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Ableworld is the leading mobility retailer in the UK, offering quality products and services to seniors and disabled customers alike.

Stairlifts are an integral part of providing mobility solutions for the elderly and disabled. As our population ages and demands more independence, mobility retail is expected to expand significantly in the coming years. i.e range rover motability


ableworld has become the go-to for quality stairlifts and other mobility products, as well as home and personal care items. With over 50 years of experience in customer service, ableworld has earned itself a reputation for high touch but low cost customer care. With an expanding network of stores around the country, the ableworld brand has become synonymous with quality and innovation.

No surprise then that ableworld’s stairlift is an integral component of their business plan. This latest offering boasts an array of features and functions, from a regenerative battery system to an advanced control unit. Furthermore, they relaunched their mobile app so customers can book appointments and manage their account online without ever leaving home.

Maintaining the top of the line stair lift requires regular inspection and servicing by a certified technician at least once annually, or more frequently if it is being used frequently.

Stairlift Installation

Ableworld is one of the largest independent installers in the UK, selling both new and reconditioned stairlifts. They provide free home surveys by experienced stairlift engineers (not salespeople) as well as 24/7 support.

In the United Kingdom, there is an increasing need for stairlifts as people age and experience various illnesses. As a result, the country’s stairlift market is expected to experience substantial growth over the coming years.

Stairlifts can assist people with mobility issues by making it simpler to climb and descend the stairs. They also provide safety at home for those recuperating from surgery or having had an accident.

Stairlifts should be installed by a certified professional, so ask your stairlift retailer for recommendations on an experienced engineer. A stairlift should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions so it fits correctly on your staircase and works optimally.

Stairlift Repair

Ableworld stairlifts have had a profound effect on people in the United Kingdom, with 38 stores throughout the country and the recent opening of a mobility superstore in Berkshire.

Stair lifts are designed for reliability and safety. However, like any mechanical equipment they may experience issues over time.

Error codes and beeping sounds are frequently used to alert you of issues with your lift. Your owner’s manual will provide details on what these codes signify and how to use them to diagnose the problem yourself.

If your stair lift is continuously beeping, check the power supply for a problem. Make sure it’s plugged into an electrical outlet and that no breaker has tripped.

Another frequent stair lift issue is an obstruction in the rack hinge rail track, which can prevent it from working correctly. Regularly inspect these tracks for any type of obstruction and lubricate them every few months to keep them running smoothly.

Stairlift Grants

Ableworld, a retailer of stairlifts and mobility equipment, continues to expand its store network throughout the United Kingdom. With 38 locations, it can provide an extensive range of products and services for elderly and disabled people.

The company is now looking to local councils as a potential growth and improvement driver. After opening a showroom to train Occupational Therapists (OTs), it hopes to expand its council offering with more council-commissioned equipment.

To meet this need, the company has invested in a new stairlift centre. Here customers can browse an array of stairlift options and select one suitable for their home.

Another advantage of purchasing a stairlift from Ableworld is that you can claim a reduced rate of VAT on the product. This is especially helpful to those who are chronically ill or disabled.

In the UK, there are various financial aid options for purchasing a stairlift. You may qualify for free installation through social services or have all of your costs covered by UK stairlift grants.

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