Blue Angel Care

When searching for home care for your loved one, you want to ensure they are placed in the hands of a trustworthy and dependable caregiver. Blue Angel Care makes this stress-free with an array of flexible yet caring support services tailored to suit your requirements.

Our company has a strong work ethic and is passionate about the people we serve. Our kind and dependable team will come to visit you in the comfort of your home, offering compassionate companionship as well as practical help.

About Us

Blue Angel Care is a homecare company based in the UK that offers services to those with disabilities, elderly adults, and those needing dementia care. Their clients range from people living with Alzheimer’s or other serious health conditions to active seniors.

This company excels in high-quality care and strives to make it as convenient for its clients to receive that care in their homes. They have a team of experienced professionals who offer various services such as companionship and personal assistance.

They provide dementia, physical disability and sensory impairment care at five locations throughout the UK with over 200 carers to assist their clients.

When selecting a care provider, it’s essential to find one who is trustworthy and reliable. That’s why we’re here for assistance – we’ll act as your personal care consultant and conduct an exhaustive search on your behalf so that you can rest assured knowing you have chosen the ideal individual to take care of your loved one.

We’ll also guarantee your caregiver has passed both a DMV and national background check, so you can be confident they possess the qualifications to provide quality care for you. Whether you require full time or part time assistance, we’ll match you with an attentive senior caregiver who shares the same dedication to helping as you are to them.

Finding the ideal homecare service can be a time-consuming task. But our care experts are here to make that process easier by serving as your personal care consultants, allowing you to focus on living life and spending quality time with family without having to worry about what kind of assistance will be provided.

Finding the ideal homecare service that meets your requirements can be a challenge, and finding a trustworthy in-home senior caregiver can be especially challenging. At Blue Angel Care, our mission is to assist you in finding a caregiver who will become an integral part of your support network. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will do their utmost to guarantee you find the ideal fit – plus, we’re available when necessary!

Services We Offer

Good news! You can find high quality home care at an affordable price. Whether you need just a few hours of assistance per week or full time care for an elderly loved one, Blue Angel Care is the ideal homecare company.

They offer a comprehensive selection of in-home services, such as medical social, physical therapy and nursing care. Their staff has earned them an enviable reputation for high caliber professionalism; led by an experienced Managing Director with over 45 years’ experience across both public and private sectors. Their small but experienced team is dedicated to making your life simpler by guaranteeing all your care needs are met and your quality of life enhanced at every turn.

Locations We Cover

Homecare companies abound in the UK, but blue angel care stands out with its small army of exceptional professionals. For nearly a decade, we’ve been delivering on our promise of exemplary service right to your doorstep with cutting edge technology and well-trained staff. Our track record for innovation, customer satisfaction and superior client care speaks for itself – whether you need full time or part time help, you can rest assured knowing our staff members are some of the best and brightest in their fields across all healthcare sectors. Whether you need full time, part time or contract care workers–blue angel care has someone for you–we promise an exceptional experience every single time!

Contact Us

When in need of a reliable, friendly carer, it’s essential to make sure you choose the right person. That’s where our care experts come in handy, guiding you through the process so you can find exactly what you need at an affordable price.

At Blue Angel Care, our mission is to make homecare personal – creating lasting bonds and connections between caregivers and those they serve. We understand how essential it is for people to trust their caregivers, which is why we take great care in ensuring all our carers undergo a background check and training.

Our team consists of experienced, professional care specialists with extensive experience working across a range of settings in both the UK and abroad – such as NHS hospitals, private care homes and care agencies. This enables us to understand the individual needs of our clients and their families so that we can always deliver an unbeatable service that meets the highest quality standards.

Are you interested in joining the Blue Angel Care team? We have both full and part time roles available – so don’t wait – get in touch now to apply!

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