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The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is a leading health charity in the United Kingdom, dedicated to funding research into heart and circulatory diseases. One popular initiative the BHF offers is its furniture collection service, designed to raise funds for life-saving research and provide affordable furnishings to buyers, all while promoting sustainability through recycling and reusing items.

Donating unwanted furniture, homeware, and electrical items to the British Heart Foundation not only gives these items a new lease on life, but also makes an impactful contribution to the fight against heart disease. With their free nationwide collection service, it couldn’t be easier for individuals to participate in this charitable endeavour. Additionally, shoppers can discover a wide range of second-hand and new furniture offerings in BHF home stores and online, turning the act of furnishing their homes into a means of supporting a worthy cause.

British Heart Foundation Furniture Collection

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is a UK-based charity dedicated to supporting heart health and funding vital research. One of the ways the organisation raises funds is through their furniture collection service. This initiative allows people to donate their pre-loved furniture and other household items, which are then sold in BHF charity shops.

BHF offers a free and convenient collection service for unwanted furniture, homeware, and electrical items. To book a collection, simply visit their website ( or call their Freephone number (0808 250 0043). The BHF staff will then arrange a suitable time to collect your donated items.

Not only does the British Heart Foundation furniture collection service provide an easy way to declutter your home, but it also gives these items a new lease of life. By donating your unwanted items, you are helping to fund the BHF’s lifesaving research and support heart health initiatives across the UK.

Besides furniture, the BHF also accepts donations of clothing, books, toys, jewellery, and music. These items can be dropped off directly at your local BHF charity shop or donated through their nationwide collection service.

The BHF’s charity shops and online stores offer a wide range of both new and second-hand items for sale. From clothing and ornaments to books and music, there is something for everyone. By shopping at BHF stores, you are simultaneously supporting the charity’s work and reducing waste by purchasing pre-loved items.

Remember to always check the items you are donating are in good, saleable condition and meet UK safety standards. This ensures the BHF can use your donations effectively and continue to raise funds for their vital work.

In summary, the British Heart Foundation furniture collection service is a fantastic way to support a leading UK charity, declutter your home, and contribute to a sustainable, circular economy.

Donation and Sale

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) offers a free furniture collection service for those looking to donate their unwanted pieces. This charity initiative aims to raise funds for their life-saving research, making a significant impact on the lives of people affected by heart conditions.

When considering donating furniture, it is crucial to ensure that the items are in saleable condition. The BHF can only sell items that are complete and without any obvious stains, rips, or marks. By donating furniture in good condition, you can directly contribute to raising valuable funds for the charity’s research.

The process of donating is streamlined and convenient. Simply request a home collection by filling out an online form or calling their dedicated helpline. A team of BHF professionals will then pick up the items at a designated time and place.

Upon collection, donated furniture and electrical items are sold in the British Heart Foundation’s network of charity shops and home stores across the UK. The money raised from these sales goes directly into funding the research and various projects that this renowned charity supports.

In conclusion, your contribution of unwanted furniture in saleable condition can make a significant difference to the British Heart Foundation and the lives of those they support. By choosing to donate through their free furniture collection service, you are directly aiding in life-saving scientific advancements for generations to come.

Free Collection Service

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) offers a free furniture collection service to the public. This service allows individuals to donate their unwanted furniture, electricals, and homewares to the charity, giving these items a new lease of life. The donated items are then sold in BHF shops to raise funds for their cause.

The furniture collection service is available nationwide and can be easily booked through their online form. Donors can also contact local BHF shops to arrange a collection if they prefer. It is important, however, that the donated items are in a saleable condition, as the BHF needs to be able to sell these items in their shops to cover the cost of the collection service and generate funds for the charity.

While the service is free of charge, donors have the option to additionally support the British Heart Foundation through Gift Aid, which increases the value of their donations by 25% at no extra cost. This allows the charity to claim back the basic rate tax from the UK government on the value of donated goods.

The BHF also offers a house clearance service for those looking to sell or recycle multiple items simultaneously. This service is tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring that items are treated with care and respect.

In summary, the British Heart Foundation’s free furniture collection service provides a convenient and environmentally friendly way for individuals to donate their unwanted items, supporting a worthy cause in the process.

Types of Furniture Acquired

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) prides itself on collecting various types of furniture and electrical goods to support their charitable initiatives. Their furniture collection service offers a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for individuals and households looking to donate usable items.

When it comes to furniture, BHF happily accepts a variety of pieces such as mattresses, sofas, beds, and wardrobes. In addition to these larger items, they also welcome donations of smaller accessories that can enhance the interior settings of a home. It is essential, however, that items are in a complete and saleable condition, free from obvious stains, rips, or marks.

Apart from furniture, BHF extends their collection services to electrical appliances as well, such as fridges. This covers an array of household essentials that can benefit those in need, while also helping the environment by preventing unnecessary waste. As with furniture donations, electrical items must be in good working order to be accepted and sold in BHF shops.

Upholstered items, like upholstered beds, are also accepted by BHF, provided they are in a suitable condition for resale and meet the necessary UK safety regulations, including the presence of appropriate fire safety labels. This is to ensure the donated items can be safely and responsibly passed on to customers who purchase them from BHF shops.

In summary, the British Heart Foundation collects a wide range of furniture and electrical goods, facilitating an easy and eco-friendly method for donating items to a worthy cause. The key criteria to remember is that all items should be in complete and saleable condition, ensuring they can efficiently generate funds to support BHF’s life-saving research.

Criteria for Acceptable Furniture

When donating furniture to the British Heart Foundation, it is essential to ensure that the items meet specific criteria. Donated items must be in good, working condition for the charity to sell in their shops. This section discusses the factors to consider, such as safety, quality, and wear and tear.

It is crucial that donated furniture complies with UK safety regulations. Upholstered furniture should have a fire safety label attached, indicating that it meets the necessary fire-resistant standards. This label is typically found on the underside of cushions or the bottom of furniture items. Removing or losing the label makes it difficult for the charity to accept your donation, so ensure the fire safety label is intact.

The overall quality of the furniture also matters. Donated items should not have significant wear and tear, as they need to be resalable in the charity shops. Minor scratches or scuffs are acceptable, but excessive damage or broken parts render the item unsuitable for donation. Upholstered furniture should be free from any structural issues or irreparable damage to the fabric.

When it comes to cleanliness, donated furniture must be free of obvious stains and odours. Consider cleaning the items before donating them. Persistent smells, such as those from smoke or pets, might make it challenging for the British Heart Foundation to resell the furniture. Additionally, excessive stains may also render the piece unsuitable for donation, as it would be difficult to sell.

Finally, potential donors should ensure that their furniture is not covered in mould, infested with insects, or showing signs of dampness. Signs of these issues can be a significant deterrent for potential buyers, thus hindering the charity’s ability to sell the item.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can confidently donate your furniture to the British Heart Foundation and contribute to their life-saving research efforts.

Charity Shops and Collection Procedure

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) operates numerous charity shops across the UK where people can donate their unwanted items, such as furniture, electrical appliances, homewares, clothing, and more. These shops play a vital role in raising funds to support the foundation’s life-saving research work.

To make the donation process convenient and efficient, BHF offers a free and fast collection service. Donors can book this service by calling the helpline at 0808 250 0238. Alternatively, they can visit the BHF website and fill out a form to arrange for a pick-up of their items. The foundation’s collection team will then visit the donor’s location at the scheduled time to collect the donated items.

Before donating items, it is essential to check BHF’s guidelines on acceptable donations. Generally, the foundation accepts a wide range of items in good condition, such as furniture, electrical appliances, homewares, and clothing. However, there may be certain restrictions due to safety and legal requirements.

For those who prefer not to use the collection service, they can simply drop off their donations at their local BHF shop. These shops are conveniently located across the UK, making it easy for donors to find an outlet near them. The shop staff members are equipped to handle the donations and can guide donors through the process.

In summary, the British Heart Foundation has established a streamlined procedure for their charity shops and collection services. This ensures that donors can easily contribute their unwanted items, which in turn help to raise funds for critical heart research.

What Happens to Your Donations

When you donate items such as clothes, books, toys, and furniture to the British Heart Foundation (BHF), you play a crucial role in raising funds for the charity’s research into heart and circulatory diseases. Donated items are taken to BHF charity shops and home stores, where they are thoroughly checked, cleaned, and prepared for sale. Proceeds from the sold items are then allocated to the research and treatment of heart and circulatory diseases.

Furniture donations undergo an additional process of safety compliance. Electrical items are tested for safety and functionality by BHF’s trained staff before being placed for sale in their specialised furniture and electrical stores. This ensures that customers get high-quality items while showing the foundation’s commitment to safety and reliability.

Clothes, books, toys, and smaller items donated to charity shops aren’t just helping the environment by reducing waste; they also provide an affordable shopping alternative for many customers looking for quality items at lower prices. BHF makes sure that the donated products are in good condition and properly sorted to reflect their store standards.

Select BHF shops also offer the option to gift aid your donations, allowing the charity to claim an extra 25% on eligible donated items at no additional cost to the donor. This extra revenue goes a long way in boosting BHF’s fundraising efforts for their noble cause.

By donating your items to the British Heart Foundation, you are not only decluttering your home, but also contributing to life-saving research and providing support for families affected by heart diseases. So, the next time you clean out your wardrobe or decide to part ways with some furniture, remember that your donations can make a world of difference to those in need.

Use of Raised Funds

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is a renowned organisation dedicated to funding research and supporting patients affected by a range of circulatory and heart-related diseases, including heart diseases, strokes, vascular dementia, and congenital heart defects. Donations raised from the BHF furniture collection, as well as other fundraising efforts, play a crucial role in driving forward life-saving research.

Nearly 78% (£114.6m) of the money raised by BHF is invested directly into life-saving research and patient support. This focus on research ensures that valuable resources are allocated to finding cures and improving treatments for heart and circulatory diseases. Such commitment helps to save and improve countless lives each year, supporting advanced medical care from early diagnosis to cutting-edge therapeutic interventions.

Moreover, BHF’s use of Gift Aid efficiently employs funds to deliver maximum impact. This scheme, run by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), allows the charity to reclaim the tax on donations at no extra cost to donors, increasing the value of donations by 25%. It enables BHF to more effectively utilise these additional resources to support their ongoing mission to conquer heart and circulatory diseases.

In summary, the funds raised through BHF furniture collection are vital in promoting life-saving research, developing cures and treatments for various heart and circulatory diseases, and ultimately, improving patients’ lives. Through efficient use of resources and effective investment in research, the British Heart Foundation remains a key player in the global fight against heart, circulatory, and correlated medical conditions.

Postcode and Accessibility

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) provides a convenient and free furniture collection service for those looking to donate their unwanted furniture and electrical items. To begin the process, donors need to provide their postcode, allowing the BHF to determine the availability of collection services in their area.

By simply entering their postcode on the BHF website, donors can find their nearest BHF store, where they can either drop off items or arrange for collection. To book a collection, donors can do so online or call 0808 250 0216 for assistance. The service is designed to be easily accessible, regardless of location.

The BHF caters to a variety of items, such as sofas, armchairs, wardrobes, beds, and household appliances. However, it is essential for donors to ensure that the items they are donating meet safety regulations and are in good condition, to be sold at the BHF stores.

Additionally, donors can also purchase second-hand furniture and items for their homes through the BHF’s website, the eBay store, or by visiting their local BHF home store. The funds generated from these purchases help support the BHF’s life-saving research, making it a worthwhile endeavour for both donors and shoppers alike.

In conclusion, the British Heart Foundation’s furniture collection service is accessible and straightforward, offering an easy way to donate and purchase items while contributing to a vital cause. By providing their postcode, donors can efficiently locate their nearest store and arrange a collection, making the entire process hassle-free.

Contributing to a Great Cause

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) offers a free furniture collection service that not only helps the charity raise funds for research into heart and circulatory disease, but also contributes to a greener environment. By donating unwanted furniture, homeware, and electrical items to the BHF, supporters can assist in making a significant impact.

When choosing to donate items, it is important to ensure that they meet the BHF’s requirements, such as being in complete condition, free from obvious stains or damage, and functioning properly. This is particularly crucial for electrical items, as they must work to generate funds for the charity. As a result, the BHF’s collection services help to minimise waste and protect the environment.

In fact, the BHF has saved over 71,000 tonnes of goods from going to waste per year, including 180,000 sofas. By diverting items from landfills, the charity has managed to prevent 135,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Participation in the BHF’s collection service is not only an opportunity to support a great cause, but also encourages responsible waste management and promotes a more sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, it extends the life of donated items and makes them accessible to a wider range of people, contributing to a more inclusive and connected society. is an information and guidance-only website. The information on the site is not tailored advice to each individual reader and, as such, does not constitute actionable legal advice nor actionable financial advice. All information, guidance or suggestions provided are intended to be general in nature. You should not rely on any of the information on the site in connection with the making of any personal decisions, and you should always do your own in-depth research first and speak to specialists.

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