant plant and flower displays. With an excellent reputation for service quality and staff-to-resident ratio of 1:3, Cherry Tree Lodge also holds membership to Royal Warwickshire County Council’s Older People’s Housing scheme – providing guaranteed top quality care for you or your loved one.

2. Cubbington Mill Care Home

Cubbington Mill Care Home, situated in a peaceful corner near Royal Leamington Spa, provides high-quality nursing care to older people. Furthermore, Cubbington Mill also provides respite and short stays.

At this home, staff take great pleasure in creating a welcoming atmosphere with high-quality care and hospitality. Residents can take advantage of various activities such as trips to local attractions or entertainment options.

Jolly Matthews, a night carer at Cubbington Mill in Warwickshire, has been honored with a Long Year Service Award for his dedication and loyalty to his job. For 10 years now he has worked for Barchester Healthcare and always goes the extra mile to ensure all residents’ needs are met.

3. Royal Leamington Spa Nursing Home

Royal Leamington Spa Nursing Home, situated in the historic town of Leamington Spa, provides high-quality residential, dementia and nursing care. This purpose-built facility is set amidst landscaped gardens and offers various amenities like hairdressers, cinema room and library.

Our inspection of this home revealed that staff were committed to providing outstanding care and service for its residents. It was evident they strived to create a secure, cheerful, stimulating atmosphere for each individual.

The home had an excellent activities program, with dedicated activity coordinators to organize fun-filled day trips and one-on-one experiences for its residents. This facility truly stands out, so we highly recommend checking it out yourself or for your loved ones!

4. Cherry Tree Care Home

Cherry Tree Care Home in Whitnash is a Runwood Homes establishment that offers superior residential, respite and dementia care. It has 66 bedrooms that can be tailored to each individual’s needs; as well as social lounges, dining areas and communal gardens for residents to enjoy.

The home also employs an Activities Coordinator to assist with daily tasks. Furthermore, staff members have been specially trained in providing support to those living with dementia.

Over the past eight years, RQIA has conducted 20 inspections at Cherry Tree Care Home and identified a variety of issues.

5. Cherry Tree Lodge Care Home

Cherry Tree Lodge Care Home is a 76 bedroom residential home situated in Whitnash, Royal Leamington Spa owned and operated by Runwood Homes Group. It provides expert care to seniors – including those suffering from dementia – as well as companionship. This care home offers a welcoming environment with stylish lounges, comfortable dining areas, a dedicated dementia area, manicured gardens and an activity program. All in all, this is truly a homely care home. The team at Cobram do a lot for the community and recently they contributed essential items for the Warwick District Foodbank. Furthermore, residents, staff and visitors to their home have come together to bury a time capsule in its garden – an incredible example of how communities can come together in support of one another.

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