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Anchor retirement villages provide a secure, independent lifestyle and an inclusive community for older adults. With 24-hour security and property maintenance taken care of, you can focus on savoring your later years.

Since 2015, Anchor has responded to the growing need for higher-quality retirement homes by opening two new developments: The Laureates in Guiseley and Austin Place in Weybridge.


Audley, Staffordshire is home to one of the UK’s leading retirement villages: Anchor Hanover. As the country’s largest not-for-profit provider of care and housing for older people, their portfolio consists of around 60,000 homes spread out over more than 1,700 locations.

Anchor’s retirement villages across the United Kingdom have won recognition and provide residents with on-site facilities to stay active, healthy and socially connected. For instance, Hampshire Lakes development in Buckinghamshire won Silver at the 2016 WhatHouse? Awards with its juice bar, deli and bistro.

Audley Villages provides a selection of houses, cottages and apartments in 20 retirement villages throughout England – from Yorkshire to Devon. All new properties are sold with leases that typically last between 125 and 250 years.


When you’re ready to downsize from your family home, a retirement village could be the ideal solution. These communities offer secure environments for older adults without compromising their independence, and many offer tailored care packages tailored to each individual’s needs as they age.

Inspired operates 34 suburban and rural retirement villages throughout the UK, offering a selection of modern, homely properties for purchase or rent in picturesque settings. These villages cater to older adults who want to maintain an active lifestyle with plenty of social activities and facilities at their disposal.

Wildernesse House in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset is a resort-style development featuring an idyllic spa and swimming pool. It also has its own restaurant and fitness suite, plus residents have access to plenty of communal amenities.

Anchor Hanover, England’s largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for older people, has recently opened a retirement village in Bishopstoke Park, Hampshire. The village offers 91 one-bedroom flats from PS345,000.

Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO)

The Association of Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) is the primary advocate for Integrated Retirement Communities across the UK, setting standards and representing consumers’ and providers’ interests at national level. Additionally, ARCO publishes the ARCO Consumer Code as a model of good practice within this industry.

During the coronavirus pandemic, retirement villages and extra care housing have demonstrated that they can offer effective shielding with flexible onsite care and services to keep residents active and socially connected. This allows older people to remain in their own homes while moving up or down support levels as needed, taking pressure off NHS services while relieving strain on public sector providers.

To maximize these advantages, there are a few easily implemented policy changes that could assist the government and wider healthcare sector in better understanding and supporting Integrated Retirement Communities. These include creating clear regulation for the sector and updating planning guidance to make it more suitable for these Retirement Communities.

What are retirement villages?

Retirement villages are residential developments designed specifically with older people in mind, often featuring luxury facilities and on-site care support. While they differ from aged care centres or nursing homes in that regard, retirement villages provide a viable alternative to more traditional options.

Anchor is renowned for its care homes throughout the UK, but they also have retirement village properties in Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. Here, residents can choose between one or two bedroom apartments designed to maintain independent living.

They offer onsite care services and support with daily activities such as cleaning, cooking and transporting. Furthermore, they offer 24-hour ‘on call’ assistance in case of an emergency.

They come in various sizes and can offer any number of amenities, from health and leisure to shops, restaurants and bars. If needed, some even provide onsite nursing care.

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